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  1. How many are people are cancelling their January 2021 cruise due to covid 19?
  2. Does anyone have a copy of the drink packages. We are thinking of upgrading ours. We like the best bourbon.
  3. Suggestions need on what to do after disembarking Celebrity. Flight doesn't leave until 8:00 PM. What can we do with our luggage?
  4. What can we do after we disembark with our luggage? Will Celebrity transfer our luggage so we can sightsee?
  5. Does Celebrity offer luggage transfers from ship to airport in Honolulu? We are using Celebrity Air.
  6. We are disembarking in Honolulu. Our flight doesn' t leave until 8:00 PM. Will Celebrity transfer our luggage from the ship directly to the airport, if we are using their Air? We want to do some sightseeing without our bags.
  7. Can you have your luggage transported from the ship to Honolulu Airport? Our flight is not until 8:00 pm and we would like to do some sightseeing.
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