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  1. geoherb

    What to Eat?

    Yes, with custard. That goes without saying, since the chef served us custard to go with dessert every day. I'd eat custard by itself the days he'd serve stewed rhubarb, which thankfully was not very often.
  2. geoherb

    Stateroom removed from fully paid booking

    Yes, the TA arranges payments if that's how you book, but you'll see charges will be from Princess on your credit card.
  3. geoherb

    late TD waitlist

    We've frequently been on the waitlist for late traditional dining. Only twice did we not clear it. We tried anytime dining once and decided it wasn't for us. The other time I waited in line the first afternoon to request it and was able to get assigned a table. Once we were shown as confirmed for traditional dining but received anytime at check-in. I waited in line the first afternoon to get a table assignment on that cruise as well.
  4. geoherb

    Princess shuttle in Belfast

    When we took our cruise in 2017, the shuttle in Belfast was free. It dropped us off in front of the Visit Belfast, just a couple of blocks from Victoria Square. Be sure to go up in the mall's glass tower to get some good views of the city.
  5. geoherb

    What to Eat?

    Some of my favorites were the ice creams. I remember a stem ginger one at a London theater, boysenberry and clotted cream at Buckingham Palace, and honeycomb in Kinsale. (Honeycomb is similar to peanut brittle without the nuts.) When I worked at a club on Pall Mall, one of my favorite desserts was spotted dick.
  6. geoherb

    MDR Breakfast - Princess

    If we're in a hurry, we'll ask for a table for two or else eat our breakfast elsewhere. Otherwise, we're usually up early enough that we don't have to be in a hurry. I've had missing items and received wrong orders. In the big scheme of things, it's not that big a deal. But it is irksome to have them happen.
  7. We walked around the town when we were there a couple of years ago. We enjoyed the sights, especially the modern art museum's wonderful collection of Impressionists' paintings. With young children, I'd plan a visit to the natural history museum.
  8. geoherb

    HAL Fans Give Princess a Try

    Thanks for posting your review. The mushroom layer of beef wellington is duxelles. We've sailed on several HAL ships. The newer ones are nice, but the Maasdam and Veendam could use some sprucing up. I did not think the food on HAL was any better than the food on Princess.
  9. Thanks for posting your thoughts. I always like reading reviews that mention a balance of the good and the bad.
  10. geoherb

    One Main Course

    If two main courses appeal to me, I might order both. I hate this trial idea of HAL's. I don't buy that it is a way to cut down on food waste. If that was the case, then HAL should only charge people who don't eat the second one.
  11. We went to Tracy Arm twice on cruises and Glacier Bay and Hubbard Glacier once. I enjoyed all three cruises. For the difference in price, I'd have a hard time justifying the extra cost of the Princess just to go to Glacier Bay.
  12. We did not do this excursion. When we took our British Isles cruise in 2017, the shuttle to Merrion Square was free. Both attractions are within a mile or just a bit over a mile. We walked to Dublin Castle. We did the HoHo bus the second day to see things farther away.
  13. We stayed at the Hilton Olympia in Kensington two years ago. It's a few blocks from the Residence Inn. We walked a lot of places from there--the Victoria and Albert Museum, Kensington Palace, and Harrods. They're within a couple of miles of that hotel. There were plenty of little restaurants nearby, including a very nice Japanese one called the Hare and Tortoise. We took buses to go to Trafalgar Square and the attractions around it.
  14. geoherb

    Onboard the Regal

    Anytime dining has had problems reported ever since Princess started offering it. When we had it, I found there was never a wait if we went late. I'd suggest speaking to any of the head waiters if you can't find the maître d'.
  15. geoherb

    Using onboard credit

    The coffee card is no more. It's now a coffee package attached electronically to your account. Everything expires at the end of the cruise. Passengers can't carry over unused punches like they used to be able to do.