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  1. If the ship arrives in port at 7 am, that doesn’t mean that passengers will be able to disembark then. What about time to clear customs? Also, you should be ON the plane 30 minutes before departure. I am with the people who recommend that you be at the airport 2 hours prior. So, you probably will be OK.
  2. Any current updates on the Air Hawk chairs? From my research, it looks way better and cheaper than Zinger chairs.
  3. I am seriously thinking about getting an Air Hawk. Was previously leaning toward a Zinger Chair, but when I looked at the specs (especially the 41 lb weight) and the price, the Air Hawk wins hands down.
  4. Do you possibly use a ramp to help get it in and out of the car's trunk?
  5. Special Needs at Sea wants $603 for a 16-day Cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona. I am very seriously thinking of getting a Zinger Chair. Unlike a scooter, it requires no lift in the back of the car. It is definitely pricey at $2,400 but the $603 I save can be applied to the cost of the Zinger. That’s a huge saving on just one cruise.
  6. Thanks for the information. It is very encouraging. We live in Altamonte Springs and would like to have the ,contact information for the dealer in Leesburg. It would certainly be worthwhile to see one first hand. TIA!
  7. I suspect you would have to be US military.. But call the Fort MacArthur Inn and ask them yourself. (I realize that it is a long distance call.)
  8. Has anyone had experience with taking a Zinger Chair on a cruise? Any thoughts? Any difficulty going up the gangway boarding the ship?
  9. The Space Center is between a 3/4 to full day. Plan accordingly!
  10. Goodwill Guides +1 Another tip is learn how to use chopsticks. Youtube was our "teacher".
  11. Thanks for the tip. That website also mentioned a big discount for disabled people (65%+) and one companion.
  12. Any thoughts about visiting Sagrada Familia with a mobility impairment? Specifically, I am wondering if they possibly have wheelchairs for use by visitors?
  13. I wouldn't do it. It's much too close for comfort.
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