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  1. I did De Librije a couple of years ago on the Rotterdam. I though the 2 oz wine pourings were poor but in general was very pleased with the food, especially the fish. The idea of a deconstructed apple pie did not interest me either, but I was pleased with the other dessert.
  2. I'm not an Oprah fan, so I have no interest in what book she thinks is good. However, I always see in the daily program when the get-together sessions are. I wonder how much HAL pays her for using her name? I've been in the Crow's Nest before when the sessions are being held. Very few people show up. The Konigsdam had an Oprah shop. It wasn't very popular either. I noticed that much of the merchandise was marked down to half for the deck sale. No one was buying it then either. I haven't seen any more Oprah shops since.
  3. The old website was nothing special but it worked. Orlando's team junked it and put in this terrible one, which has had many bugs, though fewer now. It's poorly designed and not user-friendly. Kind of like the Crow's Nest fiasco on the larger ships!
  4. I was on the 21 day cruise out of SF to AK in June. I enjoyed it very much with the exception of some of the ports, like the one in BC. Astoria was disappointing as well. I don't stay in bars late anymore so that's not an issue for me. I did enjoy the evening talks more than I expected to. When I asked about my 5 star cooking class I was basically flipped off. Beyond that the food was good to very good, and the service was excellent. I dislike the fact they serve farm-raised salmon when sailing Alaska, but they do it on all ships. They did not have permits to use the zodiacs in AK last year supposedly they will this year. I like the itinerary better this year, though the short port stay in Juneau is absurd. Adding Haines and dropping Kodiak are good moves. Unfortunately Vancouver-based round-trip cruises tend to be high, so that might keep me away.
  5. I gave up on Canaletto years ago. Unfortunately, the PG has gone down hill big time, at least on my August Amsterdam cruise. I left money on the table because I just didn't want to endure the very poor service, and marginal food. Even the new mushroom soup, which has been fantastic on the other ships, tasted more like Campbell's. They raised the lunches by 50% but kept the menu the same. It was usually quiet in there for lunch anyway, but now it will be more so.
  6. Agreed. Maybe they are giving him enough rope to hang himself, but HAL will suffer even more I think.
  7. Ashford got both of his degrees from Purdue. I don't see that school on Donald's resume. No, I am not a fan of Ashford. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/23/carnival-ceo-went-from-poverty-to-running-48-billion-company.html https://www.linkedin.com/in/oashford/
  8. Yes, I just tried it. It's likely down, which isn't unusual. However, it HAS been improved slightly. SOMETIMES you can actually change your room number. It's still not as good as the old one, which wasn't anything special either.
  9. I love HMC. Unfortunately it seems to be part of fewer HAL cruises, including TAs and Panama Canal cruises.
  10. I never sailed her but I have toured her in Rotterdam. She's a very impressive lady.
  11. I'm not familiar with Linda, but Susan said it at the end of every single announcement on the VOV. The CD isn't that important to me, so I didn't really care when she left. However some people just went crazy. I remember talking to someone on a later voyage who was still very upset that Susan left that cruise.
  12. I also left the Maasdam on July 9th and wasn't impressed with Lance as CD. I was on the VOV in 2009 when Susan walked. A lot of people were very upset because she was popular. Personally I didn't miss hearing "toodeloo". Until Orlando is replaced you can expect further random changes, most of which will be bad.
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