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  1. It was my pleasure to see you aboard from the Captains Lounge!
  2. We open the terminal doors at 10:30 and generally speaking boarding begins around 11:15 with FTTF around 10-15 after that.
  3. We open the doors to Terminal 3 at 10:30 and you may enter then. I’ll see you here in the Captains Lounge.
  4. Yes indeed it was a very busy day here and I'm so glad that I was finally able to get you aboard to start off 2019 on YOUR Carnival Miracle - Happy 2019!
  5. LOL!!! Actually the reverse is true and John is always a blast here!
  6. We open the terminal doors at 10:30. You MUST be inside by 3:00 as the terminal doors will hard close shortly thereafter.
  7. Even though there may have been a slight wait the port announcer guy made it FUN!
  8. I know that you get the correct information in Tampa from the guy on the microphone. ;p
  9. LOW BRIDGE AHEAD..... https://www.facebook.com/brian.fey.940/videos/2043208055949162/
  10. If you are a FTTF guest and arrive early (before boarding begins) one should look for these 2 signs. The first is self-explanatory - FTTF Check In -->. The second is the lounge area sign to sit in. So, if YOU arrive early, check in and then grab a seat in the FTTF lounge seating area. You will board AFTER those in the Captains Lounge - Diamond, Platinum, and Suite guests.
  11. For Key West, and Cozumel - you debark on the crew gangway on Deck 3. When debarking in Havana, Cuba guests may be surprised that they will not be heading down to the regular pier side gangway located on Deck 3 but rather heading to Deck 5 (Main Deck) instead. Due to the limited infrastructure issues in Havana a special "Cuba Hatch" was installed (cut out) of what was both cabins M58 and M60. Here we see the lovely Susan Marie pointing the way ashore to Havana to the "Cuba Hatch."
  12. The Captains Lounge certainly exists and it's where the FUN starts here in Tampa!
  13. We still hand you your Sail and Sign Cards here at Port Tampa Bay for YOUR Carnival Paradise and Carnival Miracle.
  14. It was a pleasure to welcome you aboard especially since you screamed really loud!!
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