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  1. 4774Papa

    Anyone drop a perk after booking?

    I wish X would eliminate the price bundling with promos altoghether.
  2. 4774Papa

    First NCL--Need help with Perks Offer

    For some people the Beverage Package is huge. Not for us. I like cabernet and the selections on the package are poor. Also, the 20% gratuity is quite large. On our last NCL cruise (7 days), I purchased wine to take on the ship, paid the $15 per bottle corkage fee. Adding the cost of the wine to the corkage, we spent less than what just the gratuity would have cost us. We are moderate drinkers and don't drink until happy hour and mainly drink wine. The Dining Package is nice, since NCL's specialty restaurants are many and very good.
  3. 4774Papa

    Choosing Norwegian Fjord Itineraries

    Yes, they added us to the tour. George
  4. 4774Papa

    Choosing Norwegian Fjord Itineraries

    Royal C has a great Arctic Circle cruise on 9 June 2019.
  5. 4774Papa

    Ships Liquor Store

    On one cruise that ended in Miami, I purchased a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka that was a great price, on the day before disembarkation.
  6. 4774Papa

    Wine Storage?

    We never buy a beverage package on any of our cruises. We are elite on Celebrity and Diamond on RCI and only drink at HH and dinner. NCL has a terrible Beverage Package that includes a ridiculous 20% gratuity on an absurd overpriced amount, so on our last NCL cruise we declined the BP, took the dining package instead. I purchased wine in Boston and paid $15 corkage per bottle when boarding. We did buy a few drinks onboard, but our overall liquor/wine costs were less than just the gratuity charges. Also, I was able to purchase the wine that I wanted. NCL's cabernet selection is not the best. We have never done a HAL cruise, since they, until recently had a terrible smoking policy.
  7. 4774Papa

    No northern westbound TA in 2020

    Perhaps a northern route is not appealing to others, but we have taken three transatlantic cruises and all of them originated from or arrived at northern ports (England and Denmark). Our last TA was on Eclipse from Southampton to Boston, NYC, Bermuda, Nassau ending in Miami. was wonderful. Yes, we could not enjoy going outside until half way from NYC to Bermuda, but the ports were great choices.
  8. 4774Papa


    Perhaps your definition of a FULL wrap-around promenade deck is different from mine. The aft portion of the ship is blocked at the level of the buffet at deck 12. The Fitness Center dominates. Also, the fore part of the ship at deck 12 were there were once a lounge with a scenic view was modified years ago to add suites. Going to Deck 5 there is a deck where you can walk outside, below the lifeboats for some part of the ship, but much of the fore part of the ship is blocked by a steel hull. You can walk around the deck above the pool, but it is not the entire ship, it is an abbreviated portion. Compared to ships like the Gem and Jade, the Star has a far less desirable design. Still, we have done two cruises on the Star, which we enjoyed and the price was great. I just wish that NCL would stop chopping off the aft (including the sunset bar) and filling up the lounge at the fore part of the ship with suites, reducing our ability to enjoy the ocean.
  9. That is a change in policy. Our last Celebrity cruise was on the Eclipse transatlantic October-November 2017 from Southampton to Miami and that was not the policy.
  10. 4774Papa


    The Star is OK, except its design is one of my least favorite. It has no aft sunset bar just outside the buffet, since the spa and fitness center are there. Also, there are few places on the ship to see out to the ocean, like on the Dawn. Haven't been on the Pearl. Pearl goes to Rome, which is one of my favorite cities.
  11. Celebrity, unlike RCI doesn't allow you to use HH coupons at dinner. Not sure about buying drinks during happy hour. There is a list for happy hour. I usually drink wine, but I know a martini is on the list as well as scotch.
  12. 4774Papa

    What lines offer a Bordeaux river cruise?

    Thanks, in comparing itinerary and price, it looks like Grand Circle and Viking are good for us. Uniworld, Scenic, Crosi and AMA are good, but more $$$$. We want to do the Bordeaux river cruise and also take in the Basque region of northern Spain as well. We would probably do that on our own.
  13. 4774Papa

    Celebrity puts credit card holds every day?

    Agree with previous poster about AmEx. We use it primarily since we get Delta Skymiles, but I have had the card since 1074 and when I lived overseas, you could always go into an AmEx office and they would take great care of you (issue new card, etc.). Never had a problem with holds.
  14. 4774Papa

    Celebrity Move Up?

    If you get the auction upgrade to you get the extra points for that higher category? In 2015 when we upgraded to a Skysuite (X called us with the offer) we didn't get the extra points.
  15. I have found that AMA and Grand Circle have one and perhaps Viking. We normally use Vantage World Travel.