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  1. Was your back to back considered separately or in total? I am booked on a bb2b 6 night followed by 8 night and my pvp said it should be considered a 14 night so 250 instead of 150
  2. Is there a phone number I can call? I submitted my request for OBC weeks ago and no response
  3. They say its for business reasons whatever that means.
  4. I agree with the Coca Cola recommendation for an upset stomach. My husband and I call it Cocacure 😀
  5. Starting today I can do online checkin. I thought I could choose my arrival time to the terminal but i dont see where
  6. I've tried other things. I don't find any of them work. Was hoping there's something out there similar to the transderm v patch 😥
  7. I always buy Transderm V Scopolamine patches whenever we go on cruises in case of motion sickness. I never need it but my husband often does and we're bringing friends who have never cruised. I just found out they've discontinued making these patches. Has anyone who has used these found anything else as effective?
  8. That was my interpretation as well. Mine is a 6 night and an eight night. 2 separate numbers. But the PVP said they should consider it the same as a 14 nighter.
  9. My PVP said I should be $250 because I'm doing back to back equalling 14 days. Has anyone else had this approved before?
  10. I am at 68 days. I know at 75 I become platinum. I am doing a backtoback in January. 6 nights followed by 8 night. Does anyone know if I wait until the 2nd one to get platinum status or do they consider it more like a 14 nighter and grant platinum status on embarkation of first cruise?
  11. You may have already done this but if not, you have to send them an email with your proof of shares, cruises dates and reservation #s.
  12. Sounds like they're just charging random amounts lol
  13. This was last week. Mine was 15.00 per day with a 10% discount for booking it online plus 20% gratuity. I called 3 times. Apparently they gave my friend some discount by mistake, like an Elite discount. I had just read it was 12.00 per day but they were adamant it's 15.
  14. They charged $15.00 per day. However my friend called in and upgraded and they only charged her 9.00 per day
  15. Thank you!! I guess them wanting to upgrade my husband was worth king! Anyway thanks for the info!!
  16. The confusion is celebrity called me this week to ask if I wanted to upgrade to the premium package. I drink cocktails and like grey goose etc so it makes sense for me. My husband only drinks beer. So I tried to confirm his coffees would be included. She said specialty coffees are included as long as they're under 7.50 and none of their fancy lattes etc are.less than 7.50. So I wanted to see if someone has recently sailed with the classic package and ordered a latte or machiato. No booze just a fancier coffee and was it included. Thanks for your information
  17. I'm so confused now. Can someone who has cruise with Celebrity recently tell me if the teas and coffees from the coffee bar, coffees like Machiatos are included in the Classic package?
  18. Thanks! That's so weird though because when I check it says Choose from an incredible array of beers, spirits, cocktails, liqueurs, frozen drinks and wines by the glass up to $9 per serving. This package also included a 15% discount on all wines by the bottle. Then when it describes the premium package it says specialty coffees in that package
  19. Are soft drinks and the coffee bar fancy coffees included in the classic beverage package?
  20. I've checked online and it seems to indicate if the price drops they refund the difference but then says if your Cruise meets certain conditions. Anyone know how it works and what that means?
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