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  1. That is disappointing. The E is a nice upgrade over the Vista ships, which personally, I do not like.
  2. I'm not a fan of the MDR on the Pinnacle class. It looks a lot better in pictures than in person. Compared to the S and R class ships, it's shabby. The other pictures look fine; personally I will not miss Blend. I liked the little restaurant that was where Club Orange is now (on the Konigsdam). I had a really good steak in there and some of the other items, like Harissa Fries, were amazing. Service was outstanding. I also enjoyed the cooking classes there. One thing that didn't go well in there was the Cellarmaster Dinner. One of the "fine wines" was a blend by Orlando Ashford. N
  3. I've been wondering that for years!
  4. You mean his severance check. Thankfully he is gone.
  5. I also have the most days on the Rotterdam. They seem to have stuck her on the Panama Canal route (and Europe) for the foreseeable future, which I am not happy about because as amazing as the canal is, most of those ports were below par. I first sailed the Rotterdam in 2011. I had lunch with the second officer at the time, Ian, who also loves the Rotterdam. He told me one day they had it up to 26.5 knots and had plenty of reserve. Last fall Captain van Dreumel told us the top speed of the ship is 28 knots. He did not offer how he knew that. A couple of years ago, I was
  6. I had him on my Rotterdam Panama Canal cruise in November, and have cruised with him several times. He's an excellent Captain and he and I agree that the Rotterdam is the finest ship in the fleet.
  7. Who is the current Captain of the Rotterdam?
  8. I don't know how accurate this is, but the PE Webcam display shows the Konigsdam's destination to be BB BGI - Barbados.
  9. A friend who works on a HAL ship currently in the Caribbean told me yesterday that some of the ports are denying them entry, even though no one on board is sick. I think HAL should suspend operations for a month and refund, not credit, any cruise booked during that time. Most likely the suspension would be extended, because it looks like things are getting worse rapidly. I'm booked on the NA to Spain next month, and while I believe HAL would take good care of us on the ship, the flight over to FLL, and any flight home (assuming they are even allowed by then) seems like a serious
  10. No. I have a 19" laptop and used 5x magnification. I could only read a few words.
  11. I've always booked my own flights, because years ago if HAL did it for you, they might route you through various hubs, resulting in a very long flight. 4 and 5 star Mariners were given better treatment, but I haven't seen reference to those benefits in a long time. This sounds like you can actually book the flights you want if and only if you are on a cruise, is that right? I might be interested in a one-way business class ticket from Europe in the Spring. If I want to layover a week after the cruise, is that a problem? I usually use FF miles, but airlines, and hotels have decided
  12. I'm glad to hear these stories. It wasn't always this easy. Back when I was a 3 star Mariner I would sometimes buy send things out. They often came back in various states of ruin. Later when I was a 4 I had all kinds of problems on a long Rotterdam cruise. One load came back with a shirt destroyed but they threw in a single baby sock as compensation. I got my settlement from the front desk. Where they really got me was on the same cruise. I sent a pair of Dockers in for laundry. I didn't wear them until I got home - or then either. They had shrunk so much I couldn't get them up past my thighs.
  13. I found out that Lyft works beautifully in Port Everglades. A 5 minute wait for a pickup, great service too. Just make sure you know which terminal. I jumped ahead of a lot of people that didn't include that information. We arrived at 21 after departing at 26.
  14. I'm on the Konigsdam. Does anyone know if Lyft can pick up from the ship? I'm staying overnight and my hotel doesn't pick up. Alternatives?
  15. My last 2 cruises out of Port Everglades had no one checking for wine.
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