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  1. Thank you for the great answer. I’m not the OP, but I just logged on to see if I could find an answer to this very question. We’ll be going from Barcelona to Venice from 10/30-11/8 and I now feel more confident in what to pack.
  2. This is my first time to happen on one of your reports and am delighted by your writing and beautiful photos! I’m excited to follow along!
  3. If you are working with a Travel Advisor they can certainly help with this. Otherwise, call Royal or C&A.
  4. Do you have any pictures from the balcony? I have friends in 17 and they are very curious about the view.
  5. Great review John, I’m looking forward to whatever you have still to add. It’s really too bad you couldn’t find any good ocean views from the ship, I appreciate you trying! 😉
  6. Excited to follow along! We sail on Harmony for the first time in February.
  7. Great review so far, I’m looking forward to the rest of it! We board the Adventure in 26 days for this same itinerary and you are helping to build the excitement!
  8. Thank you! I didn't think snorkeling was the best here, but a post above someone mentioned snorkeling, so I thought maybe I was wrong. We won't bother to bring our gear ashore here and just enjoy a nice beach day with maybe some paddle boarding or kayaking.
  9. Can anyone tell me if paddle board and kayak rentals are available at the beach or do they need to be reserved in advance. I’m not sure I want to plan it, but might be fun. Also, I’m wondering how the snorkeling is right off the beach?
  10. I sailed last week from A to B on the Viking Hlin and Kara. I got two notifications from Viking prior to sailing, one about a week before warning me of the low water and potential ship swap and another a couple days before telling me that there would definitely be a swap and that we would embark on the Hlin instead of the Kara. My opinion differs from you in that I think the communication was great. What else are they supposed to tell us? Having been on the ship I can tell you they are doing everything they can and don’t honestly know from day to day what they will be able to do. As to the ship swap, it was handled very well. At the time the Hlin could get no farther than Cologne and the Kara was in Strasbourg. After our day in Cologne, we overnighted there, and the next day we bussed to Marksburg Castle, then we bussed to a nearby town and got on a day cruiser and did the scenic sailing of the Rhine to see the castes. We got off in Bingen and we’re bussed from there to Strasbourg. The next day was long as well, because we had to bus from Strasbourg to Heidelberg. We felt lucky that we got to go to all of the promised locations and we were able to sleep on a ship the enire time. My my hat is off to the crew of both those ships, they handled it all extremely well and did the very best they could under the extreme circumstances. FYI, my friend is on the same itinerary this week and while she still had to do a ship swap, both ships were able to make it further on the river, so the drive time for her was much less then I had last week.
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