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  1. Two people to share 5 pieces?!! What's up with that? DH & I would come to blows.
  2. We've done 4 cruises on the Pacific, they all had Zumba. However, as @hpeabody notes...who knows what will happen in the future. PS: you're going to LOVE the Pacific!!
  3. Just a thought... This would be the perfect time (if Princess can afford it) to get Medallion tech installed on all the ships. No passengers, no rush job. Once all ships have the Medallion tech, it would be easy to write a program that would aid in contact tracing...just in case.
  4. We've used Elite laundry many times (20+ cruises, many long ones). Never lost anything, smaller clothes returned, missed spots, "new" holes, someone else's laundry returned. You just never know. Maybe we're just lucky altho' DH hasn't won the lottery yet.
  5. When that rep refused, you should have called back and asked a different rep. He/she was wrong.
  6. Apples and oranges. Purchased on board credits are called Future Cruise Deposits (FCD). Credits given by Princess for cancelled cruises or errors for which Princess is apologizing are called Future Cruise Credits (FCC). Both can be seen in the CC account.
  7. Same situation (sort of)...TA said everyone had to take what the #1 passenger wanted to do.
  8. For next time...take a screen shot or print out your reservation so you can prove it was your reservation.
  9. Something to consider: just because you wore them, doesn't mean they need a trip to the laundry. Four pairs would last at least a week...as long as you haven't spilled something.
  10. Have you tried using @ before you put in the name. Example: @azbirdmom When I typed part of the name the rest (along with others that are similar) pops up in a list. Choose the name you want. It's a handy feature. It also notifies birdmom that you posted about/to her.
  11. I've put as many as 3 on the proof of ownership along with the other required information. All on one page.
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