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  1. You aren't "required" to use distilled water. Distilled water is used to prevent the build-up of mineral deposits that would result if you use tap water for a prolonged period of time. Like when you boil water to prepare pasta, etc. You can use tap water for a day or 2 (if you run out of distilled) at home. I had a patient who went on a cruise and didn't use any water because he was unaware that the ship would provide and was afraid to use tap water. He was not a happy camper. You can also use the tap water on the ship (if they run out of distilled). Ship tap water is made the s
  2. Go to the top of any thread that you want to follow and click on "follow". Choose an option, i.e. every day, once a day, etc. Any new posts will be sent to your email. Also, usually posts that mention are also notified either with an email or when you log in to Cruise Critic there will be a little notice in black at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Pre-covid the ketchup, mustard, mayo & IIRC pickle relish were in large stainless containers with a pump on top. Kind of like what you see at Costco (if you've seen theirs in the food court). No labels as to brands.
  4. On one of our more "recent" (recent being very relative) - the trio wasn't offered. We asked for it and got it. May not be able to do that anymore, it's been a long time.
  5. Just had a thought...any reports of Noro? Seems with all the sanitation changes and no self-serve buffet, it should be close to zero.
  6. When we do B2Bs, I go to the Pax Svcs desk and ask how it's handled...carry-over or spend it or loose it.
  7. That was peculiar to the Ruby. We had the same experience out of San Pedro. Not once, but twice.🤬
  8. Try the "live from", they'll have the "right now" info.
  9. Maybe this thing is going to work after all. We're all holding our breath (and praying...a lot🙏).
  10. That's what we used Bon Voyage Experience for. Really miss those. Wish they'd bring them back.😭 We'll be stocking up on the first cruise that we have booked. Used all the FCDs in our bank, but not looking to book any more cruises for '22.
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