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  1. I can see all of ours including the new ones I booked just yesterday.
  2. Since we prefer Club Class, those cabins are often in that area of the ship. We have had those cabins on the Regal, Royal and are booked on Baja on the Majestic.
  3. That happened to us on very first cruise as went from obstructed to regular balcony. We have now done 18 cruises with 6 more planned and it was our only upgrade. We now just book Club Class and get where we want on the ship.
  4. I replied as quickly as I could letting them know what I thought about their app. I certainly did not choose the cruise due to the app.
  5. I was wondering about that. Did Princess do the testing? Someone stated that there was a possibility of a testing site near the IOWA ship???
  6. Our first scheduled cruise is Nov. 30 and the second one is January 4. Thanks for mentioning "priority: request as might not thought to request.
  7. Anything would work better than the app. After trying to call Princess several times during the day, I was on the phone at 8 this morning and finally got through. The app just would not take the credit card information. App on my phone seems OK but not able to enter anything on husband's phone! It won't even recognize him and his birth date.
  8. We are scheduled for the Quest/Walmart testing but...... It was the only site that Princess had recommended. 3 friends just used the same site several weeks ago and they were told that they could not guarantee the results within 2 days. They took the test on Thursday morning and they nervously had to wait until 9 p.m. on Friday to get their results. We are seriously considering ordering the at home tests as a back-up plan.
  9. We are booked to Hawaii for Jan. 4 and plan to make final payment next week. Need to cruise!
  10. We are booked b/b on 4/10 and 4/17 so surely hope we will be on both cruises. Would be so fun to be on a brand new ship. Friends are on the GRAND today--first ship from San Pedro since the pandemic.
  11. My husband only wears Echo sandals since his feet swell. Of course, he wears them on both formal and informal nights. He is a golfer and wears them golfing. I haven't worn heels for years and just wear dressy sandals on formal nights.
  12. I am dealing with not being on a ship today. Three good friends just boarded the GRAND this morning and I wish we were with them. I am sure this is the first Princess ship out of San Pedro so it is exciting. We might have been with them but husband had minor surgery this week so staying close to home. Our first post pandemic cruise is scheduled on the MAJESTIC on October 30--then we have five other cruises planned including on the DISCOVER. MamaFej-know you are going to enjoy Club Class. When friends kept talking about CC, I seriously did not think we would become addicted to it but now it is the only cabins we book. Like the saying, if you don't fly first class, your kids will. No antigen tests anywhere near us so we had to book a PCR test. In fact, when I typed in our zip code, Walgreen pharmacies in Washington state showed for antigen test-crazy!. Those friends on ship used the same Walmart and test results did not get to them until 9 last night.
  13. Many thanks for the research. Just had husband watch the video as will probably be ordering the kits for next month's cruise. Unable to find an antigen test in our area. Doris
  14. Someone posted a YouTube video of a gentleman taking the at home antigen test. Could someone find it for me. We are at wits end with trying to get a test at MyQuest.
  15. Many many thanks to all the responses. The form was mailed today as I am not computer savvy nor do we have a fax. What would we do without Cruise Critic friends?? See you onboard!
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