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  1. So glad you made it to London. In England, what we call the first floor is called the ground floor. We have had tiny hotel rooms before. Yours might beat our record for smallest ever.
  2. geoherb

    Itinerary question

    Be careful. Juneau is where my ship left four passengers this summer on my southbound cruise. Our all-aboard time was 3:30, with the ship scheduled to leave at 4. We stayed a little longer. I watched from the promenade as one of the officers made the call for us to leave.
  3. geoherb

    Glacier Bay

    On my southbound cruise, the ship arrived at Glacier Bay around 9 a.m. The naturalist started his commentary on the open decks and one of the television channels at 8:30. We arrived at Margerie Glacier around 1 p.m. The ship stayed around an hour, with both sides given time to view the glacier. We went to Lamplugh Glacier next, arriving at 3:40 p.m. and staying about 40 minutes. In between, the ship sailed within view of Johns Hopkins Glacier and after Lamplugh passed by Reid Glacier. We saw humpback and minke whales and sea otters close to the entrance to Glacier Bay.
  4. My advice would be to try to add more days for both cities. A friend of mine just came back from a land tour. He had two nights in London, two nights in Paris, and five nights in Barcelona. He wished he had more time in capitals, but he was meeting people in Barcelona and couldn't. On our British Isles cruise, we spent three nights in London. It's not enough time. When we went back last year, we spent six nights in London. It still wasn't enough time.
  5. I sailed on back-to-back cruises on the Island Princess this summer and had a great time. I had sailed on it several years ago as well--before the refurbishment that took away some public spaces to add cabins. I missed the aft lounge at times, but I still had a great time.
  6. When you book through a TA, generally the emails about cabin upgrades goes to them. Upsell notices also go to TAs and not directly to passengers. One of my TAs is great about passing on the emails. Some others have not been so great. I usually find out my cabin assignment before I receive the email if ever.
  7. I questioned whether I wanted to sail on the Island after the refurbishment added so many cabins, but I had a great time on my back-to-back cruises to Alaska this summer. The entertainment director, cruise director, and their staff were great. I missed the Universe Lounge the most during trivia when too many people showed up for the Wheelhouse. I had second seating traditional on both cruises with great waiters. My cabin steward was one of the best as well. I was in one of the ocean view cabins added beside the casino. It was a great location. Even without the fully walkable Promenade Deck, there was plenty of space for viewing the glaciers for those of us without private balconies.
  8. Glad you could take advantage of it. This wasn't offered when I sailed on the Island in June/July, but I've seen it before on other cruises.
  9. These posts are confirming the wisdom of keeping several FCDs on hand just in case you discover cruises to book that you did not anticipate. I like to have at least three for each of us. I used two on my back-to-back cruises to Alaska this summer. DH did not go with me on them. I bought myself two more FCDs. We used one apiece for our upcoming cruise on the Crown next month. I'll buy us one more FCD apiece on it.
  10. I've seen Skywalkers closed due to special events. On one cruise, it was for the top 40's cocktail party. On another, it's where we held the Cruise Critic meet and greet. Other times it's been for groups.
  11. Sounds great. While I'm eager to go on our cruise next month, I'd love to take next year's cruise on the Island Princess that goes to Norway and Iceland. It cost three times more than our transatlantic.
  12. I have never noticed staff members catering extra to Elites. On our transatlantic on the Royal last year, there were over 900 Elites--around a quarter of the passengers. The cutoff for the most traveled passenger luncheon was 520 days. That's enough to have placed second on one of my Island Princess cruises to Alaska this summer.
  13. When I was there last month, I stored my large checked bag at the bike rental place inside the Waterfront Station and then walked to Stanley Park to go the aquarium. I later walked through the city, ate lunch at a nice Asian restaurant, went through a few department stores, and then caught the Skytrain to the airport.
  14. The port we avoid is Ocho Rios. We felt unsafe there after being dropped off in the town after our excursion to Dunn's River Falls. The first instance was a guy who wanted to be our tour guide and would not take "no thank you" for an answer. We finally lost him by going into a nice shop and staying around 10 minutes. The second instance was the aggressive vendors in straw market. The third strike is the island's human rights record.
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