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  1. You're good. Just ask your steward to unlock the balcony divider.
  2. Yes...but. If the balconies are straddling a fire wall (i.e. one cabin is in the 400s and the next cabin is in the 500s) the firewall goes all the way through the ship including the balconies, therefore no door between balconies.
  3. Military is available from Cunard also. We booked a Cunard cruise (ended up cancelling) and the military benefit was automagically added.
  4. Norwegian's "Pride of America" makes regular loops around the Hawaiian islands.
  5. Could be one of the islands. I don't have the itinerary in front of me right now (packing for a flight), but it's the Pacific Princess, Caribbean Connoisseur, Dec. 22 2019
  6. Yeah. The first thing we did when we started cruising in 2013 was to get passports.
  7. Anyone else get this? Just got a notice from Princess for our Caribbean closed loop (FLL to FLL) cruise in December...passports are now REQUIRED. No longer an option. Good guess...the passport office is going to be busy.
  8. Never seen or been offered a coffee menu in the MDR.
  9. There are posts on the other thread that you started.
  10. If the price difference between a regular mini and a CC mini is minimal (and it usually is not), it might be worth it. As posted by AF above, the only extra is the "separate" dining area with a few additional dishes not on the regular menu. Worth it? Let your budget and desires decide. There are no areas that are special for any mini-suites (except for the dining area). Mini-suite is not an appropriate name. They aren't suites.
  11. The only thing mini-suites get you is a small bottle of lousy "champagne", 2 TVs, a bath tub and some extra space.
  12. The information my TA sends me has it.
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