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  1. JF - retired RRT

    Help with picture next to name

    Thanks, Colo Cruiser!!! I looked everywhere, clicked on everything...except the darn picture IN a post.
  2. JF - retired RRT

    Help with picture next to name

    Could someone tell me, please...how do I change the picture of a crab to something else? I've looked everywhere and can't find it. I don't like the crab, but I do seem to be unique, since I don't see it on anyone else's posts.
  3. JF - retired RRT

    questioning an upgrade

    Marking "no upgrade" is not a guarantee.
  4. JF - retired RRT

    Coffee Card Price

    Since it's your first cruise...a small FYI. The coffee cards used to be good until you used all 15 of the punches (no free brewed on subsequent cruises, just the specialty coffee). With the new system, at the end of the cruise, the card dies. Take a look at how much coffee (specialty & brewed) you expect to drink, consider tasting the coffee in the buffet and the dining rooms (a good replacement for the free brewed if you like the taste), before you decide on the card. If your cruise is 7 days and you think you'll drink maybe 4 specialty coffees and a few brewed coffees, you'll be wasting your $$ on a coffee card. On our most recent cruise we had 4 coffee cards in our possession (2 new and 2 partially used - we're Elite and used to trade our mini-bar for the coffee cards). We didn't plan on drinking any specialty coffees (on a diet) and our next cruise isn't until after the final expiration date for the old coffee cards...so we gave them away.
  5. JF - retired RRT

    OBC Refund

    Some have had success writing a letter (be sure it's polite...just the facts) addressed to Jan Schwarz (sp?). I don't have the address, but you should get it soon from one of the many posters who keep this info handy. Good luck
  6. JF - retired RRT

    What??!! We're back.........

    Count me in on "I don't like it"...at least not yet. 1) What happened to the "back to the top" button? 2) Can't find a place to change the font. (Edit: seems they're working on it) 3) Poor contrast. 4) The threads that I've read no longer turn red (at least on my computer). (Edit: that's sort of been fixed already. Now they are a different bold). 5) The thumbnails on the right side are distracting. WAY TOO BIG
  7. JF - retired RRT

    Mobility issues

    I've only seen the "lift" at the main pool.
  8. JF - retired RRT

    Charge for safe on Regal?

    Yet another reason to NOT cruise on RC.
  9. JF - retired RRT

    root beer

    Just got off the Star on 10/1 and asked to change to root beer and they said NO.
  10. JF - retired RRT

    Oscar Perego

    Love his jammies and teddy bear. Makes me laugh every time I see him walk into the cooking demonstration.:*
  11. JF - retired RRT

    Embarkation and Dining?

  12. JF - retired RRT

    What to Pack?

    Same here, only I tend to pack for a week. Even if the laundry is slooow, 7 days is plenty.
  13. JF - retired RRT

    VAPE pipes on board

  14. Book NOW!! The prices will almost certainly go up as time passes and choice of cabins will go down. Find what you want and book it. Watch for another sale and change if it looks like a better deal. We usually try to book as soon as the "launch" fares are posted. The fares are generally at their lowest point at that time. We almost never find a cheaper price.
  15. JF - retired RRT

    Help please - which nites will be formal

    Just relax and wait 'til your on the ship...a little surprise is a good thing. There should be a card in your cabin with the time and restaurant, if you don't like the time/restaurant just call the dine line or go the whichever restaurant is open to take reservations and change it.