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  1. Yes, We have used Choice Air one, but other times we used miles from Delta. Example we had a TA that was cancelled for this OCT and our flight from JAX to ROME one way were 35,000 miles each. If you haven't enough miles, check kayak.com for discounted flights.
  2. We have done three transatlantics and prefer the sunny side, which would be on East bound starboard and West bound port.
  3. We don't pick cruises by the ship, but by cost and itinerary. What are the costs for each and what ports? Also, the Epic is our least favorite cruise ship ever.
  4. I like to book early, like as soon as a cruise is offered. I never find simply sail for cruises that I am interested in booking.
  5. We don't care at all for the Always Included. We are moderate drinkers and do the Elite happy hour then drink a little wine with dinner. We find X prices now for the cruises that we look at are way out of sight and not competitive with Royal or Princess. I understand that a few cruises offer the option of not doing AI, but the cruises I look at never offer that option. We like long cruises and transatlantics.
  6. We have done two transatlantics west bound and one eastbound as well as one transpacific from Sydney to Seattle. We prefer the west bound TA since we have the cruise after our land trip. The cruise is more relaxing than the touring and a nice way to slow down after touring.
  7. 2) not sure about picking up an another port, ask the cruise line. 3) We always do a balcony and on transatlantics as well. Unless you take a TA from Southampton or Copenhagen, you will have sunny warm days the entire trip. Most TA cruises are from Italy, Spain or Portugal. Even on the ones from the north, you will have more than half your days as warm (if going to Florida, not NYC). TA cruises are still rather inexpensive and no way would I do one in an inside. 4) Most cruise lines have an upgrade process that takes place pre-cruise. 5) Unless you are leaving from Northe
  8. We have done three transatlantics and prefer flying to Europe, doing our touring and taking our TA cruise home. Best way to get flights are two options, most cruise lines will book your oneway flight for your at competitive prices. Also, we usually use miles to purchase our one-way flights to Europe. For checking on hotels and or rental car, suggest using TripAdvisor.com and Kayak.com for finding good prices (use map feature on TripAdvisor for finding great locations.
  9. I have a cousin's husband that I like very much, who stopped smoking by vaping, but he still vapes after 5 years. I don't like it at all, even though it is better than the smoking. I have never smoked, but my wife and several friends once did and they quit. Nicotine addiction is hard to end. Good luck.
  10. NCL does Glacier Bay and it is fantastic. Also, if your cruise ends in Alaska consider going to Denali, it is great.
  11. The Holocaust Museum is awesome and very well done, but it doesn't to the horror of visiting Auschwitz. Most people had nightmares after visiting Auschwitz. I have been to Disney World and Disney Land and many theme parks. They were fun when I was younger, but you couldn't pay me to go now (age 73).
  12. We have cruise friends that did MSC and were seriously disappointed.
  13. Antigua was the home of the British Caribbean fleet in the past and has Nelson't Dockyard, which is a great place to visit. Also, there are some very scenic places on the island.
  14. We have never been to CocoCay and wouldn't be interested in that, but we live on an island in Georgia near the beach. We love St. Thomas and St. John. St. Maarten is OK, but it seemed too commercial to us. We prefer islands like Antigua, Barbados, Grenada and St. Lucia. Never been to Puerto Rico, think that might be nice.
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