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  1. That's because most of the bad news has already been priced in.
  2. This will continue to be negotiated over the next couple of weeks. It wouldn't surprise me if they get something resolved fairly soon.
  3. The key is to have a beer in your hand at all times 🙂
  4. It's just political noise, designed to influence the election.
  5. Well said, it may not be exactly the same, but we will be cruising again 🙂
  6. Good point, if cruising starts by the end of this year, you should be okay in March.
  7. Not a big deal to my family as well. We prefer to eat dinner in the dining room.
  8. I agree, the cruise industry has put a lot safety protocols in place and the risks are well known. In most cases, you will be safer on a ship than most hotel rooms.
  9. We just booked a cruise for March. Looking forward to getting back to sailing 😀
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