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  1. I had just told my husband maybe we could take something similar to my inflatable footrest, only taller. What do others do?
  2. Would you please let us know where this formation came from?
  3. Does anyone have photos and/or opinions about Deluxe Balcony A511? I am especially wondering if people on the Seawalk can see into the balcony.
  4. DH and I just signed up for this. Excited we could cruise to Bermuda without having to travel north.
  5. My husband is not a "sit around guy" either. This cruise was much different than other cruises. My husband was always on the go to either go ashore, take photos/record videos , or attend lectures. I did not do a lot due to health problems. Do not worry about differences in ages, if this is a part of world you want to see. Go while you are young and can enjoy. it!!!! It is beautiful. DSCN0652.MOV
  6. I see different months grayed out depending on if I am using Google Chrome or Edge.
  7. Check out Celebrity Iceland and Greenland
  8. We still have a cruise scheduled from Charleston on the Sunshine leaving on November 9th. DH called and was told it was not showing availability because it was full due to sailing at half capacity.
  9. Thanks everyone for the input on the pool ladders. It is a shame they all will be 90-degree straight up and down ladders. I have been on ships that have ladders that are angled going into the water and the steps are wider; they make getting in and out of the water so much easier.
  10. Are there pictures of the Retreat Pool near the Sanctuary? I have a foot problem the hinders me trying to get out of a pool using a "straight up and down ladder".
  11. Can someone help me understand the line highlighted in yellow. What does "at risk" mean? Health Screening and Illness Surveillance Procedures Under Consideration: All guests and crew embarking a ship will undergo enhanced pre-embarkation health screening in accordance with prevailing health best practices, such as health questionnaires and touch-free temperature checks as appropriate Those identified at risk will undergo an additional health evaluation by medical staff Health checks as appropriate during the cruise for guests and crew Rapid response and conta
  12. Are any of the beds in a standard balcony cabin on the Summit located near the veranda instead of the bathroom? I searched the spreadsheet but could not find one near the veranda. TIA
  13. Hi Pam! You have a lot of great suggestions. DH and I were on the Coral in Jan/Feb. There were hand washing stations at the beginning of each buffet entrance.
  14. What do you use to clean the inside of the straw?
  15. This was my first time buying stock on my own. My financial advisor suggested I set up a self-directed account at Merrill Edge. There are no fees.
  16. I just bought at $13.63 a share. I see the price right now is $12.675.
  17. On my recent Coral Princess cruise I witnessed the most appalling behavior in the Horizon Court. These actions occurred in the dessert section during dinner. A lady did not know if a container was whipped cream or not and proceeded to stick her finger in the container, taste it, and declare it was whipped cream. I really was surprised and disgusted. There was a thick, creamy dessert sauce at the end of the line and, wait for it, a different woman used her finger to scrape the sauce from the dipper onto her plate. I had a hard time holding myself together. What good does it do
  18. The first post gave me the impression that was the intention. It takes far too much time to search all those posts.
  19. I have added that to my Amazon wish list. Here is a picture of the outlets at the desk. I am sorry I did not get pictures of the outlets where the televisions used to sit on the shelves.
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