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  1. Wow.........why would you still consider going? Cancel and spend your money elsewhere.
  2. Easy remedy....don't go, CANCEL. I know I would, but this could change anytime.
  3. After all the cancellations/fcc/etc. over the past year or so, we now have 4 booked. If masks are required by sailing time......we CANCEL. It's no big deal, just find something else to do/see and enjoy life. Some can't let go of covid as a lifestyle, sad......
  4. But, if you are vaxxed, why do you care???????? Why the hand wringing????? Just let it go, move on and enjoy ..........
  5. You're not alone....RCI did the same to us and many more on a Vision OTS T/A just prior to covid. They had a word for it...."redeploy"????? They cut out 2 days and changed the departure port to the new Barcelona departure point. Got an email saying that we were good till a certain date....they started selling the whole ship over again weeks prior to that date. Our cabins were all gone.
  6. No big deal.....we've cancelled a bunch already, will cancel what we have now with these protocols. Lot's of other things to do and see, and more opening every day. I would like to resume sailing, but won't do it like this.
  7. We have done it several times, you should be fine. Always that slim chance though....................
  8. Agree with above....get on with life as usual. If somebody gets sick on the sailing, treat it like Noro. Send them to their room, it's NOT a big deal.
  9. Have you ever sailed out of Florida? I have zero interest in sailing out of Comifornia, regardless of percentage vaccinated. If I am vaxxed, I don't care. If protocols interfere, I will cancel and do something else. Masking, etc. is the only thing that would keep me doing other things.....you might try cutting down on the daily national news media intake.
  10. I am with Coralc, we cancelled everything we had and got the money back. We figured to book for Jan.2022 and by final payment(Nov.) we would make the decision whether to go or not, based on the protocols in place. If sailing starts with acceptable protocols sooner....we can try a last minute booking if possible out of Galveston or Tampa. We will not sail with masks or "distancing" , etc...... We are both have had covid and been vaccinated. Vaccinated because we chose to and would have sailed with non vax even before and still would. We have lived in an "unprotocoled" world for many months now and won't go back. It's over, get a grip...an airplane engine could fall on your head tomorrow too......
  11. Please stay away from the "circus", you said you are now liberated?????? Right????
  12. Please stay home, it's way too dangerous for you to consider getting too close to THOSE people...... Oh, the horror..........
  13. DW and I both have had covid and are both vaccinated. We don't care if anyone chooses NOT to do so. Hope we all sail together and put all this crap behind us. We started living normal lives again many months ago down here, and do get a chuckle out of the places that still want live scared and secluded. Royal has not asked for our vax status or opinion. Have 4 booked as of now.
  14. On the other hand, if you are scared, why don't YOU stay home and keep yourself safe ? The other 99.XX % of us will enjoy our lives............
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