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  1. A week later, and the problem is still there! No change. And nobody answered my email, telling them the problem.
  2. I found something! It is not working when I am routed via the German Seabourn Site, it is only working correctly when I am able to use the international Seabourn Site! And it is only possible to choose the international site if I am not in a german (speaking?) environment. I wrote to Seabourn, but I assume nobody cares.
  3. Thank you! I cleared up everything in Safari and Firefox and used the newest version, nothing helped! Then I change my internet access from my standard german net to an US access and then it worked with firefox! Switching back to the german net caused the problem again. Safari does still not do it. I think this is very weird. Seabourn does not want german customers?
  4. Thank you for your answer! I just tried Firefox and got the same results! This is 21 days Panama Canal with Seabourn Sojourn starting December 1st.
  5. An all cruises I just checked on the Seabourn Internet page there is no itinerary shown! It is there, but it only shows "days at sea" or "visa required for some". No other information! Does anybody else also see this? I saw a lot of problems with the Seabourn Internet page lately, so much, that I don't feel like booking with them anymore. And I get emails with links in it which say page not found. I wonder what is going on there?
  6. My cruise went down 50% since a few days! I got an upgrade to v4 now, but nobody answered my emails. I think thid\s is very strange, shouldn’t they talk to their customer?
  7. I just found my cruise and the following cruises for about half the original price! What an offer!
  8. Thanks for the info. This is not the first time I have done tendering for the start of a cruise. Expedition vessels do this, and I hope on a river it is not so bumpy!
  9. Thank you! So the ship will be at the Ship Tier and the zodiacs will pick us up at the pier. This sounds good. I wonder if Seabourn will provide me with this information!
  10. Hallo, I am on a Seabourn Cruise leaving from Greenwich (London). On the itinerary it says "tender by zodiac". I asked Seabourn, but so far they only send me an link with cruisemapper which shows to a little island (ponton) right in the river Themse! Has somebody an idea where I would have to go (by taxi) exactly?
  11. Thank you very much for all your options and informations! I will have to search for a Travel Agent, using the hints I am getting here! I used a german TA in the past, but found it very complicated, they couldn't deal very good with the international cruise lines. It was a lot of back and forth, so I tried it direct this time and learnt. Nevertheless I will enjoy the trip! By the way, I wouldn't have checked the price for my cruise, but Seabourn send me a promotion email with a link, and the very first cruise which showed up was my booked cruise!
  12. Hallo, I just found out, that the price of the cruise I booked begin of February dropped at about 25 % and includes a 1000 USD on board credit per person! I asked Seabourn about a price adjust, they refused, but offered an upgrade (V1 to V3 on the same deck) and 800 USD obc. I booked direct with Seabourn Germany. Is this the normal way how price changes are handled? Are all cruise lines handling it this way?
  13. But this is just to the Treasury! There is much more coming which easyly makes some more miles!
  14. But this is just to the Treasury! There is much more coming which easyly makes some more miles!
  15. Thank you, these are the very popular tours! And already very booked this year. Do you have any other cruise line in mind for these area?
  16. Yea, that's the article I found. And I know, whom can you believe! I would love to sail in these aera (around British Islands) and the recommendation for Noble Caledonia Serenissima was not so appealing, Silversea could be an option, but sailing on the new Seabourn ship sounds good! Do you have any other idea for this area?
  17. Oh! How did you find out this? I thought they cancelled the trips in April. I just booked this cruise (May 12th 2023) this morning!
  18. I have never been on a Hurtigruten ship, so I can't compare. But I finally choose Havila, because it was a much better price, and it is a brand new and very modern ship. I first was a bit concerned about never having a buffet and have to order everything by the menu, but this worked quite well. Some items on the menu changed every three days, and you could order as much as items you want. And there have been a lot of very interesting and tasty dishes. So the food was much better as I would have expected. We took every chance we had to leave the ship, also for 15 minutes only walks! There is always something to see.
  19. Hallo, I have been on the Havila Capella in September 2022, the ship always docked on the Portside (Backbord). It was a wonderful trip on a beautiful ship with a lot of space.
  20. Thank you for these information. I really appreciate it.
  21. But this is frustrating. I will not book with these restrictions, I assume other customers are alike. ‘So they do not care? Landbased traveling is also very interesting and pleasant, with no restrictions at all! But a cruise is also fun. I think I will wait.
  22. Thank you! I wonder why they still post it in there Internet page.
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