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  1. We have had 6 sailings cancelled to this point. We have gotten all our monies back as we opted to not participate in the FCC carnival. Agree with you 100%, am not missing it as much as i thought we would. Would still love to cruise again ASAP, but won't with all the argued over "NEW" protocols. Can wear a mask sometimes at home, not on a cruise.
  2. If I'm worried that much, I think I'll pass. You can have my cabin......
  3. No...you are wrong. Instead of everybody watching every single word they say as to not offend some person on the planet, do what I was taught......grow a bit thicker skin and get on with life, offended or not. Can't remember the last time somebody cared if I was offended or not, hmmmmmm?
  4. I guess all those people can stay away from the US then can't they. We don't seem to have a problem with people staying away do we?
  5. Amen, some of the best and quietest trips we have ever been on.
  6. Wouldn't it be in RCI's best financial interest to say this....true or not?????
  7. Thanks for your permission......and Baaaaaa, I will, along with most everybody else around here. If other businesses don't require it, you won't last long.
  8. I have seen what you are referring to only once. Maybe just the sailings I have watched???? Could be it is the the type and length of the ones I have booked.????? All others have the guarantee as the lesser cost, sometimes a large difference. Just this last sailing we booked had a balcony cabin for $900 odd dollars, and the "you select" was $1400 and up.
  9. There is no discount for selecting a guaranty cabin, there is an UP CHARGE for the privilege of choosing your own. Airlines have been doing this for a while.
  10. Repeating your lines over and over doesn't make them right, nor does it make them equal "common sense". Enjoy your cruise with the mask, I just choose not to cruise with one. If I can, I will, and if not I will do something else. Right now, around here, if a business tries to require a mask....we won't go. Masking around here is waning. Still see some sheep here and there.
  11. The other option is, YOU stay home if you are worried.
  12. We have had success with telling the cab driver to just forget the flag meter, and give them $20 cash for a 2 minute ride. Then they can pick up a fare at the other terminal, no loss. This has worked in Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale.
  13. LOL...You are right sorry. However you are not counting STONED driving, nor are we counting permanently disfigured, burnt, crippled, and otherwise bed ridden/disabled survivors.
  14. How many 100s of thousands are dead every year from drunk driving/stoned car accidents?.....No more booze and no more driving, shut them all down.......really???? You seem ready to accept these deaths. And yes, you made a nonsensical reply IMO.
  15. Sorry, but I don't think there is a lot of cruising in your foreseeable future.....or ever.
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