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  1. calliopecruiser

    Curious about smaller/older ships

    There never really was.....but there was a general consensus. You'll always be able to find a site or two that was enticed (in incentives and/or advertising) to label a product the way they want to be labeled.
  2. calliopecruiser

    Curious about smaller/older ships

    There's a solo cruisers board you might want to check out: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/279-solo-cruisers/
  3. calliopecruiser

    Spa Hustle - Unrelenting

    Of course it is. They are soliciting sales.......you said so yourself when you said " I realize their objective is two-fold; to educate and yes to sell and bring in revenue. ".
  4. calliopecruiser

    How far in advance do you book?

    I do believe there are different rules to the travel industry in different countries (or at least to travel agents in different countries).
  5. calliopecruiser

    Spa Hustle - Unrelenting

    No.....they would probably be in use by passengers tucked away reading, doing needlework, or playing cards. Just because there isn't an official use for the room doesn't mean it isn't used. That was my experience in the Palm Court on several occasions where there was a sales hustle going on in one area (complete with white board and sales brochures) when I went in to settle in to read for a bit. I heard enough the few times I passed by them going in or out of the room to get a feeling for the "hustle" dynamic going on. In my opinion, there shouldn't be any sales pitches going on anywhere on the ship except within their own concessions. Crystal should be allowing all their public spaces (i.e. not the concessions) to be free of marketing and sales pitches, for their passengers to enjoy at their leisure - well, unless they're closed for maintenance. Those sorts of things are no better than the fake lectures given on mainstream cruise lines marketing shopping opportunities at the next port. Crystal should be better than that.
  6. calliopecruiser

    Spa Hustle - Unrelenting

    Yes, I ignore them....but I do think it is unbecoming of Crystal to even have them on the ship. Particularly since they are (at least some of them) in public areas of the ship. It would be one thing if they were just in the spa area itself, but to see public spaces being used for these sales pitches of dubious information is sad. Just like the jeweler can discuss the value of the workmanship in his pieces in his store, I understand if the spa folk want to discuss their hottest weight loss claim in their spa, but it should be in their facility so that it is seen a separate from the Crystal offerings.
  7. calliopecruiser

    Which line to choose?

    Crystal does allow jeans (or any other pants) in the evenings, but not shorts. I think shorts and ball caps are the only things not allowed after 6 pm.
  8. calliopecruiser

    Where's your quiet place onboard?

    It's not hard if you're on a smaller and less crowded ship. The aft deck, and the upper (deck) lounge are my favourite.
  9. calliopecruiser

    Why travel solo?

    Sure, but a slight nervousness can be exciting too. Have fun!
  10. calliopecruiser

    Why travel solo?

    Me as well. I do use Lyft, even if I'm alone, but not in situations or locations where I feel at risk (eg in isolated times/locations).
  11. calliopecruiser

    Why travel solo?

    No, but why are you tense or nervous? Are you worried about crime? Being looked at weird for being solo? Worried about getting lost? If you can tell us why you feel nervous, perhaps we can help you to battle that concern.
  12. calliopecruiser

    Why travel solo?

    Yes, I WENT TO PARIS!!! 🙂 🙂 It just happened to be by myself.
  13. calliopecruiser

    Why does “all-inclusive” = “luxury”?

    It wasn't about you specifically, and I didn't say anything about quantity, just quality. Still, in general about what I've read other people commenting about.....whatever their preference: Caviar type, wine type, lobster thermidor, single malt scotch, etc, etc.
  14. calliopecruiser

    Crystal -Looking for Info on Formal Nights

    Some people are more sensitive to that than others. I agree it might likely be unusual.....Whether that translates into being uncomfortable is a different story.
  15. calliopecruiser

    Why does “all-inclusive” = “luxury”?

    I've heard nothing but fabulous things about Europa 2, but so far it's still out of my comfort range, price wise. Perhaps if I didn't sail solo and my costs weren't doubled. As someone way up top mentioned, people do have different definitions of "luxury". For me, being virtually all inclusive is a part of that, because being free from financial considerations is a part of my luxurious experience. For others, that might not matter. For some, a certain quality of wine or caviar is important, but for me (a non-wine drinker, non caviar lover), that doesn't matter. Some crave an exclusive experience as luxurious, and like to know they're being treated differently than others nearby, whereas others don't like that stratified feeling. C'est la vie.