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  1. I gave up waiting last night but called at 7 am this morning. She said it is on my file and sent me an invoice. It says always inc on it and she said within a week I should get something that lists drinks, wifi and gratuities Thanks for all your help.
  2. What a great tip!! I didn't know you could request it like that. Thanks
  3. Its an email that says they got my reservation and then it says the date cabin number, dinner time etc. There is no invoice attached
  4. Yes I've been on hold for an hour. I was hoping someone had just booked and could say it just doesn't show up now.
  5. You guys have me worried. I booked this morning and chose the option that said drinks wifi and tips included. But when my reservation came it doesn't say thT and now im worried. I got my friends.to book as well
  6. I just booked a cruise. I was very careful when booking not to select the choice that doesn't come with wifi, drinks and gratuities. Throughout the booking it said it was included but on my reservation confirmation and my online booking it doesn't say that it's included anywhere. Is that normal?
  7. I am wanting to book a cruise on Celebrity. I know on Carnival most people have someone specific at carnival who they work with. Is it the same on Celebrity? Recommendations of who I should call? I have a few questions and would like to book with a helpful person😀
  8. Thanks for the responses everyone. I bought my 100 shares last year for $12 a share and bought them primarily for OBC and because I love Carnival. I've never purchased shares before and assumed the dividends were cancelled because of the debt but just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing out lol I will get my first OBC this spring and its 250 because it's a 14 nighter😀
  9. Last year I bought 100 shares of Carnival.and was told they pay divide ds. With the pandemic I assumed they wouldn't be paid but I saw something online that showed dividends if 0.21 per share have been paid out each quarter since I bought them but I've received nothing. Does anyone know if and how dividends are paid?
  10. The first thing I do is thank my lucky stars for being blessed to be on an amazing cruise!! We grab a drink, head to the room, remark how we are home, and head out for lunch.
  11. I booked a cruise last week for April 2022 and went to select my arrival time slot and I cant find it anywhere. I though I used to be able to do that right after booking. Has that changed ir am I looking in the wrong spot?
  12. I thought you didn't get the drink anymore once you're platinum but the party instead
  13. That's too bad but sounds like you have a good plan in place. You're so lucky to still have your parents!! My father is 77 but we lost my mom a few years back so he'son his own and spends alot of time with me. I told him I was going to book this cruise yesterday and he wasn't happy I'd be away for 3 weeks. He hasn't cruised before but I hope to finally get him on one next year. A short one to start in case he doesn't like it
  14. Thanks! I've heard this before. So I'd probably be better to book the cabin on the other side. While we're chatting, I see your name alot so I know your cruise alot. Have you done a transatlantic? We are booking Tampa to Barcelona for April 24th thoughts?
  15. Does anyone know what the blank white space showing on the deck plans on the Pride aft port side from about 5240 all the way to the back is? The other side has cabins.
  16. I know someone posted one time to not book those areas because it can be the stewards area for their vacuums and ice makers and stuff like that and gets noisy. I'm booking today she just wondering if its quieter without rooms across or noisier because of what else is there. Lol
  17. Does anyone know whats across from 5240, 5242 etc. Port side aft. It just shows all white space on the deck plan On the other side there are cabins
  18. That's great to hear. I was wondering if there would be large waves being in the middle of the Atlantic.
  19. I have just retired, and my husband will be in January. There is a repositioning/transatlantic cruise we're interested in on the Pride, leaving Tampa and arriving in Barcelona in April and thought it could be our kick off to retirement. We've done a number of cruises and in fact will both become platinum on this 14 nighter. Has anyone done a similar cruise? What are your thoughts. We will get a balcony stateroom
  20. Does anyone know if the rooms were redone in 2019? I know it had a drydock but just wondering what all was done.
  21. We got super lucky just before the pandemic started and got a celebrity cruise for 800 pp. This was for a beautiful balcony cabin. All in it was 1900 for my husband and I. We got 100 OBC, unlimited internet, gratuities paid and unlimited drinks. And its nice because they dont have all the restrictions Carnival has with Cheers. My husband could get 2 beers at one time so we could just go relax on our balcony
  22. Thats what happened in 2020. As soon as cases of covid appeared every person on board was quarantined in their cabin for the entire cruise and for quite some time after because they couldn't dock.
  23. It really isn't unfair. You may not drink alcohol but you do tip and there are TONS of fancy drinks that have no alcohol that you can still get. Plus specialty coffees, etc. I often cruise on Carnival as well as Celebrity. If I add in drinks, gratuities and WIFI to a Carnival Cruise it is quite a bit more expensive than Celebrity and although I like Carnival, Celebrity is definitely a more luxury cruiseline.
  24. This is my exact reason. I will be vaccinated so my concern is the whole ship getting quarantined because someone aboard gets COVID
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