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  1. Can you please elaborate Where you park at Pier 83? I checked various lots and most were same cost as parking right at the ships pier.
  2. Radio, Thanks so much for the live review. Enjoyed reading it and all your great photos added to my excitement as we'll be on the summit in June. Did you happen to visit the Apple store? I am hoping to use some on board credit to buy an iPad mini. Also were you able to park in the covered lot? The Anthem and Adventure will be leaving a few days before us. Most likely the covered lot will be full and we'll have to park outside. If so I'm hoping the outside lot is paved. Love your reviews and look forward to the next one!
  3. Thanks for the wonderful and interesting review and for taking all the time to write it. A lot of my questions were answered for our upcoming Escape cruise.
  4. This may not Be such an outrageous idea. On our carnival horizon cruise this past summer we were asked by our room steward if we wanted housekeeping services twice a day or once a day! Once a day would be either morning or evening. We opted for morning service since we eat late and felt we didn't really need turn down evening service. No incentive was offered to us in return such as reduction in service charges which I would go for if it became an option. We were surprised but didn't think to ask if this was a new procedure. Don't know if this was just our steward asking or if this was shipwide. I could see how cruise lines could reduce the number of room stewards if this became the norm 😯
  5. BaWBarmy, If I understand correctly, the total of your $500 onboard "nonrefundable" credit was applied to the $1,000 certificates you purchased. That made the cost of the four $250 credits actually $500. I believe this is the way NCL did it in the past also.
  6. Thanks for all the good info. My husband is Diamond on RCCL and I'm not. If he applies for status match he should get black. Do both of us sailing together have to be Black to get the benefits?
  7. Same with us. We applied for status match over two weeks ago and haven’t received a reply yet. Did you reapply or get a email from MSC yet?
  8. Thanks Pete for your reply. It's generous of MSC to give loyalty matching and we are looking forward to booking our first cruise with them. The perks aren't that great but better than nothing!
  9. My husband and I both just applied for matching status. We are Diamond on RCCL so should get black status. Will we both get black benefits on our cruise? Two dinners, two complimentary bottles of sparkling wine in cabin etc???
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