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  1. So, you never have to take the scooter apart at the gate? Just fold the tiller? The go go sport is the one I am considering but wasn't sure about getting to a plane with it.
  2. Thanks for the replies
  3. Are there any cruises to Alaska under 7 days? Haven't been able to find any. Everything seems to be 7 days at a minimum.
  4. My friend and I have never had a problem getting a table for just the two of us. We always do "your time dining"
  5. I always bring an over-the-door shoe holder with clear pockets for the bathroom door. The bathrooms have very little counter/shelf space and I can put all of my toiletries in the pocket ,easily viewable and reachable, out of the way. The shoe holder folds up and takes very little room in my luggage.
  6. Did you research ahead or do anything in particular to make sure the excursions would be accessible?
  7. Years ago I booked directly with the park. Might try that route
  8. Thank you for the reply. So one would need to physically stand and lift it through some cabin doors? If so, that is not going to be feasible in my husband's situation if I were not with him.
  9. Oh, was just asking in general. I cruise all different ships, mostly Carnival and RC
  10. Does this scooter fit through the doors on non-handicap cabins? Have you used it on grass terrain?
  11. Can anyone comment on scooters fitting through non-handicap cabin doors? Is this something that has to be carefully looked at when choosing a scooter?
  12. I don't even see how this is avoidable in some cases. The overnight cruise stops in Havana leave at something like 6:00 a.m. so how would you even change your Cuban bills back to US dollars if there is no exchange open?
  13. I'll be going on this cruise in September. For those of you that were in Havana on a Monday, did you find things were closed? I've read that the market is not open on Mondays, nor the Art pub. Anyone been to the Cabaret Las Vegas drag show. Kind of guessing that won't be going on on a Monday night either?
  14. Haven't been yet but look into strawberry tours. They operate on a "tip as you see fit" amount and they have great reviews. It's what I plan on doing for my September trip. Or...you can always ditch the family and do what YOU want to do, lol.
  15. Was on the Conquest end of June/early July. Plenty of entertainment to be found, in fact, we spent several times running from one to catch the next in a different area of the ship. If they still have the same two female production show singers from my cruise, you will be completely wowed. Can't remember the last time I heard such phenomenal singing and I really couldn't decide which of the two had a better voice. I thought is so odd that Carnival would put two such talented singers on the same ship.
  16. Don't miss it, unless you're easily offended and in that case don't even think about going. Played three times. Each different and each one has been progressively more x-rated. Not offered on every ship, every cruise.
  17. Hmmm, seems we really need a handle on how much we'll be spending. That could get tricky:confused:
  18. So what happens if we still have CUC to exchange if we come back late (after midnight) and the port exchange is closed and our ship leaves at 6:00 am?
  19. Just rented the 6 seater from them last week. Nice guy. Had a bit of trouble locating him as first. We went right to the golf cart area outside the gates and he was somewhere inside. No matter, we finally caught up with him and he gave us a map and some details about where to go. Note: golf cart would backfire sometimes when we turned it off so just stay away from the horses up by the lighthouse. We spooked a few that were tied:(
  20. Just played Quest on the Conquest last week. R rated
  21. Okay, in case anyone else should have this issue here is my resolution. Called the Carnival 800 number and they told me I was supposed to download the photos. Problem is that I have no idea WHERE I was or would have done that. I never got any notice to any of my devices (email, phone) to go ahead and do the download. The rep on the phone did not know where I should have been notified to do the download. Anyway, she was able to resolve the issue by requesting a USB be sent to my home and they will also try and email the photos since it was only 3 of them. Told me it would be 2-3 weeks so we'll see.
  22. So, I ordered one photo from the hub on my phone. No problem, it got downloaded to my pictures on my phone. The last night at like midnight, I ordered 3 more from the ipad at the Pixels location on the ship but never got them. I don't recall answering any questions about where they would be downloaded, I assumed it would go to my phone like the first one but they never came through. Anyone know how this works. Did I order printed copies without knowing? I thought they all would be digital. Never got any email either with them attached or with a link to download. Trying to get in touch with Carnival too but thought I'd ask here as well.
  23. That would be some feat if you got all that done in one day! Anyway, if you want to save some money, Pompeii is easily doable on your own. Take a taxi from the port to the main train station, take the Circumvesuviana train on the lower level of the station directly to Pompeii where you can walk to the entrance. I do recommend getting a guide for Pompeii (easily obtained once there as they pretty much accost you) unless you are very familiar with the ruins as it's HUGE and not easy to understand what you are looking at and all of the detailed tidbits that go along with the ruins. Sorrento is also on the same train line to Pompeii. It's the last stop, no need to change trains.
  24. This question has so many variables. For me, I'm not sure I'll ever retire. I have a pretty cushie job (except for a long commute) and I can take my vacation time whenever I want. Why retire??
  25. We took a taxi and asked the same driver to pick us back up at a designated time. While the zoo was fun, I felt a bit sorry for the small containments for the larger animals. The flamingos and feeding the lorry birds was worth it alone and the employees there were all very pleasant.
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