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  1. We did our own post trip in Bali. Stayed at the Melia Bali for about $120/night, next door to Viking's hotel. Private tour guide for $50/day, who also picked us up at the ship and brought us to the airport.
  2. In a DV we only got soft drinks, but we left a note, inside the fridge, asking for extra diet coke and ginger ale (don't remember what it originally was) but each day we had as many of the bottles as we requested.
  3. We tipped $2-$3 each time we had room service delivered. We did not have the SSBP and ordered dinner in the room a few times, asked for 4 glasses of wine and a beer, and it was no charge (the house wine and beer that is served with meals). We were in a DV.
  4. We got $1600, $800pp but that is because our cruise is a back to back...Rome to Lisbon, Lisbon to Miami. $500 for one, $300 for the other.
  5. Yes, you can use it for gratuities. We did.
  6. And this is exactly what we get from our TA. That's how we got $1,600....$500 for the 15 day part and $300 for the less than 15 day. $800 pp. CC Wine Lover we are off of Kolb south of Sunrise, so about 5 minutes from your friends in Tucson!
  7. I'd sure ask your TA. It does come out of their commission but we've always gotten the max from ours. We did back to back Auckland to Bali. Did not have to disembark. Did have to show them our credit card again. Did not have to go to the muster drill again. I'm going to have to go back on our roll call. I haven't been getting notifications.
  8. We even told them how many glasses of wine and beer we wanted!!!
  9. You have it in writing and screen shot. Your TA is wrong, I believe. It even says in your screen capture that your discount will vary if you change the length of the cruise.
  10. I book my travel insurance through insuremytrip and always make sure that it can be canceled to a different date (even different cruise line) if I change my mind. I've never had a problem doing it, so it's worth a phone call. Sometimes the premium changes.
  11. Pushka, if you had the same CD on the Orion that we did Auckland to Bali it was his first time ever as a CD anywhere and we, also, were not impressed at all. The other 3 week Viking Ocean cruise that we did we had a wonderful cruise director, Aaron. He was incredible!! Our customer service on the Orion was great as well as the cuisine and the service. We loved the cruise.
  12. We got the $1,600 shipboard credit because it is 2 back to backs. $500 for one, $300 for the next. So we're lucky.
  13. We used to get 15% off of Viking cruises, then they changed that TAs couldn't do that, could just do shipboard credit. I found an email that I sent my TA in Jan asking her what I could expect because I wanted to book onboard and get the onboard discount plus the Viking credit plus what she could offer. Here is what she said: Dobie, I wanted to double check with Viking and they said yes they would book it as one cruise and then give you a past guest discount on both segments. Per our onboard department we could break it up as well and give our onboard credit on each sailing separately as well. Double the pleasure, double the fun (as they). Thanks. I was looking to book onboard and transfer to you since I get more $$ off too. Since this is actually 2 separate cruises...Western Mediterranean Explorer (13 days) and Transatlantic Crossing (15 days), shouldn't I be able to use the $200 past passenger off of each cruise? And wouldn't I qualify for $500 shipboard credit for the 15 days and $300 shipboard credit for the 13 days? On our upcoming trip it is 2 cruises as well and they did $200 off each one.
  14. Yes, Viking does limit the credits. It depends on the length of the cruise. So, for our back to back we got $500 for the longer one and $300 for the shorter...per person. $1,600 total. That is the maximum Viking allows. I'd have to look at which one is longer and which shorter, but our TA plays by the rules. She also gives us the maximum Viking allows. I'll see if I can find a link to the Viking allowed shipboard credits and you can show your TA that you know!
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