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  1. By definition and law, to be called a Scotch Whisky, it has to be distilled in Scotland. There are many whiskies distilled outside Scotland in the same manner as Scotch; however, they cannot be called "Scotch". In fact, Glenora Distillery in Nova Scotia was the first to distill a single malt whiskey in North America - "Glen Breton".
  2. Finally a thread and topic of some interest. I have found the offerings on X over the past few years have become more mainstream (or pedestrian) without the broader range of offerings which once were available. I have been a scotch drinker in excess of 20 years and while I still enjoy the mainstays, Macallan, Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, etc, over the past few years I have wandered further astray looking for something different....as I think you are looking to do. I prefer whisky from Islay region primarily due to the fact that I often enjoy a cigar with my scotch, and I need a (heavily) peated drink to stand up to the cigar. Lagavulin is and will always be my first love which I return to frequently. Not always available on X haven't been able to find in for a few years. Lagavulin spoilt me and and i have a penchant for the "medicinal" scotches. Laphroaig is my everyday go to for a nice peat and the go to bottle my kids buy for me when then need a quick gift. The last time I found Laphroaig on X was early 2019. Again quite smokey and iodine rich. I have never really tried any Speyside creations; however, in the summer of 2019 I couldn't find a peated scotch on X and the F&B Manager met me with a bottle of Oban...lightly peated and not overbearing a good one if not smoking at the same time. I recently acquired a Jura 12 yr, and it is a very enjoyable drink, it is a gentle mix of smoke, fruit, spice and not very sweet...so far it has left a positive impression. Highlands are my go to if I am not smoking, but rather reading or socializing. Currently I have Aberfeldy, Glengoyne, and Singleton of Glendullan on the bar. Aberfeldy is the foundation for Dewars, and is a light fresh and fruity dram. Glengoyne (18 yr) is a more complex whisky with a bit longer finish, richer and spicier, very enjoyable. The Singleton of Glendullan (available in the travel sector only ie duty free, this is my second bottle) has hints of chocolate, a wee touch of smoke, and a nice finish that ends on a nutty note. All my whiskys are stored in the cellar at a fairly constant 65 degrees fahrenheit. My glasses are stored in the fridge, and I only add a drop or two of water....very seldom will I add ice, preferring to add a couple of stones to keep it a bit chilled. Good luck on your journey!
  3. My wife received the offer, under my email address. about 6 weeks ago I stopped receiving emails and started receiving emails for my wife. i asked if she was getting mine, and she said no.....they just stopped. I am so impressed with the IT department.....
  4. I have been following this thread periodically since it was started to gauge the response times from Celebrity. Our April 21 cruise was cancelled in the announcement of March 24, and I immediately upon receipt of the notice, responded with my request for a full cash refund. I can report that it took 9 weeks to obtain my full refund; however, I did not rely on Celebrity to follow through on their commitments detailed in the March 24 email. My timeline was as follows: March 24 . received email notice of cancellation, and immediately went online to Celebrity's website and requested full cash refund. April 17. as the 10 day window for the refund of taxes and fees had passed, not sure if it was 10 days or 10 business days, took it to mean 10 straight days as Celebrity does work a full 7 day work week (or at least they do when they want to take my money), regardless the deadline for the first payment was either April 3 or April 7 and they missed it. I contacted my credit card company and requested the charge be disputed. I provided the email as proof the company cancelled the cruise and the terms of repayment, and that they were in breach of the terms. All the information that was needed. April 29. received partial payment, specifically 85.67% of the total cruise cost back to my credit card . The transaction date was listed as April 25, with a posting date of April 29. Not sure where the remaining balance was; however, I had read several comments that other people had received payments which were short about 15%. At this point I was not sure if my action to dispute the charge resulted in the refund or whether Celebrity had actually processed the refund, as it was close to the 30 day commitment. May 1. contacted my credit card company again looking for information. They were aware the refund had been processed and were under the assumption that it was a full refund. When I advised of the shortfall, they took ownership of the issue and said they would resolve it. May 25. Followed up with the credit card company, and was advised they had not heard anything. Advised not to worry, no need to followup, it will be resolved shortly. May 27. Balance owing was credited back to my credit card with a processing date of May 27, and a transaction date of Jan 6...the date final deposit was originally made. That little bit of information tells me a lot. Reading most of the comments on this thread, I realize many will disagree with my approach. However, I worked in the banking/investment sector for 32 years and my word was my commitment. If I said it was going to happen, then I would do everything in my power to ensure it happened....if not my manager(s) wanted to know if not/why not! All cruises lines, not just Celebrity are relying on the passivity of their clients not to rock the boat (sorry for the bad pun) and they are taking full advantage of that opportunity. Notwithstanding the current covid pandemic; management committing to a 30 day refund period should provide the resources to make it happen, maybe 40 -45 days was more realistic......however, 60+ days is certainly not acceptable. I often think back to my uni days 40, 41 years ago and a "professor" who was actually a senior vice-president for an extremely large international company who impressed upon us as we prepared to enter the workforce in the world of business: if you aren't the leader in your industry, then figure out how you can excel to become the leader. If you are the leader, do everything you can to distance yourself from the pack. Never compare yourself to the rest of the pack, and accept mediocrity. I would contend right now the cruise industry is a mediocracy, and there is no leader. It is like a race to the bottom.
  5. The OP's comments are laughable and extremely unprofessional. There are many people in the world who are paid on a commission basis; if the deal doesn't close you don't get paid. Many, many people who have placed charges on their credit cards now need their money back so they can pay their bills, and feed their family. During the last five years of my career I switched from a salary plus bonus role, to a commission plus bonus role; with a well documented charge back process. The time frame was 6 months - if the business was not retained on the company's books at the six month anniversary of closing of the deal the commission was reversed. Thankfully I only experiences a negative paycheck once in the five year period; however, I had several deals reversed. I knew the nature of the business going in, and that is what I agreed to. A TA is an "agent" of the cruise line(s) and is compensated accordingly; it is not the client who pays directly for the services. If the cruise lines lived up to their commitments there would not be the need to dispute the charge. I think we have found a new type of entitlement.
  6. I don't think there is a right or wrong position on this....i think it is more of an equitable/inequitable position. Celebrity, as you pointed out has all your money for the cancelled cruise and expect you to pay an additional deposit....that is not meeting the client half way. The logic approach would be to apply the FCC for the entire cruise cost and if there are additional funds required, then collect those funds at the final payment date. I can only rationalize it in light of all the decisions which Celebrity has made during this entire event: it is skewed in their favour. Maybe they feel they were more than generous in providing a 125% FCC.... It makes me feel a little better that I took the cash option...I am essentially returned to the position I would be in if I never had a cruise booked.
  7. They will probably not reopen ports until the virus is totally under control or even eradicated. Their health care system in most cases would not be able to handle an outbreak.
  8. Just curious as to whom you think will be available to do the work when all of Europe and North America are in lockdown. Every indication is that we are in the early stages of the cycle....it took China about 10 weeks to go through the process and they were able to enforce a lock down almost immediately. do not see this project proceeding in May.
  9. Bo, this brought back a conversation i had many years ago with an elder Scotsman who was a colleague...we were discussing "the malts" as he so lovingly called them....and the topic of using them in mixed drinks came up....i can still hear the conversation in his heavy brogue.....the conclusion of which was "if God ha' wanted you to add anything besides ice or water to a malt, he bloody well wouldn't ha' made the blends". I am glad you tried it to satisfy your curiosity.....however, i am surprised the bartender continued to serve you.....
  10. There are a multitude of factors that are part of the decision in choosing which option is preferable; it is truly an iondividual choice. We recently had our cruise cancelled and when through the decision making process, so I will share our thoughts. First we did consider the value of the FCC, with respect to all the T&C's which are attached, and also the mention that they could change....that has been an issue with us all through this process, the terms, conditions and offers have changed. The ongoing solvency of the cruise lines is an issue....is bankruptcy an issue, certainly; is it likely...not so much, but it is a possibility. How long is this likely to continue; China was impacted for about 10 weeks and they were able to close everything down very quickly in their efforts to contain the spread. The past few weeks has shown that Europe and North America are not able to contain the spread as quickly, will this lengthen the time period we are affected....will it mean a significant reduction, or even a cancelling of the 2020 cruise season. In looking at our future booked cruises, the price of our cruise for Feb 2021 has increased by 42%, part of that is due to currency fluctuation, but also a price increase due to demand. Also, our Jan 2022 cruise has increased by 10%, again a currency fluctuation is impacting this cruise. With the sudden increase in FCC which have to be used by end of 2021, demand will force the prices higher. Finally, some of the behaviours coming out of the corporate offices, primarily the fence sitting as the situation continued to deteriorate, and what essentially looked like a what can we do to keep these people sailing with us, rather than a broader approach of what is the best course of action for everyone involved. We took the cash refund to allow ourselves more flexibility in planning how we will spend our leisure time.
  11. I very often give someone the benefit of the doubt. However, anyone living on this planet and also travelling within the past two months, their first suspicion should be COVID-19.
  12. I have to disagree. Celebrity will advise you if you need to take your passport with you when you go ashore, and when photo id is sufficient. If you fail to return to the ship, as previously mentioned, security will enter your stateroom and locate your passports, meds, credit cards, etc....the items you will need to either catch up with the ship or to return home, and will deliver it to their port agent. There are some countries in the world where you are required to carry your passport at all times, and others where it is not required. The hastle of replacing your passport if lost, stolen or damaged in a foreign country, imo, far outweights the "convenience" of carrying it with me all the time, particularly if i am not required to carry it with me. I always take a photo of the port agent details listed in the daily and carry it on my phone in the rare event i need assistance. As with all things common sense is required, if i am on an overnight trip away from the ship or hotel then my passport comes with me. There is no right or wrong position, just what you feel most comfortable doing to manage the risk one way or the other.
  13. I am not sure why this is an issue for you; you agree to the terms and conditions when you purchase the cruise and the cancellation policy is well publicized. They do it because they are able to do it. With the exception of North America, the majority of the rest of the world operates on a non refundable basis for most travel expenses; cruises, hotels, etc. It is the nature of the business. As far as the circumstances of the current situation the lenient refund and FCC policies are very generous on the part of the cruise lines. They did nothing to cause the conditions which resulted in the cancellation of cruises yet everyone expects them to cover all their expenses. We all have the option to purchase insurance coverage, except for a relatively small group who are uninsurable. If we choose not to purchase the insurance, we then agree to self insure.
  14. You don't have to read the thread, you can skip over it...... Just a thought.
  15. That is very true. recently our 36 yr old son heard the commercial and made a comment as to now he knows why we sail with Celebrity........
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