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  1. Hi i just glanced back the last few pages but still not sure where things stand. Can someone update me on RC. Are explorer and Indy the only ones from those classes that still have the original steam sauna layout? If there are others are they schedule for dry dock this year for the refit ? Thanks in advance
  2. Hey guys I have been looking at this cruise. Wondering how cold it will be on the days from Bermuda to Portugal? If only it was a month later.....
  3. Hi I no longer see it on the site where I booked. You might try emailing them I have been corresponding about beverage packages at this address. service@open-sea.com Hope you can go Steve
  4. hello, Does anyone have a current wine list they could share? Specifically looking for zenith though am curious to see one from any ship. Thank you, Steve
  5. Drinks pricing I asked and you cannot bring on board the customary bottle of wine. Anyone have experience with the drink packages on this line? Beverage Packages Premium Beverage Package: Price: 230 € p.P.Per day included in all bars and restaurants are: 6 non-alcoholic beverages of your choice (incl. coffee specialties) 3 bottles of mineral water 5 alcoholic beverages of your choice OR Premium Beverage Package Plus: Price: 330€ per Person / Week Per day included in all bars and restaurants*: 12 Non Alcoholic Beverages of Choice (including coffee specialties) 12 Alcoholic Beverages of Choice *Max. consumption per day; beverages can not be stored for following days OR Beverage Voucher Package: Price: 60 € p.P. Includes: 10 alcoholic beverages of your choice in all bars and restaurants OR Non-Alcoholic Beverage Package: Price: 25 € p.P. Includes: Voucher x 10 Non Alcoholic Beverages of Choice
  6. Hi awaflyboy Thanks for the info. I agree it’s not the type of cruise I would usually take but at this price it was worth rolling the dice. I too am looking forward to Corsica Ibiza. So now the planning begins. I will try to write a review when I get back. Maybe we should take this conversation to the roll call ? Have you gotten any documentation yet? I am curious if we can book beverage packages in advance. Take care, Steve
  7. anyone else going? I have had a hard time finding out info but will probably book tomorrow. What have we got to lose it’s only a week right ?
  8. Hello, Does anyone have info on Open Seas gay charter? Looking at Zenith (ex celebrity century?) September 29th. Comparisons maybe to the other charter companies? What would the demographics probably be like? One thing I liked is a 5 drink a day package with some water and non alcoholic drinks for about 37$ a day.
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