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  1. This single supplement might be a blessing for me. I had to cancel my Aug 3 cruise due to my passport renewal not returned to me in time. I sent it expedited in May. Now all I need is it to come back soon so I can use my cruise credit to book the no single supplement a sept cruise. I would actually have cruise credits to spare as my Aug cruise would have cost me more $ Now all I would need to figure out is how to apply for my personal days at the start of school and successfully jump all the necessary hurdles 🤔
  2. Is it possible to use just a portion of a future cruise credit and carry over the rest to be used later? I am currently looking to book a cruise that would not use up the credit I already have. Thanks
  3. Have a wonderful trip Patti. I still hope to make my Aug 3 sailing but am now awaiting the return of my renewed passport whch was sent in expedited several weeks ago. I also must admit I am still intimidated about doing Bermuda form. If not Bermuda this summer eyeing a lovely river cruise using my cruise credit. Thanks again for your positive tips and uplifting spirit. Gailellen12
  4. Does anyone have an idea about what food might be served on the California theme night at Chefs table? I am not sure what food would be representative of California. 🤔Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks for the tip on the Malvern Pa location. It is in my neck of the woods and easy for me to get to. All I have to do now is wait to see if my passport renewal comes in on time. I chose the expedited service and mailed it in several weeks ago but it is proving to be far from that. It would be rather ironic if after jumping over all the Bermuda hurdles I was not able to go because of my passport!
  6. Hi All. I am on the Aug 3 sailing so still trying to decide if I am able to get through the tech steps needed to complete the necessary forms. I am particulary confused with trying to get the proper info onto the Travel form from Bermuda. Iam traveling on my own so trying to figure this all out. I sincerely hope to be able to go as it was quite a stressful year teaching with COVID restrictions in our school. Thanks for any help you can provide for me with the tech aspects of preparation
  7. Any further information anyone has on needed proof of COVID coverage by your insurance company? As a past poster stated I was unaware of this requirement until it was mentioned on cruise critic.
  8. If your application and COVID results are submitted to Bermuda correctly and on time and they do not return them to you in time to cruise are you entitled to compensation?
  9. How do you upload your COVID test results to the Bermuda Authorization form? I am a tech challenged senior who is traveling solo on Aug 3. I am a part time teacher and I really need this nice vacation. it has been my toughest teaching year and I have been doing it a looong time! ps. I am also looking for help from friends And family as well. Gailellen12
  10. Hi all. I am scheduled on Viking Orion Bermuda for August 3. I am traveling as a solo and am not all that familiar with technology as it will relate to the requirements for this trip. I would greatly appreciate it if someone on any of the other dates could take a quick few minutes to jot down what you need and then what you do with it. My support team for tech. (My family) will be away at that time. Thanks again from this solo traveling senior 👵🏻
  11. I will be solo on the Viking Orion cruise around Bermuda that begins on August 3. I have done solos before so no problem. Teaching this year was quite exhausting - even though I am only part time. Looking forward to my time (planned and unplanned) on this luxurious ship. Gailellen12
  12. Good morning. I will be sailing solo on the Viking Orion in Bermuda. One of the entry requirements is a form with uploaded testing info. I am unfamiliar with this process and these in my family who could help me are away. is a quick tutorial available anywhere? Thanks from a not particularly savvy senior😬
  13. I have done Holland A and Avalon eaterways. Was just wondering if Viking would be different? Thanks
  14. I am a stressed teacher and will be traveling solo and hope to do the Aug 3 cruise. The flight times are crazy. I live in Philly so not that far from Bermuda. Some of the flights have 10 hour layovers. Would Viking air be a good idea Do they have an in for better flights?The flight availability certainly has changed in the last year. Friends and I were able to get direct flights to Spain and direct return home from Venice. I hope to meet some new friends on the cruise but also r and r after my most stressful teaching year in 30 plus years. Thanks G
  15. I have always had trouble getting HAL to respond to simple email questions so not surprised I did not get the survey. 😉
  16. Thanks Ray. The August 1 singles are both booked but I am looking at August 11. ACL comes highly recommended and I am sure their protacals in place are safe, if not safer, that any you would find in your local stores, etc. Will most of the attractions be open at the port calls
  17. Has anyone heard the suggestion that you do a 14 day self quarantine when you if you take a cruise this summer? I am in the older category but otherwise in perfect health. Would love to do this cruise but not sure. I do need to get away somewhere!
  18. Has anyone booked any of their New England tours for this August? Thanks Gailellen
  19. Is your American cruise Company still a go and are you going? We are thinking about a New England cruise later in August. So many things to obviously ponder at this point. Thanks
  20. I believe both New Zealand and Australia are closing their ports at least through the remainder of the year. They may open their borders just between the two of them.
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