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  1. It's also available in the App Store for iPhone. I installed it and I'll check it out next February. I'll be using my iPhone a lot more in the United States than I use it overseas.
  2. If you booked through a travel agent, ask the travel agent to do it. If you booked directly through Princess, call Princess. If some of you booked directly and some used a travel agent, you can still call Princess to do it. You will need the booking numbers of all of your friends. The primary advantage (possibly the only advantage) of linking the bookings is if you request traditional dining. If the bookings are linked, then you will be assigned to the same table. You will each need to request traditional dining at the same time, and it is best if you each request the same table size matching the size of your group.
  3. This is one reason I do not eat at the buffet. There are too many people handling the serving utensils and spreading germs. When my wife was quarantined, the ship's doctor told me not to eat at the buffet to avoid the possibility of spreading germs. Although I was not quarantined (as long as I did not have any symptoms), he asked me to eat only at places where I was served - so that I would not handle utensils that other passengers would also be handling. This seemed like a very reasonable precaution to me. When your cabinmate is quarantined, you don't have to go to the buffet to get something for him or her. You can order from room service. If you are quarantined, you have access to the full dining room menu during meal times (not just the room service menu) - just like the people in a full suite. My wife was not able to take advantage of this when she was quarantined - the last thing she wanted was to eat anything.
  4. I don't drink coffee either. I always ordered a strawberry milkshake - I don't know what others they had. I have no idea what they cost, since I had the Premium Beverage Package, and they were included in the package.
  5. I have seen the same thing posted on CC. However, "The Premier Beverage Package Terms & Conditions 2019" posted on their website still says "Items selected that exceed the $12.00 USD or $16 .00 AUD price are charged at full menu price." Note that the "Terms & Conditions 2019" are linked to my bookings in Cruise Personalizer for 2020 and 2021, even though "Princess Cruises may modify, amend or update the terms and conditions of our beverage packages at any time with or without notice to guests. The terms and conditions as published on princess.com on the date of sailing will apply." So I really do not know what the terms and conditions will be for my currently booked cruises in 2020 or 2021. Although some people posted that they were only charged the difference, I would not count on it until I see it posted by Princess. In the meantime, the only way you can know for sure is buy a drink and look at your folio when you are onboard. If they charge you the full price, you won't get very far quoting the CC posts.
  6. I would not assume that, and I would not bother calling Princess to ask pre-cruise. I don't think any answer you get from anyone at Princess or on Cruise Critic will be definitive as to what they will do on your specific ship on your itinerary. Ask at passenger services during the first cruise. They may or may not carry the coffee package to the second cruise. On the subject of moving to the new cabin: If you are not going ashore, you should be able to stay in your old cabin (past the normal 8:00 am that others have to leave) until your new cabin is ready. Talk to your new steward in advance, and he or she will probably clean your cabin first, since you're already on the ship waiting for it. If you do plan to go ashore, check with your new cabin steward to ask if you can move your safe contents to the new safe immediately after the new cabin is vacated - before it is cleaned and ready for you.
  7. It is possible that the air sale may not be compatible with your cruise promo. In that case, going though the air booking will still not change your cruise promo - the air sale discount will not show as available. In this case, you may see a higher fare in your booking than when checking using a fake new booking.
  8. No, it does not change it automatically. Click "Add or Modify Flights". It shows you your current flights with your current price. Click "Change Flights". Select your desired flight dates and airports. Click "Search". Select your departure and return flights. You can select the same flights you already have (if still available) or another flight with better connection times. "Review Your Selected Flights" shows your new selected flights. "Flexible Fare - Summary" shows the "Old Total" price and the "New Total" p[rice. You still haven't changed anything. If you want to take the new flight, then select "Book Now". Your old flight will be cancelled and your new flight will be booked. Even if it is exactly the same flights, it will be a new reservation number with the airline, and any information you gave the airline for the previous reservation number will be lost. If you want to keep the old flights, then do not select "Book Now". Instead select "Return to manage flights". Nothing has changed. You still have your old reservation. BTW, when I was checking on my flights in July and August 2020, the price had gone up. Even though Princess is offering a $200 flight sale, the new round trip price with the sale was about $125 more than my old booking (total for two people). So I clicked "Return to manage flights" and didn't change anything. I did find some other flights that would have saved about $60 (total for two people), but the flights were not as convenient - so I decided it was worth the $60 to keep my original flights. I clicked "Return to manage flights" again, and again nothing changed.
  9. Unlike an ocean cruise, a river cruise is always close to land. Ships are not allowed to offer their own cell service while close to land, so you would be using cell towers on shore. AT&T would not know - or care - that you are on a river cruise.
  10. If you are booked through a travel agent, then you have to cancel through the travel agent. If you are booked direct with Princess, then you have to call Princess to cancel.
  11. You can use your OBC to pay for an excursion for the other passenger in your cabin or vice versa. I do it often, since I'm a veteran (DW is not) and I own stock in a Roth IRA (and DW does not). You cannot do it online. Call Princess and the telephone representative can do it with no problem. Some of them don't know how, and I've had to teach them how on the phone - sometimes by giving them the booking number of another one of my future cruises where it has already been done.
  12. Thank you. Yes, we will be in Le Pecq. I'm thinking now that we will go to the Louvre on our own. I've been looking at the Louvre's website, and they have a lot of information there for pre-planning our time there.
  13. I'm sorry we will miss it, but we're not going until November 2020.
  14. Princess treats a post-cruise transfer and a disembarkation shore excursion completely differently. You purchased a disembarkation shore excursion which ended at the airport. Shore excursions are purchased directly through Princess on your Cruise Personalizer even if you have a travel agent, and you can use OBC to purchase a shore excursion in advance. The cost of the shore excursion (if it exceeds your available pre-cruise OBC) must be paid immediately when booked - even if well before final payment. A pre-cruise or post-cruise transfer is not listed on the shore excursions page. If you booked directly with Princess, then you can purchase a transfer on the Travel Arrangements page of the Cruise Personalizer; if you booked through a travel agent, then you can purchase a transfer in advance only through the travel agent. If booked before final payment, the transfer is not paid until final payment. If you purchase onboard, a post-cruise transfer is handled almost the same as a disembarkation shore excursion. The cost is added to your onboard folio, and OBC is applied.
  15. Thank you very much. Your information is very helpful. We will be in Paris two days (Wednesday 4 November 2020 - Day 2 at the beginning of our trip and Monday 9 November 2020 - Day 7 at the end of the first cruise before taking the train to Lyon. We will not be able to visit the Louvre on our arrival day (Tuesday 3 November 2020 - Day 1) since the Louvre is closed on Tuesday. Shore excursions are available for booking on My Viking Journey, and the Paris excursions seem to be reversed from the generic schedule. The included excursion on Day 2 is Napoleon's Chateau de Malmaison and the included tour on Day 7 is Panoramic Paris. I believe the included tour you referenced was the Panoramic Paris tour on our Day 7, so that wouldn't work for us on Day 2. Do they have a shuttle going into Paris in the morning, since the included tour on Day 2 won't take us there? We may want to go to the Louvre on both Day 2 and Day 7, since I don't think we can see it all in one day - and it is the main thing we want to see in Paris. Since we won't know until we're on the boat what time we will get to the Louvre, I currently do not plan to purchase tickets in advance. Since we will be using the Blue entrance line, I suspect we wouldn't save much time with an advance ticket.
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