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  1. We did the first 3 days on our own. One Info Center we went to had a box outside the bathroom with a picture of Krona and a picture of a US $1.00 bill so we used US money there. A couple of other places had turnstiles and we could either use Apple Pay or a CC. It came to 1.66 converted on our CC when we checked. Just an FYI one of the pay ones did not have any toilet paper so always have a tissue with you.
  2. I have a history of Kidney Stones. Just got back on Tuesday and had no trouble with taking into Iceland my prescribed Vicodin.
  3. Did anyone on the Jupiter get the certificate for the crossing? We did not but was hoping too. The dailies did say that we crossed the Arctic Circle.
  4. Yes that is the boat we used a few days ago. There were 31 on our tour in the afternoon. Seats for 30 inside. One person on our tour had to sit outside but the crew did bring him a blanket. FYI there is no social distancing on this boat. We sat shoulder to shoulder in the small cabin for the 35 minute boat ride each way. Some took their mask off and no one said anything to them. The excursion was just as wonderful as everyone said.
  5. We just left the Chef Table. We had the California Cuisine. The food was amazing! California Cuisine first three nights, La Routo Dos Indos next three nights, Monday is Asian Panorama.
  6. Rules are changing again: https://grapevine.is/news/2021/07/23/breaking-government-announces-new-domestic-pandemic-restrictions/
  7. My daughter and I got the same ones. They are great and someone mentioned to also put our barcode printout in the slot with the vaccination card. Very handy to have everything we need in one place.
  8. Where exactly is the parking lot? We just want to hike out to see the lava. Not planning on doing the big hike to see the active volcano. We will be there in a few days. Thanks
  9. For those who have flown out of Boston Logan how early did you get to the Airport? We are flying on IcelandAir 11:50 AM flight and from what I can tell it looks like we are departing from level 2. If I’m not mistaken that is the one with no services and usually no line?
  10. At home I use a dye free no scent detergent for sensitive skin. Can the washing machines be run without adding the detergent if we just want to rinse things out. And for those that have used the detergent does it leave your clothes with a strong floral smell? Thanks
  11. So they wouldn’t just quarantine in their cabin? Anyone know where on the ship you are moved to? Another guest cabin, medical facility? The later sailing are supposedly going out full. Wonder how that will work.
  12. Would you mind posting the Dailies for the Jupiter. Thanks
  13. That’s too bad, yes a good guide can really make all the difference. Hopefully seeing Puffins made up for it!
  14. How did you think the included tour was? I read some people did not like it.
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