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  1. All - Thought I would come to the experts; I know it is recommended for a passport, so please lets not go there. I have a friend who does not have one, wants to cruise and her trip stops in Antigua. I thought I read somewhere that Antigua was requiring passports for cruise passengers/stops, anyone know for certain. It is a closed loop cruise, has BC and ID - can someone confirm or set the record straight. I have searched and cannot find an answer Thanks
  2. We have used Thenford on previous trips and will be using him again in May - never had a bad experience, some of the friendliest folks!
  3. Island - LOL don't want you to get kicked out! MI is beautiful and very convenient to the port, Uber or nice neighbors do the trick (lol) Enjoy the Mariner, we were just looking at this ship for a quick getaway Happy New Year!
  4. Will do - thanks PS I see we could be neighbors if you are near PC, what a great cool day we are having 🙂
  5. Correct but there is someone to assist Diamond cruisers, we sailed in July and I cannot remember who it was. Maybe they are not a concierge but they assisted the Diamond folks and anyone in the Suites (Owners) - Biker - They had the event for sail away in July when we were on the ship
  6. Does anyone know who the current concierge is on the Empress; for some reason it is not showing on the spreadsheet (which I love - thank you). when we were on the Harmony in November we had Gavin send an email to the concierge and I just wanted to follow up to it before our cruise next month Thanks
  7. All - sorry I have not been on, I posted the question and then got busy with our daughters wedding on the Harmony and for some reason not getting notifications on the thread. Still not sure where we will be tendering from - I have been to VG several times and we will go back to the Baths just hoping that we can figure out where to grab a taxi 🙂 Thanks all for your advice! Gums - when are you sailing?
  8. Thanks for responding we will be there early February on the Empress. I know we will have to tender but getting info on where is difficult. even called Royal and they told me all about Tortola (lol)
  9. Does anyone have any advice or feedback - we are sailing on the Empress in February and our port is Virgin Gorda (not Tortola). We have been to Tortola several times but have never tendered from Virgin Gorda. Has anyone done that recently? What is the port area like, is it close to The Baths (we have been there) any shopping ..…. Any tips? Thanks
  10. That’s shocking, we have always changed our reservation. glad you enjoyed the experiences
  11. You could not walk to it from the port, its about a 40 minute drive. Not sure how long your stop is but you could rent a car, they are really close to the port (Hertz is the closest) and then drive up on your own; see what you would like and head back. Hertz will also shuttle you to the port or an Uber would be inexpensive. As others have said NASA and Kennedy are one in the same....
  12. Thanks so much for sharing your experience, we are sailing on HOS in a few weeks. We have sailed Allure twice and always do the UDP - 150 is my favorite so I am glad to hear that the quality and service is just as good. We are planning to do Wonderland more for the experience than the food but after seeing that cotton candy dessert - wow! Just for future, you could have changed the first three night reservations, they make them but you are not locked into anything Happy Sailing
  13. I remember those days and they still exist every once in awhile. We got a free cruise in July on the Empress.
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