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  1.   A few years ago on Splendor from NY I saw Carnival security come into the casino around 1:AM and handcuff the blackjack dealer (crew member) and escort him out and down the stairs.


    On the same day an elderly lady was arrested for stealing from the Fun shops.


    Both were taken off at our first stop which at that time was Port Canaveral.


    I was new to sailing Carnival at the time and was like..."So much for Fun Ships."...LOL

  2. 23 hours ago, Needs_A_Vacation said:

    If I book a cruise with my mom who has a casino rate deal with free drinks on us, do I get those drinks too as a passenger in her room?

    It depends on what casino rate or promo she got.  The Premier and Ultra cruises include the DOU for a second person in the cabin.  The repeat casino offers are USUALLY just for the person receiving the offer.

  3. 2 hours ago, Shaded Lady said:

     I was one of those people for 7 out of 10 of my cruises... my thoughts were we're healthy, reasonably young and not going on risky excursions- what could go wrong? Save the money and spend it on other things... then, as I said, in 2016 my DH was very sick (he's fine now) but it made me aware of what COULD go wrong and we started buying travel insurance.


    My daughter just booked a family cruse for next year- she didn't get the insurance because she says they can't afford the extra cost... I asked her if she could afford the medical bills if something happened to them on the cruise? She's young and of course, knows WAY more than I do, so she's not listening. I just told her my friend's story so I'm hoping it changes her mind!


    One never knows.  My husband passed away in 2010.  I was talking to him in the yard and 20 minutes later, he was dead on the garage floor.  Massive heart attack, 3 weeks after his 50th birthday.  It was terrible but I'm glad it was at home.


    The week before we were on vacation.  I can't imagine what that would have been like if I had to transport him home from another country.   I've had a passport for years and always bought travel insurance.


    And yes, I'm a believer in life insurance too...LOL


    ( I bought my son and his wife passports when they got married...It was part of Merry Christmas that year!  


  4. I was nervous the first time too but I went on Splendor from NY. (2014)  I'd been on 3X so I knew my way around and did a 5 day Canada as a solo.  I was hooked.  Did the 8 day repo to San Juan the next month.


    Lately I've been cruising solo on Pride from Baltimore and I've really come to prefer it.  Meet a ton of new people every cruise and see the same ones quite a bit.  


    I love doing my own thing and don't have to hear.."What are WE doing today?"  LOL




  5. On 11/1/2019 at 5:41 PM, QABri said:

    My husband got a ridiculous casino rate deal for $99 pp for a 14 day on the Pride Journey Cruise on Sunday. He can’t go, but is there any magic work around so I can go without him? Like he books but just doesn’t show up?


    I got the same offer this past Wednesday AND a phone call from Carnival yesterday.  Sorry, but your husband has to go!


    Funny part was that I booked this cruise at the full SOLO rate last year and cancelled in August due to things going on at home that I didn't want to miss during those dates.  Then this offer and came through and I'm still not going.


    On the good note, I was on Pride on 9/15 and got a repeat casino offer and one of the choices was for the January Journey's on 1/5/20.....FREE cabin and Drinks on US for port charges only.


    You never know when those last minute casino deals come through.  I took advantage of the old Pack and Go offers on Splendor  $75 for an 8 day from NY and they were less than a week before sailing.





  6. Ken leaves the Pride on December 8th for vacation and is going to Panorama after that.


    I'm also disappointed since I wanted him to be on for the Journey's in January.


    I was on Pride with him in late September and as always, he's the best.

  7. I cruise solo on repeat casino offers, most recently on Pride.  Free cabin, free drinks, casino $$.


    Doing the January 14 day Journey's for port charges only!


    Back in 2014 Carnival had great sailings from NY on Splendor and it was $600 for a solo in a balcony for 8 days.  It's how I got hooked on Carnival and went 5X that year.   After that, I never saw those prices again but did start getting the free cruises so that's worked out even better. 

  8. On Carnival I first sailed Splendor and went 5X that year and then did Sunshine 3X followed by Pride 6X and doing the Journey's on Pride again in January...(dates in signature)


    I guess the reason was location...leaving from NY and Baltimore means no flying!


  9. I've sailed from NY,  NJ and Baltimore and even though I'm closer to NY and NJ, I've come to prefer the Pride from Baltimore.


    Easy to get to the port, great parking, and the size of the ship is perfect for me.  There's nothing about it I don't like and I tend to cruise for the ship more than the ports so the Bermuda and Bahama runs are OK for me.  I've been to them many times before.


    OH yes, there are repeat cruisers on Pride.  LOL  I've gone 6X in the last 18 months and have met the same people over and over on more than one cruise.    One lady I met goes on the Pride once a month!   (We're casino  people...lol)


    I'm going on the Journey's on 1/5/20 and already know a few people who are going that were on the 9/15 cruise this year.  It's nice to see the same faces and reunite on different trips!

  10. These days I give all my Platinum, Premier and casino gifts to people I meet on the cruise.  Even the gifts I like!  


    They will only end up in a closet when I get home so I don't have to haul them home in the suitcase and someone on the cruise gets to enjoy a free gift.  Usually first time cruisers want all the "stuff."  LOL





  11. When I cruise solo I always book a table for one.  On Pride  I e-mail the Maitre D (I always like when Ken Byrne is on) and get the same table every cruise.


    I love to meet new people at the bars and casino but prefer to dine solo in the MDR since I'm in and out in under 45 minutes or less.  Never order dessert (unless it's Baked Alaska night) and don't like sitting through multiple courses of dinner with others when I might only order an entree.


    During the cruise I'll meet others and if we're all compatible, (LOL) we'll book the Steakhouse or do Seaday Brunch and eat together and that's fine too!



  12. I was also looking forward to meeting up at Calico Jacks in Bermuda last week.  We all know that didn't happen as the Pride ended up going to Grand Turk and Amber Cove and Sunrise had their sea days cruise!


    Despite the very rocky seas and change of itinerary, it was still a good cruise...


    Looking forward to starting the Cruising New Year on Pride Journey's 1/5/20....compliments of the casino...lol😊


    Hope to meet up one of these days!

  13. 1 hour ago, cruizergal70 said:

    They aren't gifts from the stewards. They are distributed by the stewards.  I'm sure the OP could ask for her daughter. 

    All of the certificates I got clearly said...." a gift from your cabin steward" and I felt badly for newbie cruisers who really believed that the stewards purchased these certificates  for them.

  14. Spa and photo certificates have been in my cabin on the last few cruises on Pride, even in months when it wasn't my birthday.


    I don't use either service so they aren't of any use to me and of course, you can't pass them on to someone else since they're non-transferable.


    I certainly hope that people don't really believe that these are "gifts" from the cabin steward...LOL


    It's advertising...at it's worst.



  15. I was on  a Premier on Pride in March.  We got welcome bags and a lot of other stuff during the week so I have no complaints.


    I was under the impression that I'd be playing with FUN PLAY but was happy to get $1000.00 cash for the casino on the first day despite people saying they no longer give real money...LOL


    Got a repeat free cruise from that and going on 9/15 on Pride to Bermuda...port charges only, free drinks and $200 OBC.


    I'm happy.😊

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