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  1. We have been lucky enough to have sailed a cruise with an overnight in Venice and another cruise that departed from Venice. We are booked on a future cruise which was originally departing from Venice, but has changed to a Ravenna departure. I do question this decision as Vision is still scheduled for overnights in Venice, and other cruise lines are also porting there. Whatever the reason, I think it's disappointing for those that have not experienced a sail away from Venice. Royal is offering a complimentary shuttle from the airport to Ravenna. They are stating that it is approximately 2 1/2 hour drive. It's not difficult to fly to Venice for a few days and then go back to the airport for the shuttle. It does make for a longer day and eliminates the sail away from Venice though.
  2. Royal does offer a complimentary transfer from Venice to the port in Ravenna. If anyone wants to avoid the cost of a Venice hotel, they could fly into Bologna and stay in Ravenna pre-cruise.
  3. We've considered those Princess itineraries a few times. It would be great if Royal or X sailed them!
  4. The larger ships are limited in their itineraries due to their size. That's why we also enjoy the smaller ships that offer a better variety of ports. With a more intensive port itinerary, we don't need all the "bells and whistles".
  5. I could be wrong, but I believe the option to L&S ends on September 30th. The remaining "Cruise with Confidence" options will continue as an option for cruises that are booked prior to September 30th only. NEW! Lift and Shift - Lift and Shift is for those guests simply wishing to move their existing booking to next year. For CWC guests that are ready to move to an alternative sail date in the following year, we’re happy to price protect the original pricing and/or promotion if the alternative sailing is the same itinerary, length, and stateroom category. However, the alternative sail date that the guest will be moved to, needs to be dated within 4 weeks (before or after) of the original sail date, but for the following year. For example, if you are moving from a July 30, 2020 sailing, you must move to a sailing that is the same itinerary, length, and stateroom category, and the sail date should be June 30th, 2021 – August 30th, 2021. To be eligible, guests must move their booking on or before September 30th, 2020.
  6. I am also on these top and bottom circumnavigation cruises and the Tasmania cruise preceding them. I have used the website to check and see what options would be available to L&S to and there are no options offered. We were recently able to move our deposits for 2 other cruises we had booked to book new cruises in 2022 and the Next Cruise OBC moved to the new cruises with the deposit.
  7. I'd be really surprised if Australia allowed cruises to resume in October or any time soon.
  8. Another option to consider.
  9. Thanks again. We have been opting for refunds for our cancelled cruises but at this point we no longer want to pay thousands of dollars for final payments and then have to wait to get it back when the cruise is cancelled. We'll now just consider cancelling and getting the FCC. Would be nice if some of the cruises would be cancelled before the final payments since it's getting more and more obvious that they won't sail.
  10. Thanks. So if I use the FCC's on October 2021 cruises and they are cancelled, the date of expiration should be October 2022?
  11. Thanks anyway. We'll continue to hope that Serenade will return to Australia for 2022 and sail the top and bottom cruises since 2021 is doubtful.
  12. Here's another question. If we apply different FCC's from cruises we cancel on our multiple October 2021 cruises and these also end up being cancelled will the FCC's that are reissued still expire on December 31st? I would hope that the date would be extended longer. We have NRD's on 6 cruises that will require final payment by the end of November and all are all unlikely to sail. We really don't want to make final payment and then have to deal with waiting for RCI to cancel and wait weeks for the refunds again. We've already used CWC to move all we can through the currently released itinerary dates, so this will leave us we many FCC's. Just don't want to end up with multiple FCC's that we need to use by December 31st if our Fall 2021 cruises are all cancelled. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.
  13. We are considering doing those 4. Will decide when those itineraries are released.
  14. We'd like too, but it looks very doubtful that our 2021 circumnavigation cruises will sail.
  15. We are also booked on these cruises in 2022. Unfortunately we don't have much hope for our 2021 circumnavigation cruises on Serenade.
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