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  1. There will be two dinner coupons in the room. This pic is from our Getaway cruise two weeks ago. The dinner at Cagney’s or Le Bistro also includes a free bottle of wine from the menu. We had the concierge book these dinners once we got on the ship. Enjoy your cruise!
  2. Just off the Getaway last week and the Viva Vino attached. I believe all the wines and pricing were the same with the exception of a few wines different in the Enthusiast package. Lots of flexibility with Viva Vino as before. They would cork any partially-consumed bottles and store in their 'cellar' and gladly arrange to transfer it to the same or a different restaurant. Freedom with getting bottles and bringing them elsewhere - e.g., we got a bottle of bubbly to bring back and enjoy in our room. Love Viva Vino!
  3. Did you get the Hootoo router working on NCL?
  4. Love the food here for pre-dinner snack! 🙂 Pot stickers, shrimp dumplings and Char Siu rice noodle soup. Yum!
  5. This is from the wine package from NCL Epic in Aug 2018. The Connoisseur package includes all of the wines in Enthusiast and Aficionado too. Similarly, the Aficionado includes all of the wines in Enthusiast. ‘You are given paper slips that you can fill out with the wine you would like and present to your waiter or bar staff.
  6. Thanks so much for the replies dexddd and KeithJenner!
  7. Our girls (aged 16, 14) have always enjoyed the Entourage clubs on NCL (Getaway, Epic). This July we're going to be on a 14 night cruise on NCL Spirit. Does anyone know if NCL Spirit has an Entourage club for teens? Thanks!
  8. Also, despite what they may tell you, you do not need to select all your choices up front. They issue you paper slips, and you fill out your selection as needed then provide them to your waiter or bar tender.
  9. Apologies! Just realized others had posted the wine list already!
  10. Here is the Viva Vino wine list from NCL Epic in August 2018. Got the 8 bottle package for the week. Good wine selection for the price! Enjoyed a bottle of wine with each dinner. 🙂
  11. Thanks so much for taking the time to scan and share these dailies! Will be on Pearl on Aug 9th sailing and looking forward to it!
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