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  1. No, not obvious at all.......you've made a lot of statements making assumptions about what "people" want and why "people" won't be comfortable on the Europa2.
  2. No, not technically truthful, because that wasn't what you were asked. An example of how to answer the question of did I meet anyone on board? Sure - how about 3 examples: "Yes, I have some friends from Australia who were on the same cruise with me". Or, how about "Yes, I was sitting at a mixed table of 8 each night for dinner - met some nice people". Or "Of course, meeting people on a cruise is a given .....can you be more specific?" I'm not afraid of their questions at this stage, because they're just routine screening questions that they probably ask several dozen times a day. No big deal.
  3. I disagree: Your answer to every question should ALWAYS be the truth; there's a huge risk in lying to customs agents, and they have more powers than just about any law enforcement group in the US. Giving them the vibe that you're lying is just not worth it. Actually, they want to know much more than about pre-arranged meetings - they want to know whether you met anyone who might have asked you to carry a package (if they think you're naive), or might have slipped something into your bag without you knowing. Be pleasant, honest, and forthcoming, and expect that atypical people will get atypical questions. No big deal, as far as I'm concerned.
  4. I think the all-inclusive system is what makes a luxury line luxurious for me, even if it isn't financially balanced on a cash basis. The fact that I can spend 2 weeks without even considering money is a luxury that is a big part of my relaxed feeling. I don't begrudge those who eat more than me, and I'm not about to begrudge those who drink more than me either. Chaque un son gout. If worrying that you're not getting your money's worth because someone else drank more than you did will upset your vacation vibe, then I would say that a luxury "all inclusive" line isn't for you - there will be people using more of the included offerings that you are, whether it's drinks, food, lectures, classes, or time on wifi.
  5. Ah, I didn't know what that was behind it. I get it now.
  6. ??? What am I not seeing in the photo that you think is either funny or a scam?
  7. So you don't ever decide that something is simply more than you want to pay? Sure, but I do it based on what I have to spend in the local currency and consider its cost based on other things in the local currency - I don't need to convert to know whether or not it will fit my budget or whether I can get that same cup of coffee cheaper across the plaza in a different cafe. I make a rough conversion at home, before I leave, to know I can spend 40 Euros on food, for example, or perhaps 75 Euros a day in France - after that, what things cost at home doesn't matter.
  8. Actually, it is not unlikely at all -- most rape victims don't tell anybody, or even if they tell a medical professional, they often don't tell their family. They will go to great lengths to hide what happened to them because they are ashamed. I wish it weren't so, but that's often the case. Why do you assume they were a random group and not a group of men who already knew each other and maybe were travelling together?
  9. It does - I switched to induction a few years ago when I redid my kitchen, and I love it. But that's unrelated to the thread......
  10. Huh.....mine says that too, and then says "Crystal Society saves an additional $219, Onboard Booking saves an additional $219, Early Full Payment Saves Additional Amount". *shrugs*
  11. No, but even some land-based restaurants are switching from gas to electric -- if the electric is induction.
  12. Click on the little, faint symbol next to the price (it's the letter i in a small circle).....a little text box will pop up with the savings.
  13. Go speak to them, or send each an email and compare their responses. Again, "best" is variable depending on individual preferences. Remember, you don't have to deal with a local TA either, if you're willing to work by email and phone calls. I'm considering the TA of a friend based on her great experiences (helped them deal with a Celebrity problem), even though her TA is thousands of miles away.
  14. I try not to convert -- the price (of the room, the train, the coffee, the ticket) in my home currency means nothing if I'm not at home. The only time I do any conversion (I use xe.com) is if someone asks me 😉 otherwise I try to work in the currency of the place I am. Knowing what the price of a coffee at the cafe in Paris would be at home doesn't matter because home isn't a cafe in Paris, so it's not like you can buy it at home instead to save some money. Edited for formatting
  15. And stay the *#*bleep%#* away from Antarctica! The answer to over-cruised and increasingly polluted places is not to descend upon a new place.
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