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  1. I definitely don't want anyone being able to look down onto my balcony. I just like privacy. Thanks for your help 😀
  2. I'm new to NCL but there's a cruise I'd love to take on Joy. I'm noticing though there dont seem to be any balconies that I can look down unobstructed. I know if I'm sitting my view isn't obstructed but I prefer a private balcony where I cant look down at others, the promenade etc and don't want others looking into my balcony. Are there any such balconies on the Joy?
  3. Really? I'm always super polite and tip so.... the main thing I notice is I drink alot of cocktails, frozen ones etc. They pour in the shot then the mix and its always too much for the glass. So 2/3 goes in the glass and 1/3 goes down the drain. One time I asked the guy for the rest and he said he's not allowed. I tried to explain that I paid for a shot not 2/3 of a shot but he didn't get it. When your paying 12 bucks a drink its a bit frustrating
  4. Very clever. 🙄 Personally I don't consider having to insist on something is being offered twice a day service. And as I stated our friends were told morning OR evening. Counting is hard but that's once. I always find it odd when certain people can't handle that Carnival has flaws. Very weird.
  5. I was on my last precovid cruise Feb 2020 also. We sailed with friends. Our steward asked if we wanted morning OR evening. We cruise alot so we said both. The steward was annoyed and said hes too busy and showed us a card that showed am or pm. No choice for both but he wrote it in and did come. Our friends had a different steward who also gave them am or pm. They didn't know you could get both so they chose am. I read posts on John's page telling him this and he denied you only get one or the other.
  6. I'm not complaining. As I said most of what i wrote is based on what people are saying. There was a post where several people said their stewards weren't changing the water cabin to cabin and it was visibly dirty. And others saying drinks are watered down. As far as twice a day service pre2020 Carnival kept saying they have twice a day service but once onboard the stews would ask guests if they want or ing or night. That's a fact, happened to me personally on 3 cruises. Finally, if you don't like a post move on.
  7. I'm guessing all of the decreases in service while upping the costs. Cabin stewards for instance. Prepandemic people were complaining that they had to choose morning or night. John Heald constantly lied and said it's not true you still get it twice a day. Then covid hit and they said it's only once a day to minimize contact. But based on what I've read, they use the same dirty water cabin to cabin and are ok with that but not actually entering the cabins twice a day. They are super stingy with the booze in the drinks. Just generally less things seem to be offered now. I board on Sunday and am interested to see for myself how things are now.
  8. We booked the Grand Suite for our cruise next week. In looking at photos it seems there is a DVD player. Anyone stayed in these suites and can tell me for sure?
  9. Does anyone happen to have photos of the suites on Spirit? Everything online is like 10 years old. Wanting to see what the ocean suite and grand suite look like. Thanks 😀
  10. Since I can no longer get the transderm patches in Canada, I've been trying to find a good product for seasickness. I know of dramamine and bodine. I've heard there are tablets kept at guest services that work really well if you're sick and you just have to ask. Is this true?
  11. Carnival owns Holland America. They dont borrow the island from them.
  12. I was looking at prices online for pressing shirts. It says 5.75 for a long sleeve shirt. But I sailed 3 years ago and it was around 10.00. Has anyone had a shirt pressed recently and how much did it cost?
  13. I really want to go to the silent disco on the Summit but I know there are limited headphones and it only runs for 90 minutes. Has anyone done this lately. Were you able to get in/headphones?
  14. Is it true there are no more paper menus and you have to bring phones to dinner?
  15. If you book a suite do you get earlier check in or just Platinum and Diamond?
  16. I saw someone post something about testing between back to back cruises. I am going a 6 then an 8 night in January. I'm vaccinated and Carnival's site says vaccinated guests only have to test on cruises 16 days or longer. Am I off the hook? Anyone been on a b2b recently?
  17. Because I'm from Canada there are exchange fees each time transactions are made. Although there should be a 33.00 difference in the excursion, the exchange rate has changed alot from when we booked and so there's only a 12 or 13.00 difference. The excursion was almost full so didn't want to risk it in the end.
  18. Has anyone done this? It's rated as strenuous but looks like you drive in a jeep, swim and snorkel. Was it good? Was it strenuous?
  19. DH and I are doing a back to back in January. I am 7 days until platinum. He is 11. The first cruise Is 6 days followed by a cruise that's 8 days. It might sound silly but we planned it like that on purpose so we could celebrate becoming platinum together. The cruise docs show I become platinum on the 2nd cruise but does not show my husband becoming platinum on the 2nd cruise. The only thing I can figure is they didn't give us points for the 6 night cruise because it was a good sale. Not free We paid about $400 per person before taxes and port fees and it wasn't a casino deal or anything like that. Has anyone ever not had points awarded to them when they've gotten a good sale on a carnival cruise memo cruise?
  20. Yes I'm trying to delete it and post it in celebrity but im not having success
  21. We booked a Behind the scenes tour on our upcoming cruise. The excursion is now 20% off which is about 35.00 difference. Will Celebrity refund me the difference?
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