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  1. Equally, if i wanted to take this cruise I’m not allowed to travel to the US.
  2. I am booked on a 3 night Seacation from Southampton on 21st August. I declined the Premium package as my room mate is teetotal and I decided to join her for this short cruise. It’s not worth £30.00 ($41.41) per day if I get my allotted 150 free minutes as a Platinum member. Are these new rules coming in now or am I still likely to get my minutes? The Captain’s Circle pages still show it as a perk.
  3. Thank you. I did wonder how they were planning to get instant results for a PCR. 😏The agent must have made a slip. LFT makes much more sense.
  4. We were told by our agent, plus think it’s on the UK website. Double jabbed, time elapsed plus test at the dock on arrival.
  5. I am booked on a 3 night cruise to nowhere from Southampton on 21st August. I’ll be following this thread to see how things pan out. We all have to have a PCR Covid Test on arrival at the port which is going to complicate check-in and boarding I’m sure. I only live an hour from the port and will be keen to get onboard as early as possible as it’s such a short cruise. I’m Platinum in Captain’s Circle but have a feeling that won't mean much in these times.
  6. I am very pleased to report that I have had a full refund of the Quest cruise we were meant to take on 28th March. I would like to thank Bonnie for passing this up the line and Patrice Willoughby at head office. These interventions allowed my agent to agree the refund and the money arrived in my account today. This has taken a huge pressure off my finances and I’ll be able to pay for the very simple funeral, which is all that is allowed.
  7. I have heard nothing from Azamara or my agent. I’m on hold to the agent listening to Musak...........and have been holding 1 hr and 25 minutes! I have so much to do, this is intolerable. The agent promised to call me back one week ago. Update. The agent promises me the full refund has been credited to my bank account but it will take ‘several’ days to arrive. I’ll check it daily.
  8. I have heard nothing from Azamara or my agent. I’m on hold to the agent listening to Musak...........and have been holding 1 hr and 25 minutes! I have so much to do, this is intolerable. The agent promised to call me back one week ago.
  9. With all that has happened to me I started a separate thread on this subject. I’m sorry about that but with my illness and subsequent death of my husband I couldn’t face checking through 5 pages here.
  10. My husband, John, died of Covid-19 on 2nd April, our 43rd wedding anniversary. We were supposed to be celebrating onboard the Quest sailing from Dubai on 28th March. I am heartily sick of being palmed off by our agent! This was to be the most expensive trip we had ever taken. As a result, John emptied out all our ‘ready’ funds to pay the credit card bill in February with the final balance for the cruise on it. As a result, my cash flow after his death is poor, with his accounts frozen still. On 13th March when Azamara cancelled the cruise I had been promised a
  11. I’m just going to forget about not getting FCC. Thankfully we booked with an agent a U.K. style ‘package holiday’ to include cruise, flights, hotel and transfers. I managed to speak to them just now and we will receive the full amount paid back on to our credit cards in 2-4 weeks. This is longer than their normal refund time because of the sheer volume of work they’re doing. We’re very grateful we’ll come out of this not being out of pocket. Whether we’ll ever cruise with Azamara again remains to be seen. I hope so. Meantime, we’re hunkering down and social distancing
  12. At long last, we awoke to an overnight email telling us that the Quest Dubai to Athens sailing on 28th was cancelled. However, unlike the sailing on 17th or the Celebrity Constellation very similar cruise on 1st April, all we have been offered is 125% FCC or 100% refund and ‘up to’ $500 pp for air change costs we can prove. Why not the 25% FCC in addition to the refund as everyone else has received in compensation for all the stress and worry this very late cancellation has caused? Once again, Azamara is treating its regular customers badly. Without the extra FCC why would we both
  13. cinnamon


    Breathe? He has to be on another planet. In less than two weeks we are due to fly to a country that is closed to cruise ships, the U.A.E. Our ports include countries that are ‘closed’ and with visits to closed tourist areas. Do we really have to suffer another whole weekend of uncertainty about whether we can get a full refund? One of us would be denied boarding anyway due to age and health. This is beyond ridiculous now.
  14. cinnamon


    We gave up days ago but have to wait for Azamara to eventually cancel. FCC won’t be worth the paper they don’t print it on. 😂
  15. I certainly hope they get a move on. We’re still booked to fly in two weeks to board Quest. Just holding on for them to cancel to get refund rather than FCC. i am concerned about those currently onboard.
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