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  1. The Fortress is very close to the Port. They should be able accommodate you if it is not already included in your tour. I planned out the sights I wanted to see and they made it work. Do some reading on the history of the Czars, Bolsheviks,, Russian Revolution, Lenin and Stalin before you leave. IFascinating history and such a beautiful city.
  2. We also reached Plattinum status this week after reaching 77 points after completing our 10 day cruise on the Pearl last Sunday. Thanks NCL.
  3. Another vote for Best Guides. We did a small group tour for 8 in May 2017. They are very very good. Enjoy St. Petersburg. Be sure to ride the subway.
  4. Thank you for the review. It will assist many CC members with their cruise planning. Safe travels.
  5. We did not have any noise from the public deck below. However, on our Baltic Cruise the outside areas below our room were rarely used because of the cooler May temperatures. I assume the balcony would hear some noise from below if patrons were outside socializing. I don't think you will hear much inside your room as the balcony door is very sound proof. The angled balcony is great. Our boys had a regular balcony and ours was much bigger and provided great views looking forward.
  6. You’ll be fine on the Spirit. I had similar concerns about our 12-day Grand Med cruise in August 2015. Prior to this our only experience with NCL was 1990 during our honeymoon trip on the Seaward. Since then we cruised on Carnival, RCCL and HAL. HAL was our favourite line prior to cruising on the NCL Spirit. The 2015 itinerary was fabulous. Thank goodness we focused on the good reviews and made the trip. We have sailed the Spirit twice since, November 2015 in the Caribbean and May 2018 in Europe. All three trips were excellent. Yes, the ship is clean. The only issue is with the bathrooms in both our balcony and inside staterooms. They need a complete over hall. It may be different in your suite. Before our cruise in May I read a few reviews and once again there were some bad ones. Every cruise has a few who only cruise to complain. We see them every cruise, they magically think a cruise will make them happy. It never does. I recall one review I read before our May trip and I pitied the poor reviewer. He/she, indicated they pay attention to details and indicated the ship was a rusting bucket of bolts,they found screws missing or rusting on their balcony, ships water system inconvenienced some passengers (but not them) and they had reports the men’s public washrooms needed attention and cleaning (so I assume it was a she as they only got reports and did not bother to check the facts and enter the men’s washroom). Enjoy your cruise. There may be rust but I was too busy enjoying my vacation to spend time looking for rust.
  7. There are pictures of the views from our angled balcony on page 1 of my Getaway review. See link under my signature .
  8. Hope you enjoyed my review. We had another great trip and highly recommend cruising in Europe. My experiences are my experiences and I am sure they differ from others on the same cruise. Since we all see things differently be sure to do your research as there is plenty of good information out there, especially on CC. Save travels and happy cruising. Any questions send them along. Oh, one more pic from the Spirit.......... till next time. If you see a post from marbleski on your roll call jump right in and we'll plan some must do small group tours.
  9. Debarking Day We used self assist and departed the Spirit slightly pass 9:00 am. It was smooth and fast. By this time there was no line up to get off. There were about 7 ships in port on this day so I assume it was a busy day at the port but we never really noticed as we walked out the terminal and our driver was waiting for us. One of our roll call members booked our transport to the airport. We used Rome Cabs and the service was as promised. There were six of us in a seven passenger van. The van transported our six suit cases with ease. The van was booked for 9:30 but we left about 10 or 15 minutes early as our driver was already waiting for us to arrive. The drive to the airport was uneventful. It took about 45 minutes at the most. I recommend booking your airport transfer in advance. At the end of our vacation it was nice to walk off the ship and have a driver waiting for us. We did not have time to look around upon exiting the terminal so I cannot comment on taxi and bus shuttles/transfers. This picture shows you the short distance you have to walk from the ship to the open doors at the terminal. You can see a few passengers walking to the terminal.
  10. Best Guides is another great tour operator in St. Petersburg. We used them last year for a small group of 8 and they were very good.
  11. Some pics from the Spirit May 6-17 2018 cruise. This was on display as we departed Rome on the 6th. Not sure which bottles were which package.
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