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  1. We're on a 10-night cruise to Mexico & Sea of Cortez. With taxes and fees, it's about $200 per person, per day with 6 guests in the room. Keep in mind too this is in CAD and includes Princess Plus 🙂
  2. Yes, that's right. We are travelling as 2 families.... myself/hubby/2 kids + my parents. So paying the 4 full fares isn't much of a difference when sharing the room with another party. It's actually pretty cost effective.
  3. Good Morning! I just booked D102/106 (cat S8) aka "2-bedroom Family Suite" on Crown Princess. I just want to confirm, this category is eligible for the suite amenities?
  4. Amazing tour!! You will not be disappointed. I am taking my 2nd Med cruise next year and will not hesitate to book the Full Day Athens tour again. I will not even look to see what other options are available with other companies.
  5. I cannot recommend Hotel Traghetto highly enough. It is right across the street from the free port shuttle, and there is an amazing pizza place next door. I will be taking the train in from Venice the day before my cruise departs and will be staying here for my 2nd time. Email the hotel directly (Giuseppe is the owner) and book through him. If you're only 2 people, you might even get the room with the massive terrace balcony and will get an incredible view of the ships in port.
  6. Hi! I will be taking a Med cruise next year with my family of 4 (2 adults + 2 little kids). Just wondering who everyone recommends for transfers to Florence/Pisa. I don't really want a guided tour, but looking for recommendations on transfer services (shared or private). Thanks in advance!
  7. I really enjoyed my stay at Hotel Traghetto right across the street from the free port bus. The pizza next door at Mastro Titta was ah-maz-ing. I won't even hesitate to stay there again for my next Med cruise.
  8. Hi Everyone! Just wondering if anyone knows approx when MSC will release Jan/Feb 2023 Caribbean sailings?
  9. I ended up booking with another cruise line. I really want to visit the Med in 2022 when this virus should be in our rear-view mirrors (let's hope!), but the itineraries just didn't impress me so I made another choice. I really would expect that MSC (being the MEDITERRANEAN Shipping Company) would have a wide variety of itineraries...
  10. I have been shopping for a Med cruise in 2022, and I too was a little disappointed in the offerings. I did manage to find 2 cruises (May 2-9 & May 10-17) out of Barcelona that caught my eye. I was thinking it would be nice to do both (they visit different ports, without much overlap. We'd visit Genoa and Marseille twice). One of the cruises visit Tunisia which I thought was very interesting. It would add a new continent to my travel resume!
  11. Hi Everyone! I am booked on Symphony of the Seas, and I took advantage of an amazing deal on the Over the Water cabana at Nellie's Beach in Labadee. I know there are different types of cabanas: 1) Over the Water at Nellie's Beach, 2) Waterfront Cabana at Nellie's Beach and 3) Beach Cabana at Nellie's Beach I noticed on a cabana map that there are 10x over the water cabanas. However #10 looks like it's more on the beach... looking at my list above, would #10 be considered the "waterfront cabana"? I noticed that over the water and waterfront were the same price... so maybe it's more accessible for someone who can't really do stairs or ladders that well. If anyone has any insight please share! Thank you in advance :)
  12. I realize this post is very old and the OP has likely cruised by now... but I saw this and just had to say something. I took my 10mo daughter on a cruise last year and it was so much fun! We took her to Stingray City and had a blast. OF COURSE the baby won't remember it, or care about it. But the parents will remember and enjoy it. Yes it will have its challenges but everyone will have a great time. If fellow cruisers will be "miserable" in the presence of a child, then maybe they're the ones who shouldn't be cruising. The only thing that has put a damper on my vacation was listening to people whine and complain about nonsense throughout the cruise.
  13. Hi! I've read lots of posts about taking the public bus in Grand Cayman, but the threads were pretty old so forgive me for making yet another one! I will be travelling to Grand Cayman with my hubby, 2yo and 8mo daughters next year. We would like to go to the Turtle Farm and 7 Mile Beach. I know the Yellow and Green-line buses stop there, but would the public buses there be suitable for my family (we will be bringing a stroller). Here in Canada, kids don't have to pay bus fare.. does anyone know if we'd have to pay for the kids. I've also read conflicting price information... I've heard it's $2.50 to get to the beaches/turtle farm and I've also heard $6.00. Anyone know what it actually is? Thanks!!
  14. Hey parents! My family and I will be sailing out of Miami next year. We have 2 kids (2 years and 8 months old) with us. I understand that Florida has a law that all kids under 5 MUST be in car seats. I really don't want to have to lug around my car seats on the trip. So looking for your recommendations for shuttle services that provide car seats around Miami. We will be booking hotels that offer free airport transportation... hopefully they just let my kids ride on my lap for that short ride, but we'll be needing to hire a shuttle company for the ride from our hotel to the cruise port. I guess while I'm at it - if you have any hotel recommendations as well that would be fantastic!!
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