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  1. Some of the biggest companies have the worst websites. How can they let their website be useless for so long? What is the issue? Fix it already!
  2. Their website is screwed up. I've been trying for weeks to buy stuff for our cruise. I called and they made a ticket to fix it but it still doesn't work. I'm going to have to call soon to do it cause we leave next week. You should be able to call Fun Shops to buy your gift.
  3. No, our Monday is not a sea day, we'll be in Cabo until 7 pm that night. Sunday is a sea day. I recall in past years that cruisers were told before their cruise that elegant night would be moved to another night but then it actually wasn't. Anyone know if I am remembering this correctly? This topic comes up every year.
  4. How does on board credit work when you have roommates in a cabin together who are not sharing an expense account? I'm talking about the OBC that you get when you book, as part of the rate. Do they split it up between each person or does it all go to one person?
  5. We just booked it today for $20 for our Harmony cruise in October.
  6. You seem to be correct about PV being the better place to do this at, however we have friends in PV so we will be spending the day with them there visiting their favourite places, and we have something planned for Cabo already so Mazatlan is the only option left for an AI if we decide to do that. I will check out the suggestions you guys have given, thank you!
  7. Is there anywhere in Mazatlan that is not too far away where we can get a day pass at a beach club or all inclusive resort? I've tried doing a search but haven't been able to find any clear answers.
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