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  1. Ok, this sounds familiar...I ended up booking the cruise directly through their website because I saw that few cabins were still available and I figured that was quicker than trying to reach the agent on the phone. Today, the agent called me to follow up and I told her I had booked through their website. She was polite but obviously displeased and I felt like I had to apologize. In retrospect, though, I thought...wait a minute, you called me; I didn’t call you. It seems like an odd system. I’ll still investigate transferring to a travel agent as many of you have suggested.
  2. I usually cruise with Celebrity but just started looking at Oceania for a Great Britain itinerary. Within five minutes of plugging my name and number into their site, they called me to book a cruise (that’s never happened before). The lady was very nice when I told her I had just started my research and she said she would send me an email with contact info when I was ready to book. I’m very impressed with their customer service but would I better off (and get a better deal) by ignoring her and finding a regular travel agent?
  3. I just discovered yesterday that the final payment for my Viking China 2020 tour is 7/31/19. I didn’t notice it in the small print until after I paid for the travel insurance. I made the mistake of assuming that it wasn’t due until about four months before the cruise (like every other cruise company I’ve sailed with).
  4. I’m currently on the Edge in an IV cabin and my wife and I agree it’s the nicest cabin (and ship) we’ve ever experienced. We love the constant water views and breezes as well as the slightly larger cabin. I really don’t get the extreme negative reactions.
  5. While I no longer bother with tux’s, I’ve been encouraged by several posts on CC recently stating that men in shorts have been turned away (and/or told to remove their ball caps) by the Edge Maitre D.
  6. LOL. I cared because I was hoping I’d be on a less crowded ship. In the past, I found some Princess cruises to be less full than others but perhaps the lines have fine tuned their salesmanship.
  7. Thanks for all the thoughtful responses everyone (except for the one rude person who asked why I cared). 😉
  8. I was hoping that a Med Cruise would be less likely to have last minute bookings than one stateside but they may be just wishful thinking.
  9. I notice that my Edge Cruise on 6/5 is still showing quite a few empty cabins. I’m wondering how much that it is likely to change by the sail date. And please...no Edge trashing comments; I’ve read them already. 😉
  10. Thanks guys...I figured it wasn’t necessary. I’m just a stickler for details. 🙂
  11. I just received my e-docs for my June Edge cruise and the email states that I need to print the entire document (almost 20 pages) and bring it to embarkation. I’m guessing this is not really necessary. Thoughts?
  12. My wife has a temporary mobility issue and I booked this excursion that was described as ‘moderate’. However, later research seems to indicate that the only way to the castle is by a strenuous climb. By any chance, do the excursions take a bus there?
  13. We’re on the same cruise with a port side cabin. 🙂 I chose it to be away from the MC but I also think that since the cruise takes a basically clockwise path, that the coasts of Spain and Italy should mainly be on that side.
  14. And the premium teas as well?
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