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  1. Exactly. You can get cofbfee at any restaurant, gas station and convenience store, how does Starbucks stay in business.
  2. A number of years ago, we had a table in the MDR with us the Canadians, a couple from the UK, and a couple from the US. We spent most of dinner translating comments by either couple for the other as neither understood some of the more colloquial phrases they were using. I always make sure I know where the dunny is, as it is no longer outside. Also, I have the wisdom if I happen to be watching an Aussie Football game, no to ask Someone which team they root for, as root has a much more risqué meaning. Catch you later.
  3. I think the vast majority of cruisers would agree with you that the staff should be paid a living wage. Regrettably that is not the system in place, so we must adapt to the custom and practice in place. Yes the cruise lines should just hide the cost in the fee and it is all sorted. The incentive to provide good (exceptional) service is pride in their work. The same as similar workers in a system similar to Australia where people are paid a living wage...what is the incentive to provide good service?
  4. You are aware they do speak English in Australia.
  5. Bacon 101 So we can all know what we are having for breakfast https://justcook.butcherbox.com/all-the-different-types-of-bacon-from-canadian-bacon-to-coconut-bacon/
  6. Much ado about nothing. If you like the idea you opt in. If you don't, then do nothing.
  7. I'm not sure that concept falls within the management style of many of the line managers on Celebrity.
  8. I went back and reread this thread this morning, and have an observation. As far as I can determine there is a cultural divide on this topic. For the most part Americans are of the opinion cash is king and the only form of reward required. Those from other countries, Canada and UK, are a bit more inclined to acknowledge the human side of the relationship and provide small gifts of chocolate and treats. (Let me be clear that in no way shape or form is re-gifting fruit cakes, coffee mugs or bringing miscellaneous stuff from your home town suitable, ever!) Having been both an employee and a supervising manager it is necessary to move beyond the basic needs level of an individual to encourage a feeling of worth. My reference for this is Maslow's hierarchy of needs. For most of the people working in the service roles on the ships they are doing it to provide for the basic needs of their family: food, shelter safety and security, and cold hard cash is what they are after. However, once they are confident they have reached that level where security has been attained, they respond better to a feeling of belonging/friendship. While we are never going to be friends with the employees on a ship, we can certainly be friendly and recognize them on a human level. I think back to when I was working and one of my managers in the later stages of my career often thought outside the box on how to motivate and reward us. We were all well paid professionals well beyond the basic needs level, and while money does motivate, when you "know" it is going to happen you often lose focus...he gave us our birthday off as a bonus. I guess he could have paid us our per diem, but he probably would have been fired, and the day off meant more than money to us. So the people who provide the treats, and as long as this is not in lieu of cash, but in addition to, are just rewarding a different psychological need of people. There is no right or wrong approach, do what you think is proper, just don't remove the grats.
  9. We had a very similar experience about 12-14 years ago on a trek through a rain forest. The excursion had several warnings, and one individual had some health issues which restricted how fast we could proceed. Needless to say they became quite unpopular.
  10. A few years ago our daughter was working in the UK, so we spent a few summers visiting with her and traveling, predominately in England and Ireland. As you say the tipping is less predominant, and at a much lower level. However, we did notice is some of the "nicer" restaurants and hotel dining rooms, a service charge did appear on the bill, and it was usually in the 10% range.
  11. We have never had a bad one either, just one who was annoying. He would consistently show up at our door to deliver/drop off something...dry cleaning/laundry, marketing propaganda, etc...shortly after 5 pm. Finally had to "request" he not knock on our door between between 5 and 7 pm. Everything was always in our room by mid afternoon thereafter. Usually at that time we were relaxing before dinner or trying to get ready to go out for a drink. Other than that he was fantastic.
  12. There are several good places, but regrettably you will be limited to one location which is the dedicated cigar smoking area. There will be at least one other location which will be cigarette only. On the s class it has been Sunset Bar port side. On the M class I believe it is in the region of the pool bar. We have not sailed on E class so no idea. The specific location will be listed in Celebrity Today.
  13. Prior to my retirement 9 years ago my employer implemented a totally random questionnaire to our clients based on our documented contact. This was probably around 2008. The benchmark was a top box score. Regrettably very few clients will provide a top box score, as many feel no one is perfect. It took about 15-18 months for the client facing personnel to convince the powers that be that a rating of 8, 9 or 10 is a top box and they should be focusing on ratings of less than that. Common sense prevailed and that was what they did. We have noticed over the past few years the increasing number of on board personnel who mention the need for a top rating. We always reply that we are seasoned cruisers and provided they complete their duties to the best of their ability they have nothing to worry about. They truly are under the hammer if they receive anything less than top box marks. If i can't think of anything they could have done to improve on what they did they get a 10. If I have identified something which I would like changed and they follow through, a 10. We never know what they face in a day, I know I wouldn't want their job.
  14. If i figure out that the sommelier is more sommelier than wine waiter I will tell them my preferences for wine types (red) and let them surprise me...I have discovered some great wines that I would not normally consider. As far a whites I am not a fan and stick close to a pinot grigio. It is a good thing we are all different or it would be a very boring world.
  15. I am not shocked that your received a bad glass of wine, it happens periodically for a number of reasons. I am shocked that once you indicated the wine was bad, that it wasn't immediately replaced and you received disbelief and attitude instead.
  16. Wine does not have to be expensive to be good. Also, one individual may love a specific wine and someone may not, it all depends on your palate. If we host a family dinner there will be 2 or 3 bottles of very good wine on the table, but once their taste buds have been numbed we switch out the very good to good, or maybe a good everyday table wine. (don't tell them)
  17. Would it not seem reasonable to expect the individuals in charge of line management/crowd control to already have this knowledge and implement such a system.
  18. As the original poster of this comment RE: we all paid for lunch It was meant to be sarcasm, because we all know there will be a shortage of food on the ship.
  19. Really. We can all think of why we should be the exception. As a diabetic, I plan my actions around my schedule. If I had a 3:00 pm boarding time, I would plan to go have lunch somewhere, enjoy myself and arrive at a more suitable time. When traveling I also have a supply of suitable snacks and water in the event of a delay. I am sure I wouldn't leave my personal health in limbo on the hopes that by some fluke of nature I would get to board early. Also, I guess we all paid for lunch...so lets all get there early so we can have it. I would argue and support an early entry system that doesn't reward how early you arrive before your scheduled time, but one that moves to the next scheduled time slot. So if at 12:50 there are no more 12:30 - 1:00 arrivals waiting then start on the 1:00 - 1:30 group, and just pass any late arrivals straight through. We can't all be first. I do not doubt that there are true situations where medical conditions require accommodation, no problem; take the initiative and make adjustments before hand.
  20. Because those on the east side of the big pond and those on the west side of the big pond will be talking about two different things......
  21. It is good to see things are getting back to normal. I really don't care what other people wear, as long as they respect what I am wearing. To be clear I will adhere to the suggested dress code, and most likely will be dressed significantly "chicer" than the minimum. We normally travel for a month at a time with a cruise placed in the middle of that time frame. Depending on how much travel is involved, and what activities/events we have planned, I may dress at the top end with a suit/tux, maybe a jacket & tie, or a pair of dockers and a polo shirt. As long as I get the good housekeeping seal of approval before I seal my suitcase I am good. I truly believe people continue to preach about tuxes being required because they believe if they say it enough people will believe it. I have enough self confidence in my selection that I fail to care what other people may or may not think. Advice I once received when I started working, It is extremely difficult to be over dressed for an event, and be remembered; however, it is exceptionally easy to be under dressed and remembered.
  22. If we called it boorish, it then covers all the categories of poor social skills.
  23. Up until a few years ago, i would have agreed with you. We were sailing on an S class which has the long bench seat on the back wall. If we are back on board the ship at a reasonable time, about 4 or 4:30 i will grab my book and head to Michaels Club for a before, before dinner drink. DW uses that time to enjoy alone time. This particular cruise I had been in MC a few afternoons already, enough that the bartender would point to a bottle and give me a thumbs up, the appropriate reply is a nod of the head. i usually have an e reader, however, this time it was a real book, so i was sitting at one end of the seating under a light. A short while after i arrived a small group entered ond one of the ladies walked up and without excusing herself just said "we usually sit there", i give a puzzled look, and say "excuse me", I am told they have a group of friends who meet before dinner and they usually sit there. Bigger puzzled look, but by now the bartender is on his way over, and very smoothly and professionally escorts them to the other end. Sometimes, people are funny.
  24. I understand and agree with your sentiments. our ahah moment happened many years ago. I cannot remember what ship, however I know it was an M class. The HH was held in Michaels Club and it was just after they introduced the beverage packages and still had true premium beverages available. Unfortunately I prefer to drink quality rather quantity. Regrettably the evening before I had spent a significant amount of time in Michaels making a significant dent in a bottle of Midleton Very Rare. When we walked in the bartender gave me an ear to ear grin and waved. We found a seat and the waiter came over for our order. My DW order her wine and I asked the waiter to see if the fine gentleman behind the bar had anything left in the fine bottle of Irish from last night, and handed our cards over. When he returned he had a very generous pour in my glass. Regrettably the fellow at the next seat for some reason took exception and started to discuss it rather loudly with his spouse. There were several, 6 or so empty glasses on the table and i think the waiters had stopped serving them. the bartender had to come over and explain that I had purchased my drink and it was not a complimentary item. After that cruise we have only attended a few HH since. We have had the premium beverage package since inception, although the selection of true premium liquors has declined significantly.
  25. We have cruised with X in sky suites for several years. We have always felt we have received good value, and excellent service. However, over the past few years the prices have increased to the point where they are truly in the luxury price range, and regrettably they can't compete at that price with product. for example we were looking at a cruise for Jan 2023 and discovery a Celebrity and a Silversea virtually the same itinerary except X was 12 days and S was 14. The cost PPPN was C$15 higher with Silversea.....and they included economy airfare, which would be about $3,500 PP. Not a difficult decision to make
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