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  1. I'm a 44 year old who still loves the idea of getting dressed up. I bring my tux all the time on cruises. With the laid back world of today, it is refreshing to see people still getting dressed up. As a previous poster said, my host requests formal, I dress formal. It's not that big of a deal in my opinion.
  2. Can you point me to this? I have not seen this CONFIRMED anywhere? I could have missed it too, but there is nothing on the Celebrity schedule showing this. Thanks
  3. OK - I'll bite. Seriously? Smelled of stale beer? Worst cruise ever taken? Thank God I won't ever have to worry about running into you on a Celebrity cruise.
  4. So, I guess no one wants to believe the few of us who have reported that TUI was on board Mercury during our cruise on 3/29? No one believes that they spent 3 days talking, very publicly, about what they plan to do next year when they officially acquire her? That they spent 3 days taking pictures and discussing blue prints for her re-fit? Fine, don't believe us and keep speculating in your minds that she isn't going anywhere. Just an FYI - we did witness all of this for 3 days. It was VERY OBVIOUS, not to mention that several Officers and Crew confirmed it will be happening. I know, I know, nothing is in print, so therefor, it can't be true!! :rolleyes: These folks even wore Mein Scheif <sp> shirts, and spoke very openly in German around guests. I wish this wasn't true, but it is. I hate to see her go, but, hang on people, IT'S HAPPENING!!
  5. I don't think people want her gone. I know I don't, but the fact is, she is gone. We were on Mercury last week, and TUI reps were all over the ship basically cutting her up and discussing all the changes they have in store. We did hear from officers on board that she has officially been sold. This evidently became official last week when the TUI reps boarded in Tortola and cruised back to Charleston with us. I agree with all you said chessbriar. I hate to see this ships go (Galaxy, Mercury, Century, Zenith, Horizon). We all know at some point Century is going the same way. I blame RCCL for their lack of regard for Celebrity and their loyal cruisers. They seem to think bigger is better. Well, Oasis is not sailing at capacity. I know, it's more the economy, but I don't want to be around 8000 plus people.
  6. I just got off Mercury today, and it is official that she is going to TUI. We had several Celebrity people confirm it to us in the Elite Lounge. They (TUI) had SEVERAL of their people get on the ship in Tortolla and cruise back to Charleston with us. They were very obvious as a group all around the ship taking pictures, making notes and comments of what needs to be changed. Shame on you RCCL for taking this beautiful ship away from Celebrity. Guess what, bigger IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!!
  7. Just a quick update from the 3/29 sailing of Mercury. Everything is going GREAT!! We are seeing a lot of services coming back (Salt and Pepper, serving your own coffee, etc). There are no reported cases from what we have heard, and the service and food are AMAZING! I will post my personal views when we get back. But for now, those coming on this Friday, you are in for a Great cruise.
  8. Thanks - I did see this when I searched the area. Do you recommend the Buffet or the BBQ Plates. It all looks good, and can't wait to try. Thanks again!!
  9. Off topic question - we are stopping in Lumberton this weekend for our drive to Charleston. Any good BBQ places right off I-95?
  10. That is true. I think I read just shy of 1100 were on board this sailing. That would still make it less than 1%. I know it's splitting hairs at this point, but I think we should all wait and see what those on board now have to say.
  11. I can tell you for sure, it is here in NJ too. Been a victim already 3 weeks ago.
  12. It's 5 people so far. 5, not over 300. How many cruises have 5 or more people getting sick? It is coming on in SC, it has to be. You're right, the CDC needs to find out where these people were BEFORE they got on the ship. Find the source. At this point, there is nothing the cruise line can do. There is nothing the CDC can do. This BETTER NOT screw up my sailing next Monday. I am hoping to hear from Gail real soon for the real story.
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