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  1. Thank you! And we will get the card when the cruise ends this time!
  2. Do you remember who you used for the tour into Porsmork? We would love all those activities!
  3. We are and cannot wait!
  4. We have the mugs from a prior cruise. Can we bring them with us for the next cruise?
  5. Thanks everyone! This helps tremendously. We will bring our own games and can't wait to see all the places described here. 34 days to go!
  6. Is there a library on Wonder? DH and I love to play Scrabble. Wondering if we need to bring our own game to play?
  7. I'm looking for any current information on the draft beers being served on the Disney Wonder? Also, we have the Disney mugs from a previous cruise...can we bring them and use them again? Thanks for any info!
  8. Trying to arrange a floatplane, seeing bears, helicopter and dog sledding between Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan. Most have fairly good options for everything except the bears. I came across the Admiralty Island Fortress of the Bear Kayak tour with Juneau Shore Tours. Its an all day event which encompasses a floatplane, kayak, hiking and seeing bears and eagles. I'm wondering if anyone has done this tour or something similar? We're booking for this coming May. Any info is GREATLY appreciated!
  9. Cool PhillyFan! Bet you're about to watch a football game! (Son-in-law is an Eagles fan).
  10. Ours actually doesn't go to HMC. We are on the 12/21 cruise. We have the other itinerary which we wanted. LaRomana has a gem called Saona Island which we love and are excited to go to again. This time with a herd of grandchildren!
  11. Just booked the Magic for December 2019 over Christmas. Needed 6 rooms so we are on Deck 9 which is under the Lido. Not my favorite location but better then deck 1. Anybody been u der the Lido on a Dream Class ship? Looking for info on noise?
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