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  1. No, not anything we are interested in. At one time yes, our reason for cruising was to get away and relax, now it is actually to tie together land destinations, and travel with a purpose.
  2. We are also booked on the same cruise, and are currently feeling it has about a 50% chance of sailing in a format we would be able to accept. We are sure it will sail, just not sure what conditions will be in place. We have previously done this trip, and enjoyed both Ireland and Iceland. We are building a plan "B" which will be a direct trip to Iceland, and then touring the island on our own for 2 - 3 weeks. "Surprisingly" under the new AI scheme (in a Sky Suite) we can vacation longer at a lower daily cost without compromising the travel experience.
  3. As mentioned in a few posts the financial paradigm has shifted, and all cruise lines are trying not to leave any $$ on the table. They will continue to push the envelope and price their product until they see push back and then back off a little themselves. Given the massive debt load cruise lines have had to assume to manage their way through the pandemic, there are probably some significant debt covenants attached to loans that they need to satisfy. As well as the unknown as to how the resumption of sailing will unfold. Yes prices are higher. Since we only sail as a couple, a
  4. A few more pictures. The bathroom made up for many of the shortcomings. Hopefully they have corrected the lighting over the vanity - it was very difficult to shave...my wife never attempted to apply any sort of makeup. There were no bedside lamps either; however, that was an oversight and the lamps were ordered. As it was the second cruise out of the refurb there were many oversights which had to be corrected. Overall the room was dark; however, we were very seldom in the room other than changing and sleeping.
  5. We sailed on Millennium Feb 2019 the second sailing after the refurb. We were disappointed with the makeover as we found some of the furnishing to be next to useless. Things may have changed since. We were in 6146, the S1 attached to the penthouse, so things may have been a bit different in a regular S1/S2. We did not have loungers on the balcony, there was a couch type of seat which was not very comfortable, we did ask for a loungers and received them from our attendant. Not sure if they stayed; however, our balcony was very large. The table and chairs on the
  6. Ooh, tough call. Not sure which I would have done first, pull up my trousers, or drink both drinks. Definitely, the third thing would have been to go back to the bar for 2 new drinks.
  7. This was probably about 10 years ago. First night on a Bermuda cruise, wander in to the MDR for the second seating and we go through the ritual of being escorted to our table, which was a 10 top with two other couples already seated. We sit down and one of the ladies said to us, "Well I guess you are going to get up and leave. " I immediately replied, "You haven't done anything to pi$$ me off yet!" Which immediately caused two things to happen, my wife kicked me in the shins, and the lady burst out in a great big laugh. It turns out prior to our arriva
  8. You are correct. NCL Escape sailing round trip out of Port Canaveral April 16 - 23, then sails out of New York April 25. No posted sailing for April 23 - 25....non revenue re-positioning.
  9. Nothing like a good mystery.
  10. I am unclear as to your question; do you just want to tour the city of Reykjavik or start from there and go out into the countryside. We did the Iceland cruise in 2019 and booked 2 tours in Reykjavik and Akureyri with a private tour company. The days were long, to jam as much as possible into them. The first day's tour was about 12 hours and we grabbed about 5 hours sleep and did the second day with about a 6 hour tour. The days were long, and a great deal of time was spent driving. It would be possible to rent a car and drive yourself. The main roads are paved however, some o
  11. Like the OP I am a purist and drink my coffee black. I agree with all the comments posted: room service is awful, buffet is a step up but still very poor. Have not dined in the MDR for many years so I am unable to comment. My go to coffee is an Americano from Cafe al Bacio. Not the best I have every had but up among the top 5. On our last cruise, oh it seems so long ago, on my way back from the gym at about 6:30 or so I would stop at al Bacio for my coffee, and the only exception to anything going into my coffee is Jameson's, and they would provide a healthy pour' I regularly m
  12. It has been a couple of years since we sailed on Solstice, and we have one scheduled for Jan '22. As others have sail, it is not the full Retreat experience as the ship has not been revolutionized. It does have Michael's Club/Retreat Lounge and Luminae, but not the Retreat Deck. We have not sailed either NCL or MSC and cannot compare except to say it is not a ship within a ship experience, but rather dedicated areas set aside for suite guests. The crew assigned to the Retreat areas are very attentive and will do their utmost to accommodate any request you have (within reaso
  13. Our prefered cabin is at the aft, love looking at the wake. however as mentioned there is significant movement at times. Even in what appears to be calm seas there will be a swell running which also may cause significant discomfort.
  14. You are absolutel correct, the pool and Pool Bar are on deck 14. Typical quality control observed by Celebrity, no one noticed the mistake. I am a cigar smoker and there are two smoking areas on each ship...at least there has been on the last 8 sailings or so. The smoking area on the S class is the Sunset Bar (port) and that is the designated cigar area. the other area, on the pooldeck is an area protected from the weather, and cigars are not allowed. so it makes sense it is on the pool deck by the pool bar, as that area is weather protected.
  15. I think that anyone who believes this indicates an early return to cruising is fooling themselves. Yes while the industry may be able to produce 8 million doses by the end of 2020, many of those are for double dose vaccines, and the vast majority of the production will not come into play until the second half of the year. Effectively, there may be 5 - 5.5 billion individual immunizations taking into account double and single doses; the world population is somewhere between 7.5 - 8 billion individuals. If anyone believes that a publicly traded company is going to obtain vaccine before the vast
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