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  1. There were different price point options available when we took our British Isles cruise.
  2. We took the excursion to Tulum on one of our cruises. The ferry ride is rough. On the way over, we were fortunately in the front seats. I could see the hostesses carrying seasickness bags to people, but I didn't turn around to look. The ride back was even rougher. They call it the vomit comet for a reason.
  3. I had great back-to-back cruises to Alaska last summer on the Island. It's a great size ship. We had sailed on it before the refurb. I missed the Universe Lounge, but the added passenger load did not seem to matter much. I especially enjoyed the forward areas on the Baja and Caribe decks on our glacier viewing days.
  4. We have only had a suite once. Our laundry always came back the next day because our cabin steward never picked it up before 9 a.m. That was fine for us. That was on a cruise with a lot of Elites, so having it the next day was great. Last year I made it to the most-traveled passengers parties on my Alaskan cruises. There were fewer than 50 Elites on each. Laundry made it back within two days and sometimes the next day. My favorite suite perk is breakfast at Sabatini's.
  5. I've faxed in two requests at once. Most of the time, they've both been applied. Once, however, they applied the credit for one cruise and not another. We were on back-to-back cruises. Just be sure to check each booking.
  6. Some of my favorites: Any of the chef's tables, but especially the one we had on the Star Princess on an Alaskan cruise Any of our Ultimate Balcony Dinners, but especially the first one we had while the ship was docked in Curacao. Breakfasts at Sabatini's the one time we had a suite. Embarkation day lunch when they have the vegetarian ravioli and the salmon and Grand Marnier soufflé.
  7. There are some great seats in the curve at the back of the front section that have more leg room. The front row also has more. I don't mind sitting that close for most of the shows--just not for comedians. The second show is not as crowded as the first on most ships. On the Caribbean Princess last December, they were scheduling the production shows three times--twice one night and once the next.
  8. For some reason, our contactless credit cards don't work for the Tube. We had to buy Oyster cards. But that was easy enough. Our contactless cards work at other places in England. As for National Express, we booked ahead of time and loved the convenience. The first time, our coach made a brief stop in Winchester on the way. It did not take much time. As for going from Heathrow into London, we've done it the last three years via the Tube. We stayed once in Kensington, once in Waterloo, and once in Covent Garden. The last one was the easiest because of not having to change lines. But we managed the other two trips with our luggage. Just try not to over pack.
  9. I was quarantined for an upper respiratory infection on the Caribbean Princess. I had to have three consecutive good temperature checks before being released. I was allowed out just to go from my cabin to the medical center, and I had to wear a mask both ways. As for tables for two, the current configuration places many of them so close together that they'd be useless for avoiding germs. The only advantage is that a good waiter can time your dinner to your wishes when you have one. (Bad waiters, though, don't always do that.)
  10. I'm a last-minute booker, so we did not have any cruises booked. I had hoped to go back to Alaska this month. I did back-to-back cruises last year on the Island and had a great time. It was my first time sailing solo--leaving DH at home to work. He did not mind too much since we had been to Alaska on three previous cruises. And within a week after I got back, I booked us a transatlantic cruise that fit in with his mother's birthday. We couldn't leave before it. We enjoyed 16 wonderful days on the Crown. I was dreaming about trying to fit in another transatlantic cruise this fall. For now, I don't anticipate a cruise any earlier than next spring. Maybe I'll be wrong and the cruises will start back up in December or January. But I'm afraid it could be even longer.
  11. When they first announced the Caribbean Princess, I doubted I wanted to sail on a ship that large. The extra deck of passenger cabins without any additional public space seemed crazy. But we eventually took a week-long cruise to the Caribbean on the CB in 2014. Our next three cruises were also on it--two more in the Caribbean and then the British Isles--going into 2017. All were enjoyable. We then ventured over to some cruises on the Royal and Regal, then the Island and the Crown, before my last cruise back on the CB, a partial Panama Canal cruise. It was great to see the ship make its way through the new locks. Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to book another cruise on the CB. On my last cruise, they scheduled the production shows to be performed three times--twice on one night and then once the next night. I never had a long wait for anytime dining. I also never had a problem finding a seat in the theater for a show--but it was much easier since I sailed solo on that cruise. There was one night when I arrived late and stood for a bit. I could see available seats, but I did not want to bother people to get to them. Eventually a couple sitting on the aisle near where I was standing ended up leaving. I also noticed that there was not a problem with chair hogs by the pools.
  12. They're just two-letter abbreviations that differentiate the type of charge or credit. I pulled up one of my folios. It looks like the second letter Z is for the different types of onboard credit: BZ for booking credit, SZ for shareholder credit, FZ for credit for using an FCD. PE was the credit for a purchased excursion. HC is the daily hotel charge. The bar charges are BR and the bar tips are TP. Charges for laundry are LW and the subsequent credits for being Elite are LL. Shore excursion charges are SE. The best price guarantee credit is B1.
  13. I wish I had purchased some when it was under $9 a share. At least I have already made back the amount I spent 10 years ago in onboard credit and dividends. I suspect they'll suspend the latter soon, at least until ships start sailing again.
  14. I enjoyed my cruises on the Island Princess last summer, which is the sister to the Coral, albeit with some major modifications that make it less desirable. I had a great time. We also enjoyed our Alaskan cruises on the Star (way back in 2003) and the Sapphire (in 2012). I wouldn't worry about sailing on any of the three ships you mention.
  15. I've been booking at the last minute for years, so that won't change for me. One year ago today I booked my back-to-back cruises to Alaska. I left three and a half weeks later. My other two cruises last year had a little bit longer lead time--10 weeks for our transatlantic cruise and six weeks for my partial Panama Canal cruise. I don't see changing my strategy--looking for last-minute bargains that fit my schedule.
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