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  1. If they ask us to wear a mask to go I will wear a mask.
  2. We booked a partial canal transit for April 2023 from the Atlantic Side.
  3. Usually 2-2 1/2. I have a Panama Canal cruise booked for April 2023.
  4. When they cancelled my OCT 31st cruise, I selected this option online as the form stated. My Travel Agent then got with Carnival to move the money over to my next booked cruise and apply the OBC, it took about 2 hours for them to do this.
  5. All checked in today for our 10/31/2020 cruise on Carnival Horizon.
  6. And an excellent travel agent will claim the price drops for you to keep you as a happy client.
  7. Fingers crossed that it will be 10/31/2020 on the Carnival Horizon.
  8. Still working from home and we probably will into the next year. Just being cautious.
  9. I would like to see them bring back the Limon And Panama Canal from South Florida, even if it only ran a couple times a year I would make it fit my schedule.
  10. Have to agree we did this twice on the Victory and once on the Valor. I think San Juan will go shipless for a few months from Carnival
  11. You can still carry on your Coke, I have had to carry on my diet Pepsi for years and years, no it's time for the other side to see what it's like to have to carry on your favorite drink.
  12. Booked The Loews for 2 days before our cruise in Feb. Yes it's during Mardi Gras but still think I got a good rate.
  13. Would not be able to do a modified itinerary. Work, pets, travel. Carnival is only covering the minimum 200 airline change fee, not the extra cost due to the last minute fare. I am not a fan of 5 sea days. Hence a reason we have done the cruise out of San Juan three times that has only 1 sea day. Would have to take the refund and 50% off and beg American Airlines for a reuse of the tickets.
  14. I have no problem giving my TA the gift card numbers and letting her apply payments. Like the previous poster stated, I email to her.
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