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  1. No they are not. This cruise is not until August, that agent will get no commission. The only commissions being paid are for cruises cancelled by the cruise line.
  2. Thanks to all! I'm not having trouble finding a supplier to take me out to the reef. I just can't find any extended catamaran type excursions. (I'm not interested in a ship excursion, they are too crowded.) I have settled on a regular two hour excursion and am all set now!
  3. We definitely plan to do an offshore boating excursion. I was hoping for a Catamaran type day cruise, but so far have only found more basic 2 hour excursions. I’ll check your suggestions. Thank you!
  4. Looking for recommendations for a snorkeling tour. TIA
  5. What is there to do at the Coxen Hole Port if we return early from an excursion? Any recommendations for a place to eat?
  6. Has anyone done a snorkeling tour with Captain Rogers? If so, what is your opinion? TIA
  7. 😢 I’m sad, we will miss him by a couple weeks. Boarding February 16th. I wonder who will replace him this time?
  8. Is cost for an internet package higher if you wait to purchase onboard? I’m also wondering how internet is on the Constellation? I’m thinking of just the Surf package, I have no plans for streaming, FaceTime, etc. Thanks!
  9. Eventually you should be able to upgrade through your online account. I’m sailing the end of this month and just recently they have given me the option to upgrade online.
  10. Sailing this itinerary on the Constellation October 30th and wondering if anyone knows what nights are Evening Chic? TIA
  11. I use a Bandolier as well and I love it! I’m happy to say I got mine on sale for a very reasonable price right after Christmas last year.
  12. Love all your details and photos! I hope the acupuncture and and restful day at sea help to ease your pain.
  13. Loving your report! We’re on the Connie in late October, Barcelona to Venice. It’s very interesting how many different itineraries she has. I’m even more excited for Barcelona after seeing your pictures!
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