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  1. I think you said you had a TA but had forgotten to transfer the booking? Love my TA for this reason!! Good luck!!!
  2. We were able to get off at will and, strangely enough, they didn't make us go to the safety drill the second time. We DID have to reregister our credit card at guest services. We were able to book all of our excursions as soon as booking for the first cruise opened up, however, our second cruise was the same booking number. It was nice booking all of the 5 weeks at one time. Our next cruise we have different booking numbers for the first and second cruise, so I doubt that we will be able to book early. We had to have different booking numbers because the second cruise was offering free air. In
  3. We did Auckland to Bali March 2019. We loved the cruise. It was HOT!!! A lot of things you can book on your own, or in Sydney take a ferry to what you want to see. But be prepared for the HEAT once you get to Australia. New Zealand was cool and we even wore down jackets at the beginning, but it got hotter as time went on. Mostly the humidity, that we are not used to since we live in AZ. I would drink 8 bottles of water on a tour. Frankly, I don't remember if we included and optional on the same day, but certainly doable. We did some independent tours in Lombok and Darwin and maybe somewhere el
  4. I think we were 2018. I know 2019 was Australia/New Zealand/Bali. Everything runs together the older I get and now with covid19 the only way I know what day of the week it is is what my pill box says. Heaven forbid if I forget to take them one day😅🤣😂
  5. Exactly. There was a group on our roll call that the organizer kept filling up. Why, I don't know, it was the same price for them as a group no matter how many there were. We paid a bit extra (not much, and certainly nothing close to Viking's price) for 6 of us. We spread out in the van, chose to bring food from the ship for lunch so we could see more, stopped a few more places than the other group. She even let us roam on our own in a shopping/park/restaurant area for over an hour. Rode the subway.. .she kept asking "do you want to do this, or that?" Fabulous!!!
  6. Never even got rubles. Alla said we didn't need them. Tipped in USD as they recommended. Any shops we went in took credit cards. We had 6 people. We paid a little extra for that but not much. Driver and guide for 2 days. Great days!!
  7. We used Alla as well. They took care of the blanket Visa. Great days!!
  8. Wow!! That screen shot is crazy! I've been following Capt Kate Mccue on Instagram (Celebrity captain, an American). They are off the Bahamas and Miami. Her photos and videos are pretty fascinating. They were handing out 100 days at sea certificates the other day.
  9. On Viking Ocean they had dance lessons in the Explorers Lounge. A few of the singer/dancers did them. I liked watching them. Instead of saying "to the right to the left" they'd say "to the bar, to the sea". This was on the Orion. They did many different dances.
  10. We got the remaining missing $1,000 over the weekend. So fully done.
  11. So that's what I'll expect too. My TA did say that they were doing some bit by bit. Thanks!!
  12. We cancelled our cruise late on a Thursday and had our refunded credited on Saturday as well. Did you get the whole amount? We are still short $1,000.
  13. I'm thinking that maybe he didn't realize that this was a complimentary cruise due to your fiasco. If he doesn't follow this board consistently he wouldn't realize it. I am a HUGE advocate of my TA, but I'm thinking that he didn't realize these particular circumstances.
  14. We cancelled our October Rome to Miami cruise through our TA late Thursday. Not sure when she notified Viking, but the refund was credited to my credit card yesterday (Saturday). It's $1,000 short but the first part of the refund was credited in 2 installments so I expect that the $1,000 will show up soon. I was fully expecting to wait a couple of months for it. We look forward to rescheduling for sometime next year, but we couldn't find an itinerary like this one, nor a long cruise for the amount that we paid. So we are going to keep our eyes out. We love Viking and look forward to sailing ag
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