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  1. What ship is this on? We will be on the Equinox and in my cruise planner there are no wontons on the menu? I want a Spicy Mango Tini but will only get my husband in there if they have wontons. Crossing fingers now..... BonVoyage Dawna
  2. I would assume this is from a ship coming into Miami thus why Ft Lauderdale is a later time? We are on the Equinox out of Ft Lauderdale and assume it's flights after 11:30 and flights after 2 from Miami? Am I wrong in my thinking? BonVoyage Dawna
  3. Kinda off topic but kinda not πŸ™‚ Can you get a martini flight with the premium package and pay the difference? BonVoyage Dawna
  4. Glad we prepaid 2 for $107, planner shows $120 now with the verbiage shown below. Anyone know how much extra we will have to pay for a tumbler? Both of us intend on making those. Any pictures of a whale tail mug or a mermaid mug? Seen tumblers before. $120 for one now in the planner, no option for 2 on Feb Equinox cruise. Overview Discover the ancient art of glassblowing, invented during the Roman Empire, in one of our world-famous hot glass classes, offered exclusively by Celebrity Cruises. Use vibrant colors and high heat to create your own unique piece of art from one of eight impressive designs. Your handmade souvenir will remind you of all the amazing experiences you had on your vacation for years to come. Classes are extremely popular, and sell out quickly, so make sure you reserve your spot today. SOUVENIR OPTIONS: β€’ Wave Vase β€’ Vase β€’ Starfish β€’ Heart β€’ Pumpkin β€’ Jellyfish β€’ Whale Tail Mug/Mermaid Mug β€’ Tropical Fish WHO’S WELCOME: β€’ Adults β€’ Kids ages 3 and up with adult supervision CLASS DURATION: β€’ 20 minutes DISCLAIMER: There will be a $25 fee if you don’t cancel within 24 hours of purchase. BonVoyage Dawna
  5. Great news!! Thanks, Now to devise our plan. πŸ™‚ BonVoyage Dawna
  6. Struggling with our return flight from FLL, does the Equinox offer Luggage Valet service? Yes our flight would be late enough. Just trying to plan how we will spend our time in Fort Lauderdale before our flight and having some kind of transport service for our luggage to the airport would be fantastic. BonVoyage Dawna
  7. So does Unlimited include steaming? We got unlimited thrown in as a perk for our Feb Equinox cruise. BonVoyage Dawna
  8. Was a little excited about Silk Harvest but don't see that I can book it for Feb 2020. Did it get replaced in the referb? If so with what? Not interested in Murano or Tuscan Grill. BonVoyage Dawna
  9. Never mind, thought it through and we are Elite? anyway since we are Diamond Plus, not real reason to work on points at this stage in our lives. Thanks for your response though DjkRetired. πŸ™‚ BonVoyage Dawna
  10. Can't seem to find anything about the extra points. Is Celebrity like Royal, one point per night unless in a suite then it's 2? Just starting with Celebrity so every point counts!! BonVoyage Dawna
  11. Thanks! You are always a great wealth of information. Were you a Crazed Cruiser in Sept of 2006, almost 99% sure we have cruised together on Royal. BonVoyage Dawna
  12. Good point, We are booked with anytime? dining with no reservations booked. Even when we have a table for just our group we still let the servers know when we won't be attending dinner so they are not waiting for us either. BonVoyage Dawna
  13. Love the Indian selections available in the MDR off menu on Royal too. just. got off the Ovation and had Indian food 3 nights, yum! So no formal nights on Celebrity? Even lobster night? Royal it's always on the second formal night which is generally night 6. Lobster on Celebrity consistently around the same night? How is it served? Guess I am assuming they indeed have a lobster night. Charge for room service? Royal does 😞 and MDR menus are only available for true suites. We are in a Sunset Veranda, which room service options? Premium drink package CHECK! πŸ™‚ BonVoyage Dawna
  14. Nevermind we are in a SV not S1, sorry.
  15. Do all S1's have a pole? We are in Sunset Veranda cabin #7364 on the Equinox in Feb. BonVoyage Dawna
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