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  1. We will be on Allure for the TA in March. Any idea who the captain will be then?
  2. Floridastorm - we will be on this TA with you. Come join our Roll Call on these boards. Hope to see you onboard!
  3. I am generally more of a wine gal but a cruise is not a cruise without having the first drink be a pina colada. That just means vacation to me. 🙂
  4. Which airline are you on? Depending on the terminal at PHX you *might* be able to do this.
  5. If you notice the little asterisk * next to some of the menu items - those are raw or undercooked. Anything without an asterisk * is cooked or doesn't require cooking (like a salad).
  6. The drydock is mid March after TA to Barcelona. I doubt your trip will be cancelled.
  7. Thank you. I really hope so too. I am stressing.
  8. What I dont understand is why people on this board are so rude and nasty when people legitimately bought this sale believing it was a sale? Especially when told by reps that it WAS valid. So I guess I should always assume any price on the RCCL website and quoted to me over the phone is invalid? This whole thing is so disappointing and it is even sadder how gleeful some people here seem to be about this whole situation.
  9. We dont cruise often, in fact this is only the second cruise we have taken since the drink packages were offered. I called RCCL to book because we already had the $44 drink package reserved. I asked the rep who put me on hold to check if the $18 was a valid price and he said it was a special offer. I bought it and cancelled my $44 package. I honestly thought it was a special deal. I had heard to watch for price decreases so that's what I did. It will break my heart (and honestly DH's too) if the rescind and dont honor the price we paid.
  10. That is my current worry. We had it for $44/day and cancelled and rebooked over the phone for the $18 price. Agent checked and said it was a special deal.
  11. I got it too. I called and actually spoke to a rep for it. He verified it was showing that price and he was stunned too. I just got it for $18 a day.
  12. Okay this really is worrying me. We are booked on this cruise to celebrate our 25th anniversary and our 50th birthdays. This is our first cruise in four years and we can't just switch ships because I need a wheelchair accessible cabin and those book out months (if not a year or more) ahead of time. When would we likely find out that this cruise is cancelled? I was looking at booking air but if there isn't going to be a cruise, I don't want to get stuck with air that we couldn't use.
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