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  1. We just booked it today for $20 for our Harmony cruise in October.
  2. You seem to be correct about PV being the better place to do this at, however we have friends in PV so we will be spending the day with them there visiting their favourite places, and we have something planned for Cabo already so Mazatlan is the only option left for an AI if we decide to do that. I will check out the suggestions you guys have given, thank you!
  3. Is there anywhere in Mazatlan that is not too far away where we can get a day pass at a beach club or all inclusive resort? I've tried doing a search but haven't been able to find any clear answers.
  4. The only issue we had with the app is if you didn't use it for a while it would log you out, so if someone was trying to contact you, you wouldn't get a notification. Just make sure everyone checks in on an hourly basis to make sure they haven't been logged out and it should work great.
  5. This was exactly our experience as well being under the buffet. Rolling carts every once in a while, but only during the day time. It was not a big deal at all.
  6. I prefer it more well done too Sometimes it works when I ask for it like that, sometimes it doesn't. I definitely want to try it with peanut butter though, haven't done that yet!
  7. If you've been on 23 Carnival Cruises surely you know that is not the norm. Unless all 23 cruises was like that, which in that case it must not bother you too much.
  8. The Wifi sign in will be connected to each person's folio number which is on your S&S card. If I recall correctly, you sign in using your folio number so, yes they will all be separate.
  9. I don't recall having any jelly or blueberries with mine. I enjoyed it, I was surprised that it was hot though. Like, burn your tongue hot. I was expecting it to be cold.
  10. Beachcomber - Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum, Midori, Bacardi MangoRum and tropical juices. It's only available at the Red Frog Rum Bar and the Red Frog Pub. They won't make it at other bars which is annoying. Caribbean Colada - Velvety-rich blend of Bacardi 8, Bacardi Rum, banana, coconutand pineapple. Malibu, Sprite and Lime - Refreshing! Spiced Rum and Sprite (trust me, try it! SO GOOD) I also like Kiss on the Lips and Miami Vice but they are soooooo sweet. I can't stand more than one, if that.
  11. That's great to hear, thanks for the answer! I'm also picky with how I like my melting cake. I don't like it super runny. Sometimes they accommodate, sometimes not.
  12. I know, I'm talking about the new cakes on the Horizon and the Magic that everyone is raving about.
  13. Apparently the laundry rooms are closed while the ship is in port. Something to do with environmental issues.
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