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  1. Since there are no cruises available on the Viking website in July and August I guess that they are all canceled?
  2. I got amber on one cruise, opal on another, both from the jewelry shop from guest jewelers using OBC.
  3. Hi Kent, One of the problems that I see is that if we wait to cancel until before the cruise (and if Viking doesn't cancel) we get 100% FCC, but it is non transferable. So if my husband or I die or are unable to go on the trip that we booked with the FCC and the other wanted to go alone, they'd have to pay the extra $ for single occupancy. The other FCC would be rendered useless. My TA told me this, and I then confirmed it with Viking via online chat (I took screen shots). I specifically asked Viking what would happen in that case and they said that we could apply for some kind of exception, but that they wouldn't guarantee anything. My TA had it happen to one of her clients and Viking wouldn't budge, the client had to pay the extra. She and her husband had planned to travel with another couple, and she went ahead and went, paying for single occupancy. That is a concern for me at our ages......I believe, however, that if we wait for Viking to cancel and take the 125% FCC that that one is transferable.
  4. We are on the same, Rome to Miami. I've looked at a few 2021 cruises, and, as you said, this one is not available, and I can't find anything for 28 days even close to the price that we paid for this one, they are much much more. So we are in a quandary, too. Got a good deal on this one and $2,000 shipboard credit. For now we are just waiting.....
  5. A bunch of mine showed up today, too! Rough seas but fun!!!!
  6. Thank you both for the insight. Doesn't seem like it is for me. I'm starting to have doubts about Rome to Miami in Oct. It seems Spain may not open to tourism by then. We'll see.
  7. Dee, it sure was!!! Even crossing the Bay of Biscay was fun! And the CD, Aaron, was incredible. That cruise sold us. We had a future cruise booked on either RCI or Princess, don't remember which, and contacted our TA while onboard to cancel it. Booked Auckland to Bali at that time.
  8. Facebook is being mean to me. Right now they are posting "memories" from our 3 week cruise 3 years ago, Barcelona to Stockholm. It was our first Viking and after over 50 cruises on other cruise lines (including being Elite on Princess and Diamond on RCI) we were hooked. Last month, when the quarantine hit, they were posting my "memories" from last year's Auckland to Bali 5 week trip. Our next is Rome to Miami in Oct. We'll see. But totally agree with Andy. The Viking service and cleanliness is unsurpassed. We will only cruise Viking Ocean from now on, and we decided that 3 years ago! On Princess we found wallets under our bed (with money, we returned it), clothes in a couple of drawers, shaving cream and razor in a medicine cabinet. And those were on different cruises. It's Viking from now on.
  9. Sounds as though Viking was very generous. Andy, you can go on a lot of cruises with that!!!
  10. We are under stay at home orders, too, and we are. Our governor has decided that golf courses are "essential services". Rog is not playing. The majority of cases in AZ are between ages 20-44. Stay safe everybody! I'm cooking a LOT and actually enjoying it. I retired just before all of this started.
  11. Thanks azjoy. I figured that was what you meant but just wanted to clarify. We also purchase insurance from a separate company.
  12. Did you receive a refund for the entire cost of the cruise from the outside trip insurance company or just for the cost of the insurance? We use insuremytrip. I haven't yet increased the amount of my trip coverage, so far only the deposit is insured but it includes medical, evacuation, etc. I normally wait until the date I would start to lose money to increase the coverage to the entire cost of the trip. (In this case June 5)
  13. I'm sad that it has ended. I would have cried getting off. I actually did cry saying goodbye to the staff last year Auckland to Bali.
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