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  1. Please let me know what you think about the Abu Simbel and Coptic tour. I appreciate your replies.
  2. Darn! We go in March 2020. I signed up for all the excursions except for Hot Air Balloon. ( I’ve done that before) Coptic tour, Light show and the market and dinner tour. Has anyone taken any of these except for balloon ride? I am guessing I can add them while on board if I want right? We had signed up for the light show but had heard it was not that great and we will be on the Abu Simbal tour that day so that’s a long day by itself. Any thoughts?
  3. The lab visit an additional option that I have not seen. Did they offer that before hand?
  4. Thank you Patricia. Were you on the pre trip? I noticed only one dinner was included. Did you find any memorable restaurants? So, tennis shoes or hiking type shoe for the Pyramids? I really appreciate you providing these tips and the daily schedule.
  5. Looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us. Did you buy your visa prior to arrival or did you buy it at the airport?
  6. Following your travels. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 🦃
  7. Thank you! I’m so excited to hear about your trip. We go in March and taking the pre and post trips. Enjoy and safe travels.
  8. Wow! That’s a great deal. I think my agent said $1,000. Maybe I need to look for a new agent. ☺️ We were wondering how much the travel insurance would be for the W/C. Thank you now we have an idea. We will for sure buy the travel insurance. The cost is so high it’s silly not too. Thank you both for your replies.
  9. We are considering a World cruise when my hubby retires and trying to figure which cabin we would like. We are thinking DV1 either aft view of wake deck 3,4,5 or up top on Deck 7 or 8 closer to the Explorers lounge. ( no laundry on these floors is s negative). Any thoughts on which deck. Are there any cabin reviews other than reading every review here? I thought they had cabin reviews but can’t find it.
  10. Thank you! We do have Allianz here in Ca. I’ll look 👀 not it. I’ve used Travelguard also and am heir prices for trip insurance was good.
  11. Oh sorry. I thought if they did I could ask them to Private message me their name.
  12. Hi Ragnar. We love living in San Clemente. Talega is beautiful. We live in Sea Summit. It’s hard being a planner. 😏. There is so much to plan for a W/C and if you want a certain cabin you need to book early. Do you have a local TA that you use?
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