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  1. Choices of entertainment for any ship/any cruise line is heavily dependent on the different entertainers that are available for the Cruise Director to pick.
  2. Never been on any "Royal" class ships, but on the older ships there are always pathways that we could take that detoured around the smell of smoke. I know because we always used them.
  3. You really had a bad time with that. Usually, the omelettes are 1) walk up and order, 2) receive a receipt, 3) hand to a passing waiter, 4) the waiter delivers. If you order first, then pick your other food and go sit down, a waiter will appear, take your receipt and deliver the omelette almost immediately. When it's really busy, you might have a problem with the waiter appearing in a timely fashion, but generally not a problem if you go to the buffet during off peak hours. First thing in the AM has worked for us (we're early risers).
  4. You'll find info about the M&G in the Roll Call pre-cruise. After you're on the ship it's too late.
  5. You could ask to apply the $100 from your FCD since it a "pre" deposit. You just won't get the bonus OBC.
  6. All of the above will be scattered out throughout the cruise.
  7. Same answer. Club Class minis are minis...not suites for the classification "full suite" to get in the Concierge lounge.
  8. Did you try putting them upside down on your PC? 🙃
  9. That cape would have been covered by beautiful feathers...back in the day.
  10. Us, too. Got our first shot last week, we'll be ready.
  11. Love those door signs. Very inventive. PS: not the Happy Birthday sign. 😉
  12. 2 different luaus, 2 tastes of poi. Guess it's something you have to grow up eating to enjoy...like haggis or blood pudding. 🤭
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