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  1. We've sailed out of Venice twice and it was definitely spectacular. I do understand the reason for the decision, but still sad. The people of Venice have been fighting against the cruise ships for years. When we were overnight there on Vision in 2017, there were protests against the cruise ships. When we were leaving the citizens sailed near the ship in their boats and shot flares at the ship. Police on jet ski's had to keep them from getting closer. Not very welcoming! We went again in 2018 and things were a bit better, but the citizens still were not happy with the cruise ships
  2. We sailed the first post-amp cruise on Navigator on 3/1/19. The slides were new, and one of the them was still being finished when we sailed. The ship was beautiful and we really enjoyed the new venues. This was a 9 night ABC island sailing. We loved the ship and were disappointed when it's itineraries became the 3/4 night cruises. Although we live in Florida, we prefer longer cruises.
  3. Does anyone have any thoughts on where Jewel will be heading following it's October 17, 2022 cruise which ends in Tarragona? We were thinking a TA would follow if it's heading back to the US.
  4. We haven't really used our Royal Caribbean card since the cruise shut-down. I just checked the expiration dates and our points expire between 2023-2025. We basically only use the points points for OBC. Hoping we'll finally to be able to use some of them in 2022.
  5. We are disappointed but it's definitely not looking good. I'm just waiting for the official cancellation so I can request my refund. Seems like the other cruise lines have already cancelled May.
  6. Not a fake story. We know the people who needed to be rescued by Gary. Definitely true.
  7. I've been getting sucked in, but have now learned my lesson. No more troll feeding for me!
  8. Alaska is an awesome place. The wildlife and scenery are amazing. When cruising to Alaska the focus should be on the place you are visiting, not the ship. I'm sure your Son will get an opportunity to visit once Covid is better managed, ports open, and cruising is allowed again.
  9. I agree. We loved the Radiance itinerary that stopped at 4 Hawaii ports with overnights in some. Are Ovation and Quantum too large to visit more of the Hawaii ports?
  10. Not sure it is only a Chrome issue as I use chrome and haven't had any problem with staying logged in.
  11. We purchased KN95 masks for our long flights to Oahu last month. We found them to be very comfortable as they didn't lie flat against our mouth and nose. If not traveling we use the paper surgical masks. The KN95 masks can be easily ordered online and were also comfortable in the warm Oahu weather.
  12. Us too! We're just waiting for the expected official cancellation as we don't expect it to sail.
  13. We just did the same for our May cruise. We much prefer getting the refund instead of another FCC.
  14. Strange. Still don't see the April 2022 Ovation or Quantum Honolulu to Vancouver sailings on the Royal website.
  15. Oh yes, friends are always a factor! I see the Quantum cruise on some travel sites also. Strange it isn't showing on the Royal website. Wonder why there's still not a April cruise from Honolulu for Ovation?
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