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  1. Thank you so much for your day by day posts Aring75! We're not big cruise people but really miss them, too! The number of cruise vacations for us exploded after we moved to South FL in late 2012 but stopped with the pandemic, of course. We hope to do a European river cruise in 2023 but want to do a Panama Canal, cwiruise through the canal in 2022. In the meantime we are planning to visit our floating week (as opposed to a fixed week--not literally floating, LOL) timeshare in Aruba in November and are taking one of our adult nephews and his long time live in girlfriend (she's wonderful and we hope she'll be his long time wife one day but that's their decision. We just want them to stay together!) with us on this trip. As of now, we're required to have a negative Covid test when boarding a plane in the US--it can be rapid but all the details are here https://www.aruba.com/us/traveler-health-requirements. As you mentioned, there are strict curfews in place and they are in place until tomorrow. I expect the curfews will be extended. Aruba's vaccines are coming from The Netherlands and I assume other Dutch connected islands are receiving vaccines from them as well. I do not know what other European countries are providing to their islands or where the independent islands are getting vaccines. Your rant on cruisers complaining? They are in the absurd bit of first world people that don't have a clue! Bravo to you for bringing that to our attention and letting us know that those people have moved from the mainland to the boats! I've traveled land/sea/air many places and have encountered ugly Americans. It is shameful since we live in such a bountiful country. How did people in my own country become so ignorant? Well, I guess that's my rant!
  2. As a resident of an HOA community, thank you for taking on those responsibilities! Just like cruisers that want to complain about the current situation being different than pre-pandemic cruises, people that choose to buy in an HOA community shouldn't if they can't/won't follow the HOA rules. The rules are there for a reason. Way back in 1997 when we bought a house in our first HOA neighborhood, I received a non compliance notification. The only thing it told me was "Mailbox, leaning". The pevious owners mentioned that the HOA was very strict on our "required" wooden mail box posts being in good shape and upright. So I go out with a level and the post was level all the around! The little metal address thing attached to the top of the box was leaning just a tad to the right, LOL! The metal was soft enough that I could reposition with my fingers so no big deal but I kept an eye on our address plate and the post after that! My current HOA neighborhood doesn't even have a mailbox type requirement.
  3. First off I want to thank all of you for the best board ever! My husband and I are planning a river cruise somewhere along the Main, Rhine and/or Danube for 2023 and you have given us so much to think about it. Second, we are pro vaccine for this vius and are anxiously awaiting our chance to receive the shot or shots--we live in So Florida, USA and are 62 yoa, not eligible yet. I'm one of those travelers that enjoys visiting the local food market/store and picking up a food sack/bag as a souvenier. No matter where we're from, we all have to eat and it really does give one an idea of the culture. Thanks to all!
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