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  1. wolfie11

    Fishing in port

    It’s likely that most king salmon fishing this summer will be catch and release.
  2. wolfie11

    Skagway/Yukon tour - help me remember this detail?

    I agree the food is 2nd rate at Caribou Crossing. I opt for the Bennett Lake trip. The food on the train is better (sandwich, chips, reindeer sausage, cheese, cookie).
  3. wolfie11

    Hiking in Skagway

    I like Lower Dewey Lake myself...
  4. wolfie11

    List of guest lecturers on Southampton sailings

    P&O and Cunard are big on lecturers and celebrity guest speakers. From looking at the list, I would guess that this is an attempt by Princess to attract British passengers by offering the same type of enrichment lectures as the British lines.
  5. wolfie11

    List of guest lecturers on Southampton sailings

    Cunard posts lists of speakers, but I’ve never seen this on Princess. Unless it was a theme cruise with celebrity speakers advertised in advance? Most speakers are on for just one or two cruises and booked thru an agency.
  6. wolfie11

    Sept 2019 Aurora help needed

    Sorry, but I don’t believe this map takes into account the topography of Fairbanks, which is surrounded by hills. From my place in the Goldstream Valley, about 8 miles from town, there is very little light pollution. Up Murphy Dome Road another few miles, there is virtually none.
  7. wolfie11

    Breweries/Pubs while on Alaska cruise

    Best beer in Alaska is at the Skagway brew pub. The Spruce Tip Blonde is amazing AND prevents scurvy! Their other beers are also very good and the have a very nice barley wine. It’s at the far end of town next to Alaska Fudge Co. And across from Harley Davidson. The SMART bus stops across the street.
  8. I never book excursions until I’m on the ship. Some will be sold out, but there’s usually room on both of these. Also, you can book just the crab feast without the excursion.
  9. wolfie11

    Whale watching

    Actually, these are not permanent residents. They are non-breeding older juveniles for whom it makes no sense to undertake this journey. They start migrating when they’re old enough to mate.
  10. wolfie11

    Winos on Board to Alaska!

    Not true. Wine at the Safeway liquor store in Ketchikan is not much more expensive than wine at your local store. The same for beer and soda, cookies and potato chips. A 20oz soda costs $1.89. Fruit is more expensive - bananas run 89 - 99 cents a pound.
  11. I’ve done both. On a nice day, definitely the Deadliest Catch tour. If it’s raining I’d go eat crab.
  12. wolfie11

    Whale watching

    Yes, whales have not yet left for Hawaii.
  13. wolfie11

    Winos on Board to Alaska!

    I am only stating my experience, but I have been on multiple Princess cruises in Alaska. I have never had a problem bringing beer or wine on board in a port. In Ketchikan, the free downtown shuttle will drop you off at the Safeway mall where there’s a well-stocked liquor store. In Juneau there’s a store down by the Triangle Bar, and one in Skagway across from the train depot. I also buy beer from the Skagway Brewery to bring onboard. I usually stock up on sparkling water and soda as well. It goes in my backpack and through the scanner. I don’t take alcohol out of my room, but I do wander around with a bottle of sparkling water or take one to the gym.
  14. wolfie11

    "Real" Alaskan food

    Sharon’s omelette at Sam’s Sourdough Cafe...best breakfast ever!
  15. wolfie11

    Ketchikan liquor store

    The free downtown shuttle will take you to the Safeway store. About 1/2 the price of Tongass Trading and you get to see the town.