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  1. NavyVeteran

    all-inclusive beverage package - advice

    It does not cover canned sodas - just bar sodas. It does not carry large bottles of water - just small bottles. It does not include room service.
  2. NavyVeteran

    Drinks Package

    Another advantage of paying as you go. The Princess wine by the bottle selection is better than the wine by the glass selection. If you don't have the package, then you would probably purchase wines by the bottle. If you don't finish the bottle, Princess will recork it and keep it until the next day. You don't even have to return to the same restaurant - just tell them your cabin number and the last restaurant that had the wine and they will find it for you. You can also order by the bottle if the two of you like different wines - they will save both bottles for you for the next day.
  3. NavyVeteran

    overcharged on final bill

    The beverage package does not expire at 6 am on the day of disembarkation. There is no statement in the Princess documentation that says it is not valid then. In fact, it starts a new day. You could theoretically charge 15 more alcoholic beverages on the last day between 6 am and the time you leave the ship. I have often had a bloody Mary for breakfast on disembarkation day with the beverage package, and it's always been included in the package.
  4. NavyVeteran

    Prepaying Tours on Princess

    You do not need to increase your travel insurance to cover Princess excursions, except possibly for the ones involving flights or hotel stays with longer cancellation deadlines. If you cancel a normal excursion before the deadline date on the cruise (usually about two days before the excursion), you receive a full refund from Princess. The distinction between a credit card refund or OBC does not matter. If you cancel the excursion right before the cruise or onboard, you receive refundable OBC - which is then refunded if you do not spend it. If you cancel the cruise, you will receive a refund for all of your normal excursions. Princess will refund an excursion cancelled for a medical reason even if it is cancelled past the onboard cancellation deadline. In order to receive a refund, you will need the ship's doctor to approve the cancellation. This will require a visit to the ship's doctor, but any travel insurance would pay for that medical cost.
  5. NavyVeteran

    Princess Booking transfer policy

    It looked like Princess may have fixed this customer relations mistake. On Friday, November 30th, I faxed a request to transfer three 2020 cruises from direct booking to a travel agent. I booked these three during the last Sip & Sail promotion - way more than 60 days ago. I had previously transferred all of my 2019 bookings. I faxed the same information I had used before - I did not use the new form or mention any knowledge of the new policy. I received the following email from Revenue Support Department (PCL) this morning: "We have recently implemented a new transfer policy which went into effect November 12, 2018. Booking may only be transferred within 60 days of booking creation so long as (a) the request is made outside of final payment period, and (b) the booking is not paid in full. We have reviewed your request and will make a one-time exception for these transfers. For your reference we are attaching the form that should be used with any future request. Thank you for your time." I checked Cruise Personalizer, and all the cruises now show with the travel agent information. I recommend anyone who has had a transfer rejected contact Princess to resubmit it. Princess automatically and quickly approved a one time exception for me without any special requests. I recommend you transfer all of your current bookings that you want to transfer in a single request - I suspect they will not approve a second request from the same person.
  6. NavyVeteran

    Sabatini’s Breakfast

    I used to be able to get as many Bloody Marys as I wanted included for breakfast at Sabatini's. They mixed them there and they made them stronger than standard. However, that changed last year. They no longer were able to make Bloody Marys there. They were happy to get them from the bar, but they charged for them. I had the same waiter who had fixed them for me on my previous cruise, and she - and the headwaiter - said the policy had changed. I could still get unlimited Mimosas but not Bloody Marys. With the change to the 15 alcoholic drink limit for the beverage package, I couldn't have three or four Bloody Marys for breakfast without reaching my 15 limit by that evening.
  7. NavyVeteran

    Two sevens equal fourteen or do they??

    More veterans and shareholder OBC for 14 days than for two 7 days. However only half as much loyalty OBC.
  8. NavyVeteran

    Caribbean Princess - full suite questions

    You are correct that the suite amenities no longer specify Sabatini's breakfast. It lists "Complimentary Specialty Dining Mimosa Breakfast (daily)" instead. This is because some ships have the suite breakfast in the Crown Grill instead of in Sabatini's. But it is the same breakfast in either location. As a suite passenger, you have the choice of locations for breakfast - you can eat the "Complimentary Specialty Dining Mimosa Breakfast" in Sabatini's or Crown Grill, the Club Class breakfast, or a room service breakfast in your suite using the full MDR breakfast menu (not the Sabatini's or Crown Grill breakfast menu).
  9. NavyVeteran

    Booking and Cancelling Excursions/OBC

    A Princess agent can book an excursion for one passenger using another passenger's OBC with no problem. If the agent knows what he or she is doing, it can be done very quickly. Call Princess directly even if you booked through a travel agent - they still handle the excursions directly. If I speak to an agent that doesn't know how to do this, I usually just hang up and call back until I get an agent who understands the process. I have veterans and shareholder OBC and DW does not. I cannot move the stock to her name because I own it in an IRA. I have booked her excursions with my OBC several times. If you book using OBC, they don't actually charge the OBC until you are onboard. When you are onboard, the excursion charges and the OBC are both listed on your onboard account. This is good because the excursion charges use non-refundable OBC first - even if the nonrefundable OBC was not available when you booked them. If you prepay for excursions using your credit card and then cancel onboard, then you receive refundable OBC. My brother and I were on a cruise together recently. I pre-booked my excursions using OBC and he pre-booked using his credit card. My onboard folio showed all my excursion charges and OBC separately. His onboard folio did not show his excursion charges. He then cancelled one of his pre-paid excursions. After cancelling one pre-paid excursion, the charges for all of his excursions appeared on his folio along with a refundable OBC for his prepayment. Since I had listed him on my onboard credit card, his excursion then applied to my nonrefundable OBC first and we received refunds for the remaining (refundable) OBC. I'm not sure if Princess accounting will continue to work the way it worked for us. If so, and if you have to prepay for some excursions because some OBC is not yet visible when you book them, you may be better off booking an additional low-cost excursion to cancel as soon as you are onboard. Our experience was that by cancelling one prepaid excursion, all prepaid excursions were added to our folio along with the refundable OBC for the prepayment, so that they were applied first to the nonrefundable OBC.
  10. NavyVeteran

    AT&T phone/texting cruise packages

    I have successfully used Wifi calling with an iPhone 8 Plus and AT&T with no problems. I leave the phone in airplane mode with Wifi turned on to make calls. I also have cellular data turned off to be safe. DW and I each receive the free Platinum internet minutes, and that provides more than enough minutes for me to make calls when I want. One problem with Wifi calling is that I do not receive voice mail, so I receive no messages until I get home. Another problem is that I do not receive text messages when in airplane mode with Wifi. However, I do receive test messages from other iPhones, since they are sent with using data instead of using AT*&T's text message service. This is good for me using Wifi data. However, it could be a problem for someone with free text messages but paying for cellular data - the iPhone text messages would charge for cellular data instead of for text messages.
  11. NavyVeteran

    Best Island Princess dining room to access by scooter?

    The Island Dining Room on deck 5 of the Caribbean Princess is accessed from the atrium. You can use the forward or midship elevators or the panoramic lifts with no problem. I believe you are referring to the Palm Dining Room on deck 6 (used for early and late traditional dining) which can only be accessed by the two aft elevators. The Island Princess does not have the aft dining room. Both of its dining rooms can be accessed by multiple lifts.
  12. I cannot see any subscriptions. I go to My Activity Streams but all streams are empty.
  13. NavyVeteran

    Dining Options

    Your are committed to Early Seating. You can eat in the buffet, the grill, or another location later but not in the main dining room. You are reserving a table for Early Seating. If you ate later in a main dining room, you would be taking up two seats in the dining room, leaving less room for other passengers.
  14. If you are in a non-premium category and wanting to switch to 3 for Free, Princess has a price available for that cabin even if your category is sold out - since it is the same price as the lowest category of that type. With Sip & Sail, every category has a different price, so they may not be able to rebook unless your category is available. I do know that I was not able to rebook Sip & Sail when my category (S7) was not available.
  15. NavyVeteran

    Club class dining and full suite

    I have also, but you have to pay for them (or they are included in your 15-drink limit if you have the PBP). At the suite breakfast, they are included (and they do not count against your 15-drink limit if you have the PBP).