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  1. CL does not have a full bar setup. I doubt they have it. I am happy they finally added a second rum!! However depending on your suite the Concierge might try to provide a few every night to please you if they have it elsewhere on the ship. Not like you are asking for better liquor 🙂 BonVoyage Dawna
  2. On our last Oasis cruise we picked Sabor. A letter was left in our cabin and it said to bring that. My parents did not get there letter but we all went together with no issue. Just let them know we were using our free lunch for a central Park Balcony cabin. BonVoyage Dawna
  3. Call them and they will call Royal and get you linked up. We LOVE the M-Life perks! We have stayed at the New York New York, Bellagio & most recently the Mirage all for free only paying the resort fees but getting a resort credit as well. New York New York was a suite with a jacuzzi in the room! Bellagio going rate on our fountain view was over $1,500 bucks! 🙂 As Diamond Plus with Royal we also get to use the Platinum check in line which at the New York New York was a lunge with free snacks & sodas. Separate taxi line as well almost putting you to the front of the line. Seems their might be 10% off at restaurants but I may be making that one up, hehe. You can't use M-Life rewards back toward Royal with at Platinum is a free cruise. Current offer is again free room booked by Jan 15th used by June 30th?? but we just can't fit a trip in, boooo! I also do Vegas Slots and get a free drink here or there. Last time it was buy one get on free at Carnagie Deli in the Mirage. Also get OBC with Royal with that game as long as you apply within 60 days of booking. Love saving money spending money hehe. BonVoyage Dawna
  4. Only fountain soda 🙂 Know because I am not a fan of fountain sodas and spring for a can on occasion. Diamond Lounge does not have a soda fountain so yes you can get a can there. Elsewhere on the ship, fountain soda. BonVoyage Dawna
  5. The two I have booked that I had not bought a package for went up today as well :( Booo! $59 (supposedly 10%off) on Empress to Cuba $50. What I did notice if that the combo internet package made up for the difference? Liberty next month is on sale for $45 20%0ff, was $42 last week but we got it a while ago on a sale for $41 :) BonVoyage Dawna
  6. Going next year and SO disappointed we didn't pick a cruise that sops here JUST for this excursion. I could do it every time we visit and not get board. When we docked it was directly across the pier from us so even easy to find. My favorite Alaskan excursion and we have even done helicopters! BonVoyage Dawna
  7. We booked a private tour for whale watching and had an amazing trip. Small boat just our family of 5 and the driver. We saw so many whales pretty close as well as bears walking on the shore. Was in 2010 and can't recall the name of the company but found him from Cruise Critic recommendations. BonVoyage Dawna
  8. Oct 2018 price in my cruise planner is $30pp, ouch! BonVoyage Dawna
  9. If you are in a Suite (above Junior, that doesn't count) you can usually can book Barefoot sometimes a couple weeks in advance with the Concierge or once on board direct with the Concierge. You can book the other beaches cabanas online that are open to everyone. Think maybe they list them online just so those that know that they get entrance to Barefoot because they are in a suite that they can book them once on board? Just a guess. BonVoyage Dawna
  10. It was a mistake, you are only suppose to get perks for MLife on Royal if you actually earned the status in Vegas. I looked into it myself since being Diamond Plus gives you Platinum status with Mlife when in Vegas. BonVoyage Dawna
  11. I have also used this method on occasion as well. Royal rep called it going in the back door. ;););) BonVoyage Dawna
  12. Thanks! Going to hit up them and Tropicante :) Can't wait :)
  13. This thread might be good as a survey. In the past two months has there been an overflow for the Diamond Lounge. Got off the Oasis in January and could never get in each time we tried. Over 600 Diamond & Diamond Plus on that sailing. Concierge said they would not be opening anything for overflow that cruise despite the numbers. :confused::confused:Would be curious if this in indeed a new policy. BonVoyage Dawna
  14. We have received cups for some time now. Not sure if it's coincidence or not but ours are always slightly different colors. Like the color on the design on one is say gold but blue on the other. Sharpie idea works but it hasn't been an issue for us but that may just be luck. BonVoyage Dawna
  15. I love Sabor but on our upcoming Liberty cruise it's $30pp :o That is certainly pushing it!! BonVoyage Dawna
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