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  1. I agree, we haven’t done Formal nights for many years, it was partly what put us off ever booking P&O or Cunard. Yes, twenty years ago we did, it was a novelty then, but today it seems an old fashioned concept. Many of the main stream US lines have ‘downgraded’ Formal to mean perhaps a sports jacket and tie for men and equivalent for women, although some still really dress up, that is increasingly not the norm. I suspect some regular ‘Saganauts’ will be horrified at the idea of going less formal but filling two larger ships each week is going to mean some changes I’m sure.
  2. I sincerely hope that armed with the great information on here that we can book for each of the Specialty restaurants. We only have 7 nights to do it so it may be a challenge.
  3. Thank you for this excellent review. We are also boarding in two weeks’ time and my excitement is building. We’ve been Azamara fans too and this is also our first Saga trip of any sort so it seems like a good comparison. I’ll be writing a ‘Live From’ blog here on CC for those to want to ask questions that may be answered best whilst onboard. In the meantime, your info has been invaluable. 😀🚢 🛳
  4. Thanks for that. Will keep watching this space.
  5. Yes, Lee, the Assistant CD, is a local Geordie lad.
  6. We didn’t know in advance that the Pasteis were being brought onboard. Also, we’ve had local cheeses in the Mediterranean on other cruises. They were laid out in the Buffet.
  7. In April onboard Pursuit in Lisbon we were treated to Pasteis de Nata, brought onboard from the Belem bakery. Delicious. Also saved us queueing up the next day amongst hundreds of other tourists in order to sample them
  8. Thank you MsDolly. With the time difference to the US for us I never know when is a good time to check. Incidentally, our son is now a Canadian citizen and lives with his wife and family in Calgary. Maybe we’ll both be able to book the TA at wonderful value fares and meet up! well, I can live in hope! 😅😅
  9. cinnamon


    I agree, it seems very unfair that Suite perks mean you lose your LCV laundry perk. 21 days (B2B, 10+11) with only two bags is mean when you would get 3 bags if it was 3 x 7 day cruises.
  10. Same for us. Only looking to book if there are good deals straight away. We go to Florida each November and if the deal is good it’s a great way to get there. If not, we’ll fly again.
  11. Thank you SO much for the link. As a newbie I had no idea of these blogs. Really whetting my appetite. 19 days and counting!
  12. Where can you find the Captain’s blogs please?
  13. I disagree a little. It’s easier for men, they wear one suit, be it a DJ or dark lounge suit and perhaps just vary the ties. For women, we tend to think we need to wear different outfits each time. For my upcoming 7 nighter, that’s fine, especially with no restrictions on my luggage caused by flying. Our most recently cruised line, Azamara, is ‘Smart Casual’ or ‘Country Club’ Casual. every night. Men just need perhaps a collared shirt, even if only a polo shirt. Most wear regular shirts and a few a ‘sports’ jacket on occasions but it’s not required. Women of course have almost Carte Blanche. On the 17 night fly/cruise we took earlier this year, having Formal nights for us would have been a nightmare.
  14. I agree, it seems crazy. However, at this morning’s rate, £688 is $836, not the $1,100 you quoted.
  15. It’s so frustrating that this is the one cruise they haven’t sorted.
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