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  1. I'm pretty sure you have to be two stripes or the equivalent on Princess for a single cabin... Musicians, asst. cruise directors, etc share a cabin. Chengkp, do the required rest periods include all crew, i.e., waiters, cabin stewards, shop clerks, or just crew that stand a watch?
  2. Haha haha.... paperwork, more paperwork, reports, monitor ship functions, supervise staff... The deck and engine departments have roughly the same amount of work to do whether there are passengers on board or not. Hotel department may have it a bit easier.
  3. There's another potential landslide area at Tidal Inlet in Glacier Bay.
  4. You are talking about Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau here, not Glacier Bay National Park. Carnival does not go to Glacier Bay with the exception of a couple of cruises in May and September.
  5. Cruise ships are not allowed to sail within 50 miles of the Aleutian Islands due to the creation of an Area To Be Avoided (ATBA) created a few years ago.
  6. Also saw that a typhoon is forming off the Philippines. Aren't there like 20 cruise ships hanging out there now?
  7. Hopefully not booking an Alaska cruise in October as that will not be happening. I would not want to have FCC right now. Everyone seems to think there will be huge bargains they can apply their FCC to for a cruise next year. I personally think fares will go up, probably by about 25%...
  8. If Star was scheduled to sail in Alaska this summer, it's unlikely this cruise will happen as she will likely be deployed elsewhere.
  9. Actually, the biggest negative to cruising for me is the way the crew live and work, especially the food workers and housekeeping staff. They have nine-month contracts, are expected to work 10+ hour days (split shifts) and are paid a few hundred dollars a month. They put up with nasty passengers and long hours. They clean up poop, vomit, used condoms, and other nasty stuff. They miss their families and their homes. They don't get to see their kids' first steps or go to their graduations. And they are always smiling and friendly. Now many of them are trapped on ships around the world. They're not getting paid. They don't know when they'll see home and families again. But, most of them will sign up for another contract because they have an extended family depending on them and they need the money.
  10. Nope. Think about the Alaskan end of this. Princess and HAL, who have the majority of ships, have cancelled all sailings. If the other lines manage to get a couple of ships lined up for a late Alaska season, do you really think all the shops, shore excursions, etc. are going to be up and running? It would not be worth their time and trouble to bring in all the workers they need and gear up for 3 or 4 cruise ships a week for 6 - 8 weeks.
  11. Frankly, how close you get to the glaciers is up to the captain. Some captains will work their way through the ice to get as close as possible, others will stop the ship as soon as they get into the bergy bits. There are a few occasions where the ice is thick enough that even the most enthusiastic captain can't take the time to get through it, but these are relatively rare.
  12. Cat fight at a formal wedding in the atrium...evidently someone slept with someone they weren't supposed to. I wasn't personally there but a friend of mine who was a Glacier Bay park ranger got assigned to a nude cruise. The rangers pretty much spent the day looking at the ground...
  13. I'm on X for the Christmas South America cruise B2B Antarctic cruise and I have doubts about that. I don't think we will be able to get into some of the small Patagonian ports or Stanley that soon. I am really hoping that's not the case, but...
  14. You should start doing your homework on Alaska shore excursions and be prepared for sticker shock. The most popular Juneau tour, whale watching and Mendenhall Glacier would be around $550 for a family of four. The 2.5 hour train ride to the White Pass Summit in Skagway runs around $400. It is really easy to spend more on excursions than you spend on your fare!
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