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  1. geoherb

    Transportation in London

    We took the Tube from Heathrow to our hotel near Waterloo Station last month. We took National Express coach from Victoria Coach Station to Southampton. We're able to deal with our luggage even in the Tube stations that had stairs. The cost of the coach from London to Southampton was $16.22 for the two of us (£6.30 per person).
  2. It's not our first choice, but it will do if the Hyatt Place, Embassy Suites, Renaissance, and Hilton Marina are higher than we want to pay. Other times, we've rented a car and stayed at hotels away from 17th Street to get down to what we want to pay.
  3. geoherb

    A .... Timely Question to Fall Back on....

    Most of the time, Princess ships have their time match local time. Not always. On our Panama Canal partial, the ship stayed on EST in Costa Rica, which was on CST.
  4. geoherb

    Dining times on Royal Princess

    Last month, it was 5:30 for early seating in Concerto and 5:45 for it in Allegro. Concerto switched over to anytime dining at 7:30. Second seating in Allegro began at 8:15.
  5. geoherb

    Platinum/Elite Lounge

    On our trans-Atlantic cruise last month on the Royal Princess, there were so many past passengers that they held the Captain's Circle parties on two nights. There wasn't the cocktail event on those nights. I like that they've expanded the drink selection to allow us to order any of the specials any night. I don't like that the price has gone up considerably since they first started.
  6. geoherb

    Anytime dining doesn’t work!

    We've had anytime dining twice. The first time did not work well for us. There were long waits if we went before 8. If we went after 8, we ended up getting a table for two. No one else dining late was requesting to share a table. The other time we had anytime dining doesn't really count since we took advantage of a lot of on-board credit to eat at specialty dining options every night and never in the regular dining rooms.
  7. We were on the Royal Princess last month. They had bands playing in the atrium most nights with lots of couples dancing. They held dance classes there in the afternoons. My brother and his wife like Royal Caribbean. They're big ballroom dancers. They time their cruises to when there aren't as many children. (They're on a cruise to Canada/New England right now.)
  8. I also reuse the dry cleaning bags to pack my dress shirts and jacket in a folding garment bag with wheels. It's one of our checked bags. Princess ships have passenger laundries on most passenger decks. They have irons and ironing boards in them. In the end, though, I don't care if my clothes get a few wrinkles. I figure most people on a cruise ship will understand.
  9. geoherb

    What do you actually do on the boat?

    Check out the types of activities offered by your cruise line on its specific board. You can read reviews and live threads. On our Princess cruise last month, we had five sea days in a row crossing the Atlantic. We always found things to do. Princess has a lot of activities. On a HAL cruise last year, there were not as many organized activities, but we still enjoyed the cruise.
  10. We've only sailed on the mass market lines. The two that are similar in level of service to HAL are Princess and Celebrity.
  11. geoherb

    On Board Loyalty Credit

    A divorced couple is probably not going to book a cruise together. We've enjoyed getting the credit on our past few cruises.
  12. geoherb

    What time are rooms ready please

    They made the announcement that cabins would not be ready until 1 before we boarded the Royal last month. We went directly to the dining room and enjoyed a leisurely lunch. By the time we finished, it was after 1. We did not get to our cabin in time to see if they had the fire doors closed before then.
  13. geoherb

    Cabin available time

    When we boarded the Royal last month, we took our carry-on bags to the dining room and enjoyed lunch. Our cabin was ready after we ate. We did not get to our cabin until after 1, so I don't know if they had the fire doors blocking access to it.
  14. geoherb

    questioning an upgrade

    Unfortunately, people who are past the final payment date don't usually get much compensation when the price of cabins falls. On our first Princess cruise, the prices dropped dramatically. Our TA went to bat for us and got us a slight upgrade. When you're assigned to an upgraded cabin, you can move to any available cabin in that category. Check out if there are any available cabins in that category you'd like better than your original cabin before asking to be moved back to it.
  15. The new times sounds horrible to me. We like late traditional dining. We realize that we're giving up some evening activities--the game shows and trivias--when we do that. If we get assigned 7:15 for traditional dining, we may end up changing to anytime so we can go after 8.