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  1. Experienced the SAME THING on Harmony this August from a rather large group of folks who thought that they were the ones in charge of the ship all week and could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted! Radio blaring in the smoking section from the minute they woke up until it was time to pass out again - and again, where talking the same music that NO ONE wants to hear (but them). They basically over-took the smoking section on the pool deck all day long, and a few times the "herd" flocked to the casino where said radio was still blaring garbage music. All in all, we did whatever we could to avoid the herd, and it looked like any RCI official was doing the same thing and didn't want to make a scene ... MEANWHILE - to anyone playing their music so loud in a public area - HOW RUDE ARE YOU?!?!?!??! - I bet your mother is SOOO PROUD of what you have become!!!!!
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