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  1. I hope my refund comes as quickly as y’all’s did. I canceled yesterday and my TA said It would take 4-6 weeks. I have already made final payment so they owe me a chunk. My cruise was May 1st.
  2. I’m not sure why port fees aren’t refunded. It’s not my fault if a cruise is cancelled by Oceania.. If I cancel then I can see the fees not being refunded
  3. Very true regarding final payment. Mine is due June 22 for our Sept 20 cruise. I sure hope we can make this one. I will be canceling the May 1st one. I will be very glad to get a fcc for that cruise unless Oceania cancels it before April 28 and if they do then I will take the refund back on my credit card. I just want back what I paid, don’t need more or want less.
  4. Absolutely I agree with you. They are just thinking if one of us gets sick, we’ll wind up in a European hospital somewhere and they’ll have to come get us. We travel a lot and until this happened, they have never asked us to cancel a trip. Oh well, I hope we all get to travel and look back on this and laugh.
  5. No no, I’m not saying that at all. I just feel that with all the precautions the airlines and cruise lines are taking, it’s probably safer than before. But no can control what or where you go or do once in port. We do our own things most times when we get off the ship, and even though we might be very careful there has been occasions when we’ve returned from Europe with some type of mild stomach virus that popped up after we got home so no telling where we picked it up. I’m also not saying we should all cancel and stay home. That’s for each person to decide that, certainly not me. I want to go on my cruise, I just have family that are concerned about the timing.
  6. Thank you RJ2002. I did read this, but tbh there wasn’t anything in this article that would make up my mind to definitely go. As I said earlier, it’s not the passengers on either the planes or the ship itself, but the ports are where we all interact with the locals and most places now have some type of outbreak of the virus. It’s just the chance you take and hopefully things will be better by the time this cruise sails. That’s what I’m hoping for!
  7. I would like to see a link to the NYT travel article so I could read it as well. Or perhaps show it to my adult kids. They are adamant We should cancel. There are a lot of health professionals in our family who all say postpone your cruise till this gets better. Ugh!
  8. Our cruise on the Marina is not until May 1st, so we are waiting till the very last day before we cancel. Things could completely calm down during the next 6 or 7 weeks and we may get to go. I’m not so worried about getting sick on the ship, rather it’s the ports where anyone could come in contact with someone who is contagious or sick. I live in Houston and the 8 people who have it here were all on a Viking river cruise to Egypt and they all came home with it and are now hospitalized. Plus who wants to worry about getting sick. I can cruise anytime. But for anyone not worried, you should go and have a great time. I just have an important family event 4 days after I get home and I don’t want anything to make me miss that.
  9. Mamaclark I totally understand what you are saying. I too would prefer a cash refund, but unless Oceania cancels the cruise I don’t see that happening. On the other hand I would take the voucher and reschedule a cruise after all this goes away. For me it’s better than losing my money since my insurance won’t cover Coronavirus. I would just like the comfort of knowing on April 25 or so, we could cancel and not lose our money, which is what Viking is doing. I’m hoping everything begins to calm down by the end of March and we can go on this cruise.
  10. You’re right Paulchili, my cruise is later in April 2021 too. I just think Viking is awesome for doing that. We just returned from a South American cruise on the Viking Jupiter and we had a wonderful time. While Oceania is my favorite, Viking is a very close second.
  11. I just got an email today from Viking regarding any sailings between now and April 1,2021. In lieu of the situation regarding the Coronavirus, they are offering 24 hour cancellation with 100% refund on a voucher that can be used anytime during the next 24 months. I have a May 1st Oceania cruise from Lisbon to Barcelona coming up that I wish Oceania would make that offer.
  12. I’m happy to report back that I emailed Viking and 2 days later they emailed back and booked me on the three excursions I was looking for. Thanks for all your suggestions.
  13. Thank you so much. I’m going to do everything you suggested, and will email Viking right now.
  14. SM77- i hope you are still answering questions re your recent cruise. We are sailing on the Jupiter from B.A. to Santiago in early February. The day the the shore excursions opened for reservations, we were on another cruise with our kids and grandkids celebrating our 50th anniversary. TBH booking the excursions was the last thing on my mind and unfortunately I missed two things I really wanted to do. The Punta Tombo and the Tierra del Fuego excursions. Do you think there will be any extra spaces once we board. I check every few days to see if there are any openings but so far none have showed up. Thank you for any help you can give.
  15. Thank you everyone for your advice. I will keep trying and hopefully will succeed.
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