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  1. Thanks - I am going to try the champagne, we had a call with the wedding planner and she said as long as we all checked in at the same time, we are using a bus for transportation, she didn't see an issue with it. I am going to keep them in the case they come in, that will be easy for scanning. If they say no, I'll blame it on the coordinator πŸ™‚ Tell me a bit more about the photo booth - love the idea. Who organized it? Was it through Royal? Thanks for the tip on the dessert bar, I think we may go with this
  2. Hi - thank you for posting all this great info, our daughter is getting married on Harmony in November. I know its a different ship but same class and still got a feel for te day. We are doing gift bags for everyone sailing - we have 16 cabins, so a nice group. Royal said they will deliver them fro 2.00 per cabin. Did you do this? We are thinking about putting a bottle of champagne in the bags, wondering if that is allowed? I know that everyone over the age of 21 is allowed on bottle of wine so we are going to count the champagne as that. I have two volunteers who will put the bags together as soon as we board the ship (figure that is easier to gt on) Love the dessert bar - can you tell me what type of desserts? Thanks
  3. Thanks again for the helpful tips πŸ™‚
  4. Thanks so much for your feedback (on both threads) - I am excited to visit STJ πŸ™‚
  5. We will be in St Thomas on RCCL in two weeks - I have always wanted to go to St John and spend some time at Trunk Bay but I am a little nervous about doing a ferry on our own. Can you explain how the RCCL excursion works - is it a set time for pick-up? Do they give you enough time to go to Trunk Bay and enjoy the beach? I don't want to shop if that's all the time they allow, we really want the beach and beverages πŸ™‚ Thanks
  6. can I ask if you have done this - we have been to St Thomas many times and I have always wanted to go over to St John but really try to play it safe, doing the ferry on our own makes me nervous. We did notice that RCCL offers St John on your own - do you know how it works. Thanks
  7. Loving the review - can you tell me what the changes are in the ultimate dining package and the new? We booked the ultimate before the change. Why did you go to Jamies to book your dining, is this the only place or can we use concierge?
  8. Thanks so much - we will be enjoying our day in St Thomas :)
  9. We have not been to Sapphire Beach in a few years, can you tell me if they are still allowing day visitors, there was a bar there to have some beverages and lunch is that still an option. Do you know how much the taxi would be? Thanks
  10. We just booked a last minute trip on the Empress in July - we are thinking of just grabbing a taxi and heading to a beach to relax, swim have some beverages/lunch. Anyone have any suggestions on a nice beach/bar area Thanks
  11. Thanks - not sure we would go with it - I do love the ones for Disney though......good to know its optional
  12. Loving the review - we are sailing November, our daughter is getting married on the ship. We are excited to try the Harmony, loved the Allure. Can you explain the WOW bands again, do you have to use them or is it an option. If we want to keep our cards can we?
  13. Disappointed with the review of 150. It was our favorite last cruise; we’ll try it again next week but may not go back for the 2nd reservation. Oh oh and Nassau spot on β€œthe most over visited port”
  14. Love the start of this - we are sailing on the 13th only in a grand suite but we are sailing the harmony in November and are interested in hearing about star class experience. Enjoy!
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