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  1. JF - retired RRT

    Capt. Tuvo on the STAR, the BEST there is!

    We were sooo disappointed. Boarded the Star, anxious to finally hear/see Capt. Tuvo and he was on vacation!! No, say it ain't so!! We missed him😥😥
  2. JF - retired RRT

    Military Bonus

    Already getting military with EVERY cruise. Got the free gratuities because we're booked on 2 "3 for free" cruises. Useful info if we decide to book a cruise that doesn't have free grats.
  3. JF - retired RRT

    What is the complimentary gift?

    When we hand the card to the waiter, we request no singing. Last time, we didn't sign up for it (my birthday was 3 weeks before the cruise), the waiters brought a cake and started singing before we could stop them. A total surprise. We didn't do the pre-cruise notification because we were watching the calories (just lost 30+ pounds each), so we gave the cake to our steward.
  4. JF - retired RRT


    Interesting...never experienced that. Of course, once you're on Lido, there's noting to stop you from going down the stairs with your luggage and going to your cabin. Going down with luggage is easier than going up.
  5. JF - retired RRT

    Sanctuary questions - Hawaii in April

    That's what the steward told us. We had booked the sanctuary for the day we would be in Glacier Bay (Alaska) and asked him what would happen if we decided it was too cold. He said, "just don't show up". We didn't go and were not charged.
  6. JF - retired RRT

    3 for free vs "regular" pricing

    Here's an example: We had booked a B2B on the Pacific for Dec/Jan 2019 and 2 days later the 3 for free sale started. We were booked in OV midship for $2799 & $2559 pp. With the sale, we were able to move to an aft obstructed balcony at $2719 (same price for both legs), PLUS $200 pp OBC for each leg. YMMV. As noted earlier, some prices go up and some go down...we got lucky.
  7. JF - retired RRT

    Newer hand sanitizer, recommended here - can't find it now???

    That's the one that I have. The lotion and the soap. Plus, I use a hand sanitizer after handling the menus (I've watched, they aren't cleaned between uses).
  8. JF - retired RRT

    Live From the Star Princess Hawaii R/T November 4, 2018

    Keep in mind...the digital coffee cards are gone as soon as the voyage is over.
  9. JF - retired RRT

    Boarding Day Lunch

    We've gone to the dining room for embarkation lunch on every one of our Princess cruises (20+).
  10. JF - retired RRT

    Sanctuary questions - Hawaii in April

    The above was our experience.
  11. JF - retired RRT

    Storage of luggage under the bed

  12. JF - retired RRT

    Upsell - Is it a good deal

    I rounded off and from memory. Just looked up my current booking on the Pacific and we paid close to 3K pp for an obst. balcony after grabbing a price drop. Our original price for an inside was $2500. That 10K balcony was, again, on the Pacific and during the holidays. The Pacific is pricier than the other ships.
  13. JF - retired RRT

    Upsell - Is it a good deal

    When I've gotten upsell offers, I check the website and see what's available...then when Princess calls back, I tell the rep. where I want to be. Snagged an amazing aft balcony on the Pacific for a reasonable charge. The balcony was going for 10K/pp at that time. We paid 3K for an inside. This was for a 17 day Panama.
  14. JF - retired RRT

    Live From the Star Princess Hawaii R/T November 4, 2018

    No "on demand".
  15. JF - retired RRT

    Where are my onboard credits?

    Did you look in your Personalizer under "Payments and Credits"?