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  1. You get $5 credit for signing up for their loyalty program and also check their FB page. They had a $5 code for April on there. Not sure if that's still good or if they posted a new one.
  2. You can stay there as long as you like. You get off the tram there and then get on any available tram to go back to the main complex.
  3. Do all RCCL cruises now use Pier 10 Terminal? Also looks like all of the lots (North, South, Pier 14) are pretty much next to each other based on the map. I am assuming its all walking distance to the actual terminal? Or is one lot better than another?
  4. Just booked a cruise out of Galveston and I have an existing Royal Caribbean account and a bunch of past sailings. The initial reservation I got appeared to be in French but the 2nd one with more details was in English so I just ignored it. Then later on I went in to edit guest info and noticed that Citizenship for everyone says "Etats-Unis" which is United States in French per Google. There's no option for "United States" in English but everything else is English. Has anyone seen this before? I reached out to customer service online - waiting to hear back. Probably just a bug in their system but curious...
  5. Was there today. Nothing special. There was a bunch of little separate beach sections and there were Blue Kay signs everywhere. The beach is more like a sectioned off lagoon. Drink food servers were good. The only facilities we used were the bathrooms / shower area outside. I didn't even know there was a hotel until we were leaving and saw the sign. When we were arriving the only sign I noticed is a property for lease or sale one...
  6. Any recommendations for all inclusive beach resorts besides Maya Chan because that's a no go. They said they are all booked in the day I needed in June. Also they said that July-Sept they will be closed for renovations...just FYI
  7. Thanks. Basically just want to know where it goes and what is offered because the Review/Highlights section on RCCL doesn't really say much. Is this private beach club = Maya Chan Beach Resort? Also was wondering what the "amenities" are since the description doesn't specify other than that + beach chairs, pools and open bar.
  8. Looks like the original question / topic derailed. So just going to check one more time if anyone has been on RCCL and taken the "Beach Break with Open Bar" in Costa Maya. If yes - where exactly does it go and what do they provide there? Again the description is not very detailed and there are no reviews. (I don't care about Pools or anything else in the port itself) Thanks
  9. I don't want a pool. We can go to a pool on a ship 😉 What I am trying to find out is what a specific RCCL excursion offers other than beach chairs. Its the one I mentioned in my original message but the description which Royal Caribbean provides hardly has any details and they don't have a feature where people can leave reviews either. Hence - trying to find someone who may have been on that particular one to specify what this resort includes besides a beach, chairs and bar
  10. Has anyone done the "Beach Break with Open Bar" excursion on Royal Caribbean in Costa Maya? Their site does not have any reviews for excursions and it doesn't provide much details either. For amenities all it says is open bar, pool and lounge chairs... Tried searching for that excursion/name on this forum and online but didn't find much.
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