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  1. There was Alaskan cod on the menu the first night that someone posted. When I took Alaskan cruises in 2019, there were several other Alaskan menu items, including a delicious seafood bisque, Alaskan seafood chowder, and Alaskan salmon. When we were on an Alaskan cruise in 2012, they had a seafood buffet one afternoon by the pool with a huge salmon a s the centerpiece.
  2. What happens for those who book late? I am looking at a cruise next month and may book tomorrow. If so, I'll take the air through Princess and the transfer. I won't have much control as to when I'll arrive at the port in Seattle.
  3. The person was referring to the lunch menu in the dining room on embarkation day. We've seen the menu with the salmon and the one without. I always get it if it's available, along with an appetizer size portion of the ravioli.
  4. I had an FCD that was expiring in June this year. I called to get it extended since Princess wasn't sailing the past year. The rep extended it until 2023. I have another expiring in October that I may use tomorrow and another expiring in December. I like to keep three active ones. I tend to book last-minute cruises and don't need more than that.
  5. I'm enjoying this live thread. I am thinking of booking the cruise in four weeks. I'll be sailing solo if I do, so it's nice to hear that they are seating people together in the dining room.
  6. I think it's just that your previous cruises must have been booked at regular fares and this one is a special for which Princess Plus isn't available--so they priced it out like they did the ones I saw above with the Premium Beverage Package at $59.99 a day, gratuities, and Wi-Fi added. Since I'll probably fly in the day of the cruise, I won't be bringing any wine. I'll just have to make do with my minibar contents and buy a few beverages.
  7. I called. The $1,094 price is a Drop & Go fare. The Princess Plus special is not available for those, so they price out the perks individually, including the Premier Beverage Package at $59.99 a day. With my discount on the internet, it would be a little bit less than the price that shows up on the website. I don't drink enough to make $59.99 a day worth getting the drink package.
  8. Thanks. I'm not getting the same prices this morning--but still crazy differences. It was the August 15 and 22 on the Majestic, inside cabin, solo. It's now a difference of $724 to add Princess Plus to the August 22 cruise and $400 for August 15.
  9. They are tea mixed with fruit juices: green tea, peach, and apple; green tea and pomegranate; citrus spiced fruit tea; and minty apple tea.
  10. I thought that Princess Plus was $40 per day. But when pricing cruises on the Princess website, I found some cruises where it was a little bit more and one where it was a lot more than that. See my screen shots below. Both are for 7-day cruises. The first one works out to a difference of $404 ($57.71 a day) and the second one to $700 ($100 a day). Another cruise did not even offer Princess Plus. For a couple of other dates, Princess Plus does not show up as an option. (These are all cruises on the Majestic next month and in September.) I may have to call tomorrow to find out.
  11. The hot teas included with the coffee package without costing you a punch are the Mighty Leaf ones. The fancy tea drinks, such as chai tea and the iced tea fusions, will cost a punch.
  12. Nice view of a mother and three cubs right now:
  13. If a cruise ship goes to Glacier Bay, it will definitely be listed on the itinerary. I know that for Princess ships doing round-trip cruises from Seattle next year, some go to Glacier Bay and some go to Endicott Arm/Dawes Glacier instead. The northbound and southbound cruises on Princess all go to Glacier Bay.
  14. It was when we had a suite on the Royal Princess but closed at 1 or 1:30.
  15. Right, but it would be advantageous if it were booked as one 14-day cruise rather than two 7-day cruises for shareholders. When I booked my b2b Alaskan cruises in 2019, I could not book my level of guarantee (Cat. IF) for the 14-day cruise. I would have had to book a higher category at a much higher price. So I rolled the dice and booked guarantees for each leg. It saved me a lot of money, and I ended up with a nice upgrade to an ocean-view cabin--the same for both legs.
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