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  1. I also didn't have it set up on the old app but even though everything transferred over it is requiring me to enter a card for shoreside transactions. My husband's account is "complete" and doesn't require it, however mine is the main account (his doesn't even have a spot to choose to enter a shoreside payment method if he even wanted to.
  2. I always assumed that it was based on the additional time needed to clean mini-suites and suites based on the square footage and stateroom features.
  3. This made me chuckle. We check the dinner menu each day to determine whether we're go to the DR or buffet (btw - having it accessible on the TV is awesome!) but my guaranteed 'go to the dining room' dish is Carbonara 🙂
  4. We were in E731 (starboard) in February and had no issues with noise from CF. (Note: this was on the EP but it should be the same as the CB). We did occasionally hear noise from crew in the morning but we were already up so I don't know if it would have awakened us.
  5. We had been looking forward to getting lobster rolls from Dave's Lobster on the boardwalk. Oh well - only 359 days to go now 🙂
  6. Thanks for the info. We started bringing bars of soap for the shower when they changed to dispensers - we'll have to pack a couple more now 🙂
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