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  1. Back from the cruise, every evening at turndown we were fully restocked! For the price we paid we would definitely add the option again to the free premium drink perk for the price we paid. Was so nice even though we don't drink wine. BonVoyage DAWNA
  2. Happy to report all is going well on the Equinox! First evening we drank 3 bottles of Tito's, 2 diet cokes, large bottle of Evian, ate a can of Pringles and a Kind bar. When our cabin was cleaned our mini fridge was not only relished but now there are 8 bottles of Titos! BonVoyage Dawna
  3. We called and upgraded on our 7 nighter for $63pp (includes gratuity) so ya take the $50 in the casino we would spend anyway off it was only $13 a person for the week to upgrade, no brainer for me. We figured it was well worth that to have Diet Coke & water stocked in the cabin would be worth that. Also I am a salty so Pringles were a huge plus but now I am worried. 😞 Depart tomorrow and will be sure to post our experience with the program on the Equinox. BonVoyage Dawna
  4. Thanks for the review, we board her tomorrow!! In a Concierge cabin as well, like the idea of the cheese & crackers request. BonVoyage Dawna
  5. Get on the day you get off 🙂 What version of iPad Pro's do they have & price? Have a huge chunk of OBC to spend and thought about getting an upgrade. BonVoyage Dawna
  6. 3:30 so I believe there is no issue on time. 🙂 Do you know how much it is? BonVoyage Dawna
  7. Trying to plan our disembark plans for our Equinox cruise. Right now we have a rental car booked but thinking about Ubering it over to Sawgrass to watch a movie before heading to the airport but the only way we would want to do this if we could get rid of our luggage first. Does the Equinox have a luggage valet program out of FLL like Royal does? Base cost? (Southwest so luggage is free) BonVoyage Dawna
  8. Great news! Don't eat dessert so I am good there. We have just decided for a HUGE change we are going to the buffet or order room service for dinner each night. Love Indian food and looking forward to the grill. For the past 33 cruises we have only done the MDR or Speciality so stepping way outside the box this cruise. Thanks for the info! Bon Voyage Dawna
  9. We will be on board the Equinox next week and was looking forward to ordering MDR food from room service. If it's not on the TV I assume you just call room service & ask for the food from the menu on the app? We are in a Concierge, hope the comment that it's only for the PH cabin isn't true. My husband is not even bringing pants let alone a collared shirt this cruise 🤣 so we not even going inside the MDR all week. BonVoyage Dawna
  10. Do you have a picture of the whale tale mug? There is lot of confusion with the change inthe program. We booked when you paid for what you make but now several items are included including the whale tail mug. We were originally going to make tumblers but those are not offered on the free list. What does a whale tale mug look like? We are looking to make glasses we can make drinks at when we are home. Has anyone paid the old pricing structure and go to the all inclusive package yet? Wondering what to expect next week. We bought when you had to pay for upgraded pieces, now those thin
  11. I was concerned because we booked Feb 22nd, 2020 on May 28th, 2019 that we would not get it so I waited until late January to request it, BINGO another $100 in OBC appears then got a confirmation email, whew!! BonVoyage Dawna
  12. We changed cabins from a Sunset Veranda to Concierge after final payment and then ours appeared, who knows why. BonVoyage Dawna
  13. Going on the Equinox next month aft deck 9, plan on taking pictures looking down & up from our cabin. Also plan on hanging out at the Sunset bar and will grab some pictures to put in a review. BonVoyage Dawna
  14. Keep it coming 😀 Next month can't get here soon enough! BonVoyage Dawna
  15. Called and got ours upgraded from the Premium to Drinks & More on our cruise next month for $126 so basically $26 because we would spend $100 easily in the casino anyway. 😎 (Note the Drinks & More package is currently 10% off in the planner). BonVoyage Dawna
  16. How did you do it online in the cruise planner? If I put it in the cart it wants the full amount. I would rather do that than call. BonVoyage Dawna
  17. Anyone know how that works with the Premium Package as a perk and upgrading to the Drinks & More? Online Premium is $69pp on our cruise if you were to pay for it, Drinks & More is on sale for $76.50 so $7.50x7days=$52.50+additional tip? but $50 casino credit makes it a no brainer IF that is how it would be calculated. Thoughts? Also I assume that would take a phone call, can you use your available showing OBC for something purchased over the phone? BonVoyage Dawna
  18. Curious, we booked 2 people for hot glass on a slight sale for $107 but that was when you had to pay additional for the piece you make. NOW they only offer a package for $120pp that includes the piece you make. Anyone know how this is being handled on the ship? I don't have the old wording for the HotGlass experience but this is the new wording. Also anyone have a photo of the Mermaid Mug or Whale Tail Mug, we intended to make the tumbler before the change. 52 days woohoo! Overview Discover the ancient art of glassblowing, invented during the Roman Empire, in one of our world-f
  19. Thanks for the review!! Can't wait for Feb 🙂 BonVoyage Dawna
  20. You said you had 8 hours to kill. Seems we have experienced airlines have a 4/6 hours max early luggage check in policies. Sure this wasn't the case? We have been to many airports more than 2 hours early. This will cause a real issue for us in Feb if we can't check our bags until we are within 2 hours and they cut off luggage 60 minutes prior to departure, EEK! Can you elaborate please? Thanks! BonVoyage Dawna
  21. It is available for our Equinox cruise in February too. We looked at it but it sounded like a pain to get off the ship then wait to get back on just for a few hours back on the ship. Equinox leaves at 3:30 and I assume we would need to be off much earlier than that. We opted to rent a car for $80 and plan to just drive around and explore or maybe hit up a movie, find a place for a nice lunch then head to the airport. BonVoyage Dawna
  22. Thanks! Booked the Behind the Scenes tour online :) BonVoyage Dawna
  23. We are Diamond Plus on Royal and trying Celebrity for the first time. As Diamond Plus on Royal we are offered free behind the scenes tours for the Bridge, Galley & Stage. As an Elite on Celebrity do they offer anything similar. The behind the scenes tour is on sale for our cruise but not sure if I want to book it if we will be offered a free tour once onboard. I realize the tours are a bit different but curious what Celebrity does for Elite if anything. BonVoyage Dawna
  24. Yes, all the way forward but 2 bedrooms! One is back open today but $500 more then we paid. We are gonna stick where we are at. See ya onboard! BonVoyage Dawna
  25. Yes, back up in a hurry today as I looked about an hour after I called my TA and it was up $600 more. Wasn't certain she got me moved but then checked my boarding info and she had, whew. Prices had dropped on Friday but dealing with a TA my hands were tied 😞 The last Family Veranda was also open for the same amount we paid as well but disappeared 1st thing Monday morning. Would have loved to have a bedroom with a door in the cabin. We did give up a wide balcony 7364 for a normal width but two less flights to climb each time we head to the action. Agree the perks were not worth the cost they we
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