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  1. LOL Yes, I will because the service has been lovely and I’m pretty sure is a procedure they are directed to do. If there is a spot for additional comments I will put this feedback there plus some other feedback about some of the food.
  2. For the most part we have eaten at specialty restaurants, so it has been by whomever has served us that meal. However, the few nights we did eat at our table in the main dining room, both our waiter and the head waiter made a point of reminding us about the surgery and giving them a 10.
  3. I’m on the Odyssey right now and have had a lovely cruise but I have one major thing that I would change. Please stop reminding us that we will be getting a survey and making us confirm we will give them a 10 rating after every single meal. EVERY.SINGLE.MEAL. It seriously ended each meal on a sour note that made us quite uncomfortable.
  4. For us, we far preferred the meal we had at JiJi’s to anything else we had on the ship. Well worth the cost.
  5. As someone with Crohn’s I truly wish they could use better toilet paper but the thin scratchy stuff is necessary for the on board plumbing systems. If you do bring your own, please make sure you aren’t flushing it.
  6. Agreed. These days if I need information about a cruise related topic I get it from either Reddit or I Google.
  7. I have a few: I miss actual tablecloths in the main dining rooms and feel like made the dining experience feel more elevated. I’ve never enjoyed the servers dancing during service. Half of them seem to enjoy it but the other half clearly…… do not. For me, it is painful to watch. I wish they had better late night food options.
  8. Security is not going to monitor foul language nor should they. The job they are performing is keeping people physically safe. Policing abstract things like foul language isn’t appropriate, especially since there is not written policy outlining what word aren’t allowed to be said and if they did have such a policy, their comedians would need to vastly alter their sets. The only requirement for the serenity area is that people be adults. Nothing about restricting language, monitoring volume, or limiting behavior.
  9. I’m there now and some areas are filled in and others still sparse. I’ll grab some pictures a little later.
  10. How do you go about changing from MTD to traditional dining?
  11. OMG thank you for this! I have been trying to book and have been getting the run around because I have been going to wrong site. So glad I checked here!
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