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  1. So sorry for your experience. It is not fair that such a large group can affect the "regular" paying customers experience. We board her Saturday I really hope we don't have that same issue.
  2. Who is the current cruise director and activities director? We board in just over a week TIA
  3. I hope the Acoustic Duo - Time Machine will still be onboard when we are on beginning of March. I really enjoyed them on the Constellation TA last spring.
  4. So sorry for your loss. Looking forward to following along as I'm doing the same cruise with DD just a few weeks after you. We can't wait! Take good care of her for us 😊
  5. They have 3 channels red, green, and blue. The DJ will determine what is played on each but typically red is 70s, green is 80/90s and blue is 2000s. You can switch between channels as much as you like. It's really a lot of fun.
  6. Following along! Looking forward to following your adventure. I'll be boarding the Reflection about 1 month after you get off' Another silent disco fan here! I hope on our 8 night they offer it multiple times.
  7. I couldn't buy the wifi for my 2025 cruise on the website but was able to on the new app by logging out then using my booking number to log in. When I log in using my username and password only my 2024 cruise shows up?? I know on the old app I could see both. Either way was able to book the internet for the 2025 cruise, I wasn't sure I was even going to book internet but at least now I'm locked in at the lower rate. If I decide I don't need it (fairly port intensive itinerary which I should have phone service in the ports) I can always cancel... up to 72 hrs before the cruise.
  8. Thanks for the tip on the price increase!! I was trying to wait until boarding to purchase the one device plan but did so today using the app and had no problem getting my platinum discount. A big savings $$$ on my 32 night sapphire cruise in April. Love cruise critic for helping fellow members out!
  9. You say you were assigned a specific time? We've always (at least post COVID) been able to choose our arrival time when online check in opens. I guess if you wait long enough to do online check in they assign you a time?
  10. Wishing you safe travels! At least the weather in Atlanta is good today so hopefully your flight will be on time. I'm also very interested to hear your thoughts about the ship and crew of the Sapphire Princess as I'll be boarding her beginning of April for the 32 day south pacific cruise.
  11. No, there used to be but they've turned it into the registration and waiting area for the rock wall. This area used to be on the port side but the suite lounge took over that space. Kind of disappointing because that was one of my favorite parts about the former Diamond now Crown lounge.
  12. I know this is the celebrity board and celebrity is probably my preferred cruise line but I'm not loyal to any one line. We cruised the Royal princess to Alaska the first season she sailed there and all we heard was how that was a terrible ship for Alaska. We loved it. That being said, just two weeks ago I booked royal princess for New Zealand in February 2025. Price for a deluxe balcony was a steal IMHO. Never sailed edge class yet and would be willing to try it but the prices were much much higher. Pretty sure either choice would be good for me. Just super excited to see New Zealand!!
  13. Thank you for the tip! Drink package prices at 45% off are a steal for my March cruise.
  14. Thank you so much for posting! I'm on the same itinerary in April 2024. I've also never been on the Sapphire (but have been on princess before so I already know about the lack of seating besides a desk chair in the lower category rooms..🙁 ) so I really appreciate all the little details! Please keep them coming. Really glad to hear the internet has been good. What do you have planed for the south pacific ports?
  15. I'm going spring 2024... can't wait. The ease of travel, cruising roundtrip LA (having only to fly to the "relatively" short flight to LA) , and the south pacific ports was the biggest reason to book. Kind of like an almost transpacific.. but on training wheels.
  16. I personally love this idea. Having not been particularly loyal to one side of the family or the other. I've earned Elite by points on Celebrity and then Diamond (getting close to D+) on Royal by number of nights, I could only hope that combining would be helpful... but then again it depends on how they work out all those very important details! I'll be interested to see if and how this pans out.
  17. My kids are older now but always preferred Celebrity to other lines when we went for spring break. Not all kids wants/needs are the same. If you don't want to sail with kids on board don't sail in March/April and go on cruises longer than 10 days. In fact my 20 year old choose to go on the Reflection with me for her spring break next year rather than the Odyssey of the Seas (same length and itinerary) or the Symphony of the Seas.
  18. I'm a little farther out than that but next year's 32 night cruise will definitely get me closer!
  19. Another reason to cruise princess.. love the self service laundry room on each deck 😁. I'll definitely be spending some time there. I'm only a lowly platinum member on princess no freebies for me yet. I do enjoy the free laundry on celebrity better though... since they do it for me!
  20. I'm working on breaking up that stereotype that only seniors and the infirm don't want to fly are interested in 30+ day cruises. I'm in my early 50s and in good health. Just the 9 hr flight back to ATL from Barcelona wasn't fun, doing 15+ hours on a plane... yuck!!! More cruising ... less time on an airplane... sounds like a win win to me.
  21. I've booked this as well for next April. I love the idea of going RT from California. I definitely would have wished Celebrity would offer something similar. I've sailed on both Princess and Celebrity numerous times and didn't hesitate to book Princess.
  22. I'm not sure but I think the difference was that OBC given by Celebrity showed up before boarding... OBC given by my travel agent didn't show up until after boarding. However, just to add another twist, I didn't use the same travel agency for both cruises. We were able to book excursions onboard with no problem. We actually booked them the afternoon we boarded. The ones we wanted were not sold out. This was on a Caribbean cruise where there were lots of options offered. I noticed on our Transatlantic that the ship did not offer as many options as I had hoped. Probably because the celebrity ships do not stop at these ports every week like they do in the Caribbean.
  23. We were lucky and all of our OBC showed up in the cruise planner before our sailing. We were able to take advantage of any pre-cruise sales on excursions and were able to book everything we wanted, even specialty dining. However, on a previous cruise I was in the same situation as you and had to wait to book onboard if I wanted to use OBC.
  24. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, it's hard to believe it'll be a year ago this weekend. A year ago when we booked the transatlantic we were so excited as we were finally starting to get to do the longer travel that we had always wanted and cruising was definitely part of that. This was my first cruise since his passing and it was hard at times but it's something I love and will continue to do. I loved the itinerary and the lots of sea days. I had been to Europe before but many many years ago but by plane and not these ports. I loved the ports and hopefully will get to visit them again someday as there were many things we didn't get to see with only having one day. I would definitely be more willing to explore on my own and maybe not take any or as many formal excursions. I will definitely be looking at doing more TAs. That being said, I had been eyeballing a 32 night Princess cruise to Hawaii and the South Pacific for sometime but it just wasn't in my budget yet (still have one kid in college). However, after I came back from the TA and started looking at cruises again I noticed that the cruise I was interested in was included in Princess's promotion 60 cruises for under $60 per day. So one of my best friends and I booked! I've been and cruised Hawaii before but never, Tahiti, Fiji and Samoa! So excited and it has even more sea days but first time crossing the equator and the international date line.
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